Benefits of music therapy for mental health | 7 ways to Calm Your Mind

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Benefits of music therapy for mental health, since ancient times music, has played a vital role as an entertainment source and as well as for treating Diseases related to the Mind aka music therapy.

The ancient music is considered so powerful that an Indian-origin musician named Tnasen could literally start the rain by just playing the tunes of his music and was known as the master of music of that time that even the ruler Akbar made him part of his Navaratna.


Many articles have been written about mood and musicality, but the mood is only one factor in mental health. Mental health can also affect our physical and emotional well-being, as well as interpersonal relationships. Music can help with all aspects of mental health. Many people with mental health issues have tried therapy.

benefits of music therapy for mental health
benefits of music therapy for mental health

Many people are not aware of the many therapies that are available, including those in creative arts. This article will discuss music therapy as creative art therapy and how it can help with mental health.

Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.

Edward Bulwer Lytton

Many studies have shown that music impacts the various part of our brain that performs various functions including emotional, sensory and movement in our body. Music therapy has been used as a therapeutic tool for many years. Music therapy can treat a variety of mental and physical ailments including anxiety, depression, and hypertension.

cntd benefits of music therapy for mental health……..

What exactly is Music Therapy?

Music therapy refers to the use of music in clinical settings to achieve individualized goals, such as stress reduction, mood improvement and self-expression. Music therapy is a well-established evidence-based therapy in the medical community. Music therapy can include singing, playing an instrument, and composing music. Participation does not require musical talent.

Music therapists take a person’s reactions and connect them to music in order to promote positive mood changes and overall mental health. Music therapy may include music listening or making music using various instruments. You may also be able to sing or move to the music.

Thats why we have written this blog to give you the benefits of music therapy for mental health.

benefits of music therapy for mental health

It can improve communication skills, confidence, self-awareness, independence, self-awareness, awareness of others, concentration, and attention skills.

Music therapy is a time for live musical interaction between patients and their therapists.

Music therapists take a person’s reactions and connect them to music in order to promote positive mood changes and overall mental health. Music therapy may include music listening or making music using various instruments. You may also be able to sing or move to the music.

It can improve communication skills, confidence, self-awareness, independence, self-awareness, awareness of others, concentration, and attention skills.

Music therapy is a time for live musical interaction between patients and their therapists.

Music therapy can also include improvisation. This is when music is created spontaneously in response to a mood, theme, or other circumstances. For example, you might make the sound of a thunderstorm using drums and a rainstick.

cntd benefits of music therapy for mental health…….

Types of Music Therapy?

Music therapy can be either an active one where clients are involved in the creation of music or passive, which involves listening to or responding to music.

Music therapy can be approached in many ways, including 4

benefits of music therapy for mental health
  • Analytical Music Therapy: Analytical music therapy encourages the use of an improvised musical “dialogue” by singing or playing an instrument. This allows you to express your unconscious thoughts and can be reflected upon and discussed with your therapist afterwards.
  • Benenzon Music Therapy: This format integrates some concepts from psychoanalysis with the act of creating music. Benenzon music therapy involves the search for your “musical identity,” which is the list of external sounds that best match your inner psychological state.
  • Cognitive behaviour music therapy (CBMT): This approach combines CBT with music. CBMT uses music to modify and reinforce certain behaviours. This method is not spontaneous and can include listening to music, singing or playing an instrument.

cntd benefits of music therapy for mental health……

Benefits of music therapy for mental health:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Communication difficulties
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Headaches
  • Impulsivity
  • Negative mood
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Problems associated with childbirth

Helps in reducing Stress

benefits of music therapy for mental health

After a long day, many of us like to put our headphones on and listen to our favourite songs before we go to bed. This can help you to fall asleep quickly and reduce your stress levels throughout the day. Research has shown that music can reduce cortisol, which is a stress-producing hormone. Music, which is a form of art that can reduce feelings of grief, can also help with mental and physical health problems.

We often hear the expression “using coping strategies” when dealing with mental illness symptoms. Music therapy can offer many coping strategies, including relaxation techniques, rhythmic grounding and auditory grounding, as well as breathing techniques. These strategies are learned and practised in music therapy so that when crisis strikes, one can use them effectively.

cntd benefits of music therapy for mental health………

Helps in Controlling Anxiety

It has been proven that subliminal and ambient music, such as binaural beat music, can reduce anxiety and lower self-confidence. The mind can be more confident and sharpened by using alpha waves between 8-14 Hz. When you feel anxious or afraid, binaural beats and isochronic tones music are great. The binaural beat is thought to alter the brain’s frequency, allowing for a happier, more confident state.

