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Yogasana for Brahmacharya and Sex Transmutation

Yogasana for Brahmacharya and Sex TransmutationYogasana for Brahmacharya

Yogasana for Brahmacharya is a major part towards successful Practice of Brahmacharya. The Practice of Brahmacharya at Mental & Spiritual level is not enough rather Physical Brahmacharya by means of Yogasana for Brahmacharya plays a crucial role. Here we have tried to remind you a Vaisheshik Sutra written by a Gujarati Sage Acharya Kanad in the 600 BCE. The sutra says “Vedah Nimittavesheshat Karmno Jayate”. Nowadays this Sutra is Known as Newton’s First Law. This Law stated that ” An object at rest tends to stay at rest and object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”.  If we apply this Newton’s first law towards Brahmacharya Lifestyle we may conclude that a knowledgeable person in Brahmacharya may not get rid off all problems related to Physical, Mental & Bad habits unless he imbibes Brahmacharya Lifestyle.

The Yogasana for Brahmacharya which has been instructed in this articles are the main parts of Brahmacharya Lifestyle. A lot of people contacted Manthanhub and told how they are facing a lot of problem due to bad habits. They all appreciate our videos But one question they ask again and again ” How to be successful in Semen Retention, Sex Transmutation, and Brahmacharya.

Three things to keep in Mind

We want to instruct only three things to implement in life. If you keep it in mind and practice those Yogasana for brahmacharya, You will experience the true benefits practically in a few days. Before Practicing Brahmacharya Tips & Asanas you need to keep in mind that without cleaning the mirror it is not possible to see your face clearly. So clean the mirror. Similarly, your Biological & Psychological System have been contaminated due to bad association, bad habit, and negative environment. You need to decontaminate your system with the help of Tools & tips as given in Manthanhub videos. You need to try and practice the Tips and “step by step guidelines” as per our videos. Your repeated practice and contemplation during “Brahmamuhurta” would result from a permanent impression in Subconscious mind only in ten days It would be a part of your life and everything will seem easy.

Second, we not only make our video informative but we make it inspiring so that you could be inspired out of it. Watching the inspirational video and implementing the inspiration are separate things. The inspiration only ignites your conscious mind you need to imbibe the inspiration on that day or next day and physical exercise and meditation are helpful for this. The imbibing is fixed in subconscious mind in ten days if you take the immediate action otherwise your subconscious mind may be affected by a negative impression.

It may arise negative thought like ” nothing happened, nothing is happening and nothing is possible”. This negative thought is very harmful which may spoil your life, so always beware of it. If you practice and make a positive thought as “everything is fine and everything is possible”. This positive thought would make you an inspirational character itself, so remember this.

Internal Cleansing Process

We are going to tell you the internal cleansing process through  Yogasana for brahmacharya and it will affect the nearby muscles of Private Part making it Strengthened and Systematic. As a result, the nervous organism would function efficiently your sexual strength would become powerful. You can revitalize your Body throughSex Transmutation. At first warm up you Body by morning walking for 20 minutes or by normal exercise. If you do this Asana in the morning after the bath you will experience tremendous result and it would help you in Meditation.

PadapashchimotasanYogasana for Brahmacharya


Spread a woolen mat on the floor and sit on it with the legs extended out together. Hold both the big toes with the index fingers, and bend forward while trying to touch the forehead to the knees by bending from the waist. The knees should remain flat on the ground. If the knees bend a little in the beginning, it does not matter. Only by regular practice can this Asana be perfected. Avoid too much exertion while doing this Asana. One should eat one or two green ladies ‟s fingers after 15 minutes of performing this Asana. Apples too are beneficial.


The practice of this Ísana purifies the nerves, which helps enhance one‟s working capacity and cures many diseases. Various physical disorders like indigestion, constipation, common cold, acute coryza, productive cough, backache, hiccups, leucoderma, urinary diseases, wet dreams, seminal disorders, appendicitis, sciatica, urethritis, jaundice, insomnia, asthma, hyperacidity, nervous debility, uterine disorders, menstrual irregularity, impotency (sterility), blood related disorders, stunted growth and many other diseases are cured by this Asana.

No.1 BrahmacharyasanaYogasana for Brahmacharya

Method :

Sit on knees on [the] blanket. Extend the legs on both sides with both the hands-on-knees now place the bottom on the ground between both the legs. Keep the eyes in front and sit calmly. Practice this Asana for 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping repeating the Mantra Ohm Aryamaye Namah with Faith while doing this Asana gives special benefits.

Benefits :

it helps in maintaining. Damaged area, helps in controlling sexual impulses making it flow upwards. It reduces the heat in nerves because of which this Asana. Reduces the problems like wet dreams. It strengthens our brahmacharya and keeps our stomach clean.

No.2 Mayurasana


Sit on your knees on a carpet. Keep the hands on the ground in such a way that the fingers are joined and are in the direction of the feet. Bend both the Elbows resting them near the Navel. Now bend the body in front and extend the legs backward. Breathing out, raise both the legs from the ground and bend the head so that the body is parallel to the ground. The weight of the whole body is on the pants. While doing this asana the concentration should be on Manipur Chakra. Remain in the position as much as possible. Then slowly come back to the original position.

benefits :

Mayurasana is highly beneficial for Brahmacharya. Palms and Arms become strong it is greatly useful for diabetic patients also and this enhances the regular flow of blood in the body hence all organs of the body becomes strong and efficient.

Caution :

People suffering from high blood pressure and hernia should not do this Asana

No.1 Shushupta-Vajrasana

Sit in Vajrasan with both the Thighs together and lie down towards the back. Let both thighs be together. Now releasing the breath put the left hand under the shoulder of the right hand and right hand under the shoulder of the left hand. Keep the head above the cross formed by such placements of hands. Perform Tribandh after releasing the breath. The concentration should be on Vishudhakshya Chakra.

Benefits :

It gives relaxation to the Spinal cord. All inner gland becomes strong. It improves appetite and removes painful tough stools. It is also useful in Wet Dreams, Ejaculation of Semen, stones, deafness, eye weakness, tonsils etc.

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