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Common Difference Between NOFAP and Brahmacharya

In this article, we wish to discuss the difference between NOFAP and brahmacharya. Both terms are sometimes used as inter-changeably but there are very inherent differences. This is important to understand because NOFAP alone...

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Brahmacharya Benefits

Brahmacharya Benefits Brahmacharya Benefits There is nothing more beneficial, advantageous, healthy practice, Yoga or Meditation than the practice of Brahmacharya.   Brahmacharya benefits directly deal with physiological and Psychological well-being. Brahmacharya way of life and...


The benefits of Brahmacharya

The Benefits of Brahmacharya Brahmacharya seems very awkward for those who are not aware of the Sex Energy. Seminal fluid is the fuel of sex energy.  Brahmacharya has been gloried by Saint Rahim in...