Music can induce endorphins (also known as happy hormones), which help calm the nervous system. All people experience anxiety from time to time, which is normal. Anxiety disorders can make these symptoms more severe. Music has a strong and immediate influence on our emotions. It helps us to relax and improve our emotional functioning.

Helps in Emotional Balance

benefits of music therapy for mental health

Studies show that music therapy can improve symptoms of depression. Those who receive music therapy in addition to standard treatment for depression (such as talking therapy) are more likely to experience improvement than those who have only received standard therapy.

Music can release dopamine, a hormone that makes people feel good and endorphins. These hormones can cause happy moods and pain relief. Music therapy is not a cure-all for depression. However, it can provide temporary benefitsTrusted Source by improving moods and encouraging self-expression.

Good sleep cycle

There are many types of music available known as “Brian Rewire” that especially focuses on our brain and makes it calm and in that state, our brain slows down and makes us feel relaxed and leading to a good sleep cycle and improving your REM cycle.

Brain rewiring is the most followed and scientifically proven method to relax your mind and cure your Bad Sleep cycle. They rewire your brain and remove toxicity from it.

Removes Bad Dreams

In some of the studies conducted, it was found that the Sound effects during sleep can reduce the likelihood of having nightmares, and may promote positive emotions. This could lead to a better night’s rest.

Music can help you sleep better by making you feel more relaxed and at ease. It’s easy to enjoy the power of music anywhere you go with streaming apps and portable speakers. It might be worth adding music to your daily routine, given its accessibility and sleep benefits.

Opens the Door of Spirituality

benefits of music therapy for mental health

Listening to Spiritual music or Bhajan can open up a whole new world of spirituality in your life. It can drastically change the way you think and see the things around you. Music always plays a vital role in spirituality.

We have often heard that there were several types of Ygyas held in ancient times for rain, calling of Gods and several activities all those things were possible because of the particular tones and rhythms present in those mantras. The recitation was so powerful that it could have easily shaken up the world.

Even in today’s time, The Kalyuga, it is said to be the time of recitation of gods’ names, where we are required to recite the names of gods in order for us to purify and calm our minds, these all things have rhythms and tones that are beyond human imagination.

Increases Communication Skills

The experiment found that people feel more open to communicating, like and feel better if there is music in their homes. This is a pattern that dates back to antiquity when music was used as a way of reading emotions and communicating them.

Communication skills were developed by our ancestors in the oldest age. They communicated not only using sounds but also through height, rhythm and tonality. Music is a part of every person’s DNA.

Young children are still learning to communicate through music. Babies can recognize rhythms, intervals and sounds right from birth. They also understand the acoustic properties and melodies in language.

contd benefits of music therapy for mental health….

What happens in music therapy?

You and your therapist can do the following during music therapy:

  • Make music.
  • Sing music. Share a piece of music with your friends.
  • Listen to the music. Read the lyrics.
  • Music is your guide. You can tap your toes together, or you can do a coordinated dance.
  • Discuss lyrics. Listen to or read the lyrics of a song, and discuss their meaning.
  • Learn an instrument. Play a guitar, piano, or drums. To share music.

Are music therapists able to work with adolescents and children?

benefits of music therapy for mental health

Yes. Yes. Music therapy can help with these:

  •  Helps in Behaviour disorders.  
  • Controls  Anxiety and mood disorders.  
  • Helps in preventing Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  
  •  Autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  
  •   Helps in overcoming Trauma.  

Summary – Benefits of music therapy for mental health

Music therapy is considered a catalyst for many brain diseases, as it is not a cure for any particular disease but it sure makes it very easy and effective to cure other diseases like anxiety, depression etc.

It creates a positive outlook on a particular situation in one’s life and makes it easier to face the problem and helps them to express their real feeling.

Aside from helping with mental health conditions, music therapy also has numerous other benefits, such as providing a creative outlet, expanding knowledge and cultural awareness, and improving cognitive skills such as memory.

We hope that you have found your solution in our article “Benefits of music therapy for mental health” and learnt something new which will make your life easier and more productive and lead a healthy life.

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