You are currently viewing Superhuman Formula for sharp Mind and Superior Memory Power

Superhuman Formula for sharp Mind and Superior Memory Power

Superhuman Formula for sharp Mind and Superior Memory Power

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Who is superhuman and What is the Superhuman formula? Every human being is gifted with certain Birthright abilities by nature. Still, He needs to follow certain techniques to awaken the superhuman inside. By following the superhuman formula what we call “Trident Formula” one may achieve Superior Memory, Electrifying Personality, and superhuman capabilities as a whole. The superhuman formula we have talked about here is the “Trident Formula”.

A Trident has three sharp edges, so one individual needs to follow three proven methods to ignite superhuman qualities. We have given the example of Jain Muni “Padmaprach Chandrasagar” also, who is 15 years old but has superior memory power so that you can know well about superior humans. His Superior Memory power was shocking everyone for everyone. However, Jain Muni follows certain techniques to achieve this superhuman perfection level on the other hand he was a superhuman.

Superhuman perfection has a seed in Trident Formula. The Trident formula recommends Tratak, Semen Retention, and Vedic Mantra chanting. Tratak is a method to increase concentration and focus. The practice of Tratak helps in achieving superior memory. Semen Retention/Semen Preservation/Celibacy/Brahmacharya is the base of this Trident formula. The final one is “Vedic Mantra”. Neuroscientist James Hartzell researched about 21 professional Sanskrit mantras.

His experiment showed that every Sanskrit mantra has a certain frequency that matches the frequency of human body cells. How the repetition of a particular Sanskrit Mantra affects the human body and brain is a point of attraction in this video. There is no shortcut to the superhuman formula rather a person should honestly and sincerely practice this Trident formula which narrates about Tratak-Semen Retention and Vedic Mantra Chanting. Practice makes a man perfect and paves the way to Superhuman.

Superhuman Formula – The Superior memory  of Jain Saint Padmaprabh Chandrasagarsuperhuman formula

superhuman formula

Before telling about this Trident Formula, we want to present a small example which was the point of attraction in India TV News. Yes, we want to talk about Jain Muni Padmaprabh Chandra Sagar, who is 15 years old and he achieved superior memory. How much strong Memory is possible? His Guru told that by the sincere observance of a Specific Technique, one may achieve this perfection. He advised that If you follow Specific tips with Discipline, You can achieve this Superior Memory Power. Recently, there was an experiment where he was asked 200 questions by 200 people. He went to a deep meditation state and started answering the questions as they were. And He Suprised everybody with his Superior Memory. And must read Benefits of Brahmacharya

India TV News telecasted a live program to test the Memory where five panellists from different fields were present. The Jain Muni was given 50 questions one by one. All panellists along with the News Anchor asked questions. They asked questions Jain Saint randomly, serially, and inverse manner. Jain Muni answered all those questions 100% correctly. Some of the expert panellists told that The power of  The brain is still unexplored, so it can be boosted to an unlimited extent. Jain Muni may be following any Technique for Superior Memory. Anyone following Trident Formula can achieve Superior Memory. The whole surrounding becomes electrifying where he is present and people are automatically attracted to him.

Trident formula (Superhuman Formula)

superhuman formula

Trident or Trishul has three sharp edges and every edge is important.

No.1 Concentrationsuperhuman formula

Nowadays people are using less than 10% of their Concentration. The best and most effective technique to increase the Concentration of the Brain is “TRATAK”
By daily Practice of TRATAK all hidden energy of body and mind gets focused in one place. When you focus the sunray on an object, the object catches because the sunray is concentrated in one place. The amazing life energy is focused at one place by the practice of TRATAK. Let’s know how to do TRATAK. Sit on a mate, your backbone should be straight. Focusing on the middle of the eyebrows you need to see a point or any good image.

See the object for 15 minutes concentrating without blinking your eyes.  At starting phase You will experience burning eyes and tears may come still you have to continue the practice. You can gradually increase the duration to 45 minutes. You may experience a positive effect in a few days if you practice TRATAK regularly. Your Memory and Intelligence Power increase in an extraordinary manner. Maybe you are studying or doing business. You can focus on won 100% concentration and achieve outstanding success. And must read this

No.2 Semen Retention superhuman formula

Semen Retention has a direct relation with Brain Nourishment. We have told earlier that due to long semen retention, the formation and functioning of the brain take place in a Healthy and smooth manner. Jain Muni Padmaprabh Chandrasagar achieved Superior Memory Power.  Swami Vivekanand also achieved Superior Memory because of Semen Retention only. What should be your lifestyle for Semen Retention? You can watch/Read our Brahmacharya series to know about this.

No.3 Repetition of Sanskrit Mantrasuperhuman formula

superhuman formula

Neuroscientist James Hartzell researched about 21 Professional Sanskrit mantras from Veda and proved that every Sanskrit mantra has a certain frequency. If you chant some specific Mantra properly, It generates sound waves of a particular frequency which match the cells of the human body. There is coordination between the frequency of the Mantra &  Body cells if it is repeated a particular number of times. The body cells start vibrating thereafter. It removes toxins from the body. 

The defective Brain cells get repaired due to repeated Vibration. It facilitates the nourishment of Brain Tissue and Cells. Neuroscientist James Hartzell conducted this experiment on his students and sighted the development of Superior Memory, happiness, Intelligence extraordinary qualities, and abilities. In the end, we want are giving an example of Veej Mantra and the Mantra is Eim”. Repetition of “Eim” activates the Neurons of the Brain. This particular Mantra is highly beneficial for achieving Superior Memory and Knowledge

Jain Muni chants this Mantra for Memory power. It makes a footpath if you continuously walk on a grass field. Similarly, this particular Mantra creates a positive impression on the brain which becomes the storehouse of Superior Memory and Knowledge. You can do an experiment with the recommended tips on your own.

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    Hello, thanks for helping anyone who wants to improve, that is  I have a question about the exercise of “tratak” because Im confused, I must concentrate in the middle of eyebrows with my eyes open until I see some nice object or visualize a nice object is a second meditation.

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  2. Miguel Ángel

    Hello, thanks for helping anyone who wants to improve, that is  I have a question about the exercise of “tratak” because Im confused, I must concentrate in the middle of eyebrows with my eyes open until I see some nice object or visualize a nice object is a second meditation.

    Thank you for your time.

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