Manthan is a Sanskrit word, it means “Brainstorming”. You have now visited the hub of Brainstorming. i.e Manthanhub.  Brainstorming is the first step towards coming to a Definite Decision. Then comes the role of Dedication. One who is dedicated acquires knowledge as told in Bhagavat Gita. Manthanhub will be posting very useful informative articles/videos related to Brahmacharya, Sex TransmutationHealth, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Inspiration, Current Topics.  We are covering more and more about Brahmacharya and Sex Transmutation considering the present Mental Condition of Youth throughout the World. Nowadays Youth is caught with many bad habits which result in excess Semen loss.  Consequently, it is causing Severe Harmful effects at the Biological, Physiological, and Psychological levels.  Manthanhub has been reported with many such instances of unhealthy conditions by Youth Subscribers.  We are trying our best to educate youth by various Articles and Videos on Brahmacharya and Sex Transmutation. Manthanhub is not only making them aware of the Harmful effects of Excess Semen loss but also guiding them with experienced Brahmacharya Habits. We are motivating youth for Brahmacharya Practice and inspiring them to achieve Brahmacharya benefits.

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