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Benefits of Brahmacharya For Females | 5 Epic Ideas

We will discuss the benefits of brahmacharya for females in this article.

Brahmacharya, when translated means celibacy. Brahmacharya can be broken down into Brahma – infinity, and Charya – moving in, meaning moving with infinity. A person who follows Brahmacharya moves in the space of infinity and knows about your own nature, knowing that you are not just a body but you are a soul, and your main goal is to be one with the Supreme Lord.

The main purpose of celibacy is to bring out the superhuman strength within you. Many monks consider Brahmacharya, not as a Yoga or celibacy but as a way of life.


You all might be thinking why are we even writing blog on the topic “Benefits of brahmacharya for female”? Why do women need to follow Brahmacharya? Isn’t it something men follow so why women? Actually, I was having the same opinion as you are right now But then I received an anonymous question from our reader :

You have talked about celibacy/ Brahmacharya in many of your blogs and all of them were very practical and scientifically proven but how come you have never written any article on Women Brahmacharya? I am a woman and I want some scientific facts about the brahmacharya, I want to follow the practices and wonder what kind of results can come in my life. I want to explore this practice before I get married.

It may seem strange that celibacy is difficult for women. A woman desires 16 times as much as a man. Although she appears calm and composed on the outside, her innermost desires are love and affection. A man is like a tin shade. Tin shade gets too hot when the sun shines.

This tin shade stays cool after sunset. A man can reach his extremes in a very short time and then return to his most basic desires. A woman is like a pile of hay that is stacked one on top of the other. Although it takes some time for a haystack of hay to heat up, once it has crossed a threshold it will start to burn like a house on the fire.

It is possible for women to practice Brahmacharya. Before I go into detail, there are a few things you should know.

Women and Brahmacharya- What is brahmacharya for female

Benefits of brahmacharya for female
Benefits of brahmacharya for female

The female gonads (the ovaries in males) produce, develop, and mature precious, vital forces such as semen. This is the ovum. Although the ovum is not completely lost from the body of the woman, like in the case with semen in men, it is still taken up during conception to form embryos. One knows all too well how draining and straining childbearing can be for a woman. The repeated depletion of this force, combined with the strain of childbirth, can make healthy women a wreck. It also affects their strength, beauty, grace, youth, mental power, as well their physical and mental health. The inner forces are lost in the eyes, and the sparkle and lustre of the eyes disappear.

Benefits of brahmacharya for female

The intense, sensual excitement caused by the act can cause nervous system damage and even debility. Because their nervous system is more sensitive and high-strung than that of men, females are more susceptible to the effects.

Women must preserve their vitality. Women need to be able to conceive and secrete the right hormones.

In Book The virile power of superb Manhood, the author mentioned some of the key points of a woman who follows Brahmacharya:

  • Right moral value
  • Right natural moral
  • Purity is the source of energy for women

Ancient Brahmacharinis:

There were Brahmacharis living in India back in the olden days. They were Brahmavadinis and they spoke about Brahman. They didn’t want to live the life of grihastha dharanis, who were devoted to household duties. They were able to serve the Rishis and sages and do Brahma-vihara (enquiry of Brahman). King Janasruti put his daughter in the service of Rishi Raikva. This information is found in the Chhandogya Upanishad.

Benefits of brahmacharya for female Benefits of brahmacharya for female Benefits of brahmacharya for female

Benefits of brahmacharya for female

Even in the Hