20 Powerful Benefits of Brahmacharya | Celibacy Benefits You Must Know

Benefits of Brahmacharya
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Benefits of Brahmacharya

Ankur Raikwar – Transformation After Brahmacharya

It is very aptly said, “You are always one decision away that can change your life”. We all have experienced that sometimes even a small positive thought in the morning had changed our whole day. Think if we vow to change our dietary habits, thoughts & lifestyle in tune with the advice of our great sages, we can do miracles and our life can become a blessing. In this article, we shall present the story of a young modern man in his own words whose life was transformed completely by practising brahmacharya.

From Devil to Decent | Benefits of Brahmacharya

In his own words, he had described himself “My face was furious, way of speaking rough, unnecessary desires all the time, I was aimless. I was searching for happiness outside but I got only deceit and rejection. I was sad and always craving more and more pleasure but filled with guilt and depression after releasing semen every time. My life seemed useless and my physical and mental health condition became worse”. I had no one to help me. Then I came in contact with ManthanHub and my real journey started from the devil to decent. I had to face many hurdles during my journey but finally,

I got a new life by the grace of the lord and the constant support of Manthanhub. By watching the videos of ManthanHub, if a downtrodden person like me could retain semen for more than 500 days then I believe that every youth can do that. I would say to all my young friends that the only condition is to modify their lifestyle as recommended and follow the right community. I wish to share the 20 benefits I experienced in my life after practising Brahmcharya.

Benefits of Brahmacharya And Practicing Brahmacharya

1.   My memory became sharp, my concentration increased, and my thoughts became positive.

2.  Masturbation is not normal rather it is an addiction. Masturbation & Porn addiction are bugs. Once you are trapped, you are gone. My life became hell due to this addiction. I was like a demon. My life got a new meaning after getting out of this trap with the help of Manthanhub.

3. My skin was dull before and after the brahmacharya lifestyle, my skin started glowing and vibrant. My friends even pointed out this change in me.

4. I was having a stomach upset and after following diet advice, my digestive system became normal.

5. I used to be tired and lazy all the time. But the brahmacharya lifestyle made me more active, with less sleep and rest.

6. I regained my confidence and my performance increased to the best level.

7. I got the clarity of mind and was able to think more positively.

8. I now feel energetic full day and interested in doing good work.

9. My ability to decide on day-to-day situations increased.

10. I am now able to handle problems easily without anxiety.

11. My shyness is gone.

12. My stamina drastically increased.

Benefits of Brahmacharya on Brain and Intellect

13. I can control my emotions easily.

14. I now enjoy every moment of life.

15. A constant wave of happiness is flowing in my mind.

16. I now know how to handle stress.

17. My problem-solving capability increased.

18.  I can now learn things early and easily.

19. Yoga and meditation is now my core lifestyle.

20. I am now ambitious to be an example to others. Dear Friends, I am really lucky that I am able to recover from this disease of masturbation and porn addiction and got a chance to rediscover my life. Like I achieved good physical health, mental peace, and success by following the brahmacharya lifestyle, I wish all my brothers’ good luck in their efforts. And I will always be indebted to Manthanhub who guided me at every step.

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2 thoughts on “20 Powerful Benefits of Brahmacharya | Celibacy Benefits You Must Know”

  1. Brahmacharya offers many benefits. Modern science yet to understand its glory. Take the life of any founder of Religion like Sri Buddha, Sri Mahavira,  Sri Jesus Christ, Sri Adi Sankara, Sri Ramanuja, and the like. They are all celibates. Understand their power of influence which is the outcome of the strength of Celibacy.
    Mahatma Gandhi practiced Brahmacharya in his later part of life. His influence on people and others was due to the power of Celibacy. One could not ignore the influential power of speech delivered by Swami Vivekananda in the parliament of world religions.

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