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Which meditation swami Vivekananda do | 5 Advice from a Great Monk

In this article, we will learn about “Which meditation swami Vivekananda do” and will discuss the 5 Advice from a Great Monk in deep.

Swami Vivekanand is one of the great personalities who introduced the concept of meditation to western countries. The way he described the meditation was “the way to connect with the Supreme Personality i.e. God”. He also described meditation as a state in which the mind is trained to concentrate on a specific location, whether internal or external and the power is flown in a continuous way toward that point aka spiritual energy.

which meditation swami vivekananda do
which meditation swami vivekananda do

Swami Vivekananda is a story about a phenomenon. He was a great yogi, monk, teacher, leader, mystic, ascetic, worker, and philosopher. He could show the greatest devotion and yet had the most profound knowledge. He was an excellent athlete, musician, orator, and committed humanist. One can see the ideal man in Vivekananda. Sri Ramakrishna his Guru, described him as a “great soul” who is skilled in meditation. With the sword of knowledge, he cuts through the maya veils. He is impossible to control because of inscrutable maya.”

Sri Ramakrishna saw the true nature of his extraordinary disciple in his vision before they met. Vivekananda, an ancient sage who was immersed in deep meditation [transcendental consciousness], was immovable like a rock. Sri Ramakrishna was the master of samadhi and awakened this divine being from meditation. He directed it to travel the globe radiating spirituality, dissolving ignorance and narrowness wherever it went.

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How to meditate like Vivekananda? | Which meditation swami Vivekananda do

How did Swami Vivekananda Meditate:

which meditation swami vivekananda do
  • Keep your spine straight.
  • Next, send a stream of holy thoughts to all creation. Mentally repeat the following: “All beings should be happy; all beings should be peaceful; all beings should be blissful.” Do the same to the west, east, north, south, and north. This will make you feel better. Eventually, you will realize that it is the easiest way for us to be healthy is to look at others as healthy. And the easiest way for us to feel happy is to see others happy.
  • After that, believers in God should pray “not for money, health, or heaven. Pray for knowledge, light and understanding. Every other prayer is selfish. Next, think about your body as a strong, healthy, and stable instrument. It is as strong as adamant and you can cross the ocean of living with it. You will never reach freedom if you are weak. Your body is strong. Tell your mind it is strong. Have unbounded faith in yourself.
  • Lie straight down and focus on the tip of your nose. We will learn later how this helps us to concentrate our minds. How controlling the optic nerves can help us control the arc and reaction of our brains, and thus the control of our will.

One example of meditation is: Imagine a lotus on the top of your head, several inches high, with virtue at its centre and knowledge at its stalk. The eight lotus petals are the eight powers that the yogi has. The stamens, pistils and inner yogi are renunciation. The yogi who refuses to accept external powers will find salvation. The eight lotus petals are the eight powers. However, the internal stamens or pistils represent extreme renunciation, the abandonment of all of these powers. Think of the Golden One, Almighty, Intangible, within that lotus. He is surrounded by effulgent light. That is what you should be meditating on.

Another meditation is:

  • Consider a space in your heart and imagine a flame burning in it. This flame is your soul. The flame contains another glowing light. This is your Soul, God. That is a very part of your soul, God.

Allow your thoughts to dwell upon a holy persona”a Buddha or a Christ or a Ramakrishna. Concentrate on his heart. Imagine what it must be like to be a great saint, pure and untroubled with sense objects, and a master of Brahman (supreme reality). Feel as if the saint’s heart is your own. Again, this will make it very easy to locate the image. Both Hindus and Christians practice this form of meditation “EURconcentrating not only upon the heart but also, sometimes upon the hands and the feet and the whole form.

which meditation swami vivekananda do
  • Meditate upon Vishnu, who is the Dweller in all beings’ hearts, sitting on a lotus in the rays of the sun, his body glowing, with a necklace, earrings and diadem and bracelets of great shine, while holding conch shells and mace in both his hands.
  • The wise man should then meditate on the glowing, benign form of God, sans the mace and conch shell, but with ornaments.

The mind must be focused on the form and not on the ornaments.

He must then meditate on his Oneness with the luminous form and glory of the Lord.

Finally, he must let go of his form and meditate on the Atman.

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Stages of Meditation By Swami Vivekanand

In his Lectures, Swami Vivekananda explained about “Swami Vivekananda Guidelines of Meditation” as —

which meditation swami vivekananda do

Meditation has three stages. The first stage is known as [Dharana], which is focusing the mind on an object. Concentrating my attention on the glass is what I do.

The mind is still fumbling. . . It is meditation when it becomes strong and doesn’t waver. Then there’s [Dhyana], meditation, which is when the distinction between me and the glass is lost.

The glass and the mind are identical. There is no difference. All senses cease and all powers that were working through other channels [are concentrated in the mind]. This glass then falls completely under the control of the mind. This is what we will realize. It is a huge play by the Yogis

Swami Vivekanad

Relation Between Meditation and Emotions

Swami Vivekananda in his lectures —

which meditation swami vivekananda do

“Every day, meditate alone. All things will come to you. The Divine Mother, the embodiment of illumination, is now sleeping within. You don’t understand this. She is the Kundalini. You must practice these slow steps before you meditate. Do not allow your emotions to come out of meditation.

This can be a danger. Kundalini can rush up for those who are emotional. However, it can also come down just as fast as it went up. It can even come down so fast that it leaves devotees in complete ruin. This is why Kirtanas, and other auxiliaries for emotional development, have a huge drawback.

You can dance and jump, it is true. It is true that a momentary impulse can cause this power to rise, but it is not enduring. It evokes a violent lust in individuals when it tracks back its course. Listening to my lecture in America, many people would experience temporary excitement and even go into a trance-like state.

However, I later discovered that many people had an overdose of the carnal instinct right after they were in that state. This is due to lack of consistent meditation and concentration practice.”

Swami Vivekanad

Quotes By Swami Vivekanand On Meditation

which meditation swami vivekananda do

When the power of mind is concentrated it behaves like the rays of sun, they illumine.

Swami Vivekanand

Every knowlwdge that we have aaround us today have came from thw within of our mind , it is like a infinite library with infinite knowledge

Swami Vivekanand

“I don’t want to live a material life. I don’t want the sense-life. But, I want something even better. This is also known as renunciation. You can then undo all the damage done by meditation.”

Swami Vivekanand

If an idea occupies only the mind, it can be transformed into a physical or mental condition.

Swami Vivekanand

Summary | Which meditation swami vivekananda do

From the very beginning, Swami Vivekananda believed that meditation is a very important tool when it comes to self realization and spiritual growth. He realized the whole world the importance of meditation through his teachings and religious practices. He emphasized that meditation is not a spiritual practice rather it is the scientific method in order to develop one’s mind and consciousness.

Vivekananda presented a variety of meditation techniques in his writings and lectures. These included concentration on one object, repetition of mantras and self-inquiry. Vivekananda also stressed the importance to have a consistent meditation practice. He stated that it should be done every day at the exact same time, in the same location, and under identical conditions.

He believed meditation should not be viewed as an escape from reality, but as a means to confront and overcome one’s limitations and fears. He believed meditation could help one gain insight into the nature and control of one’s thoughts.

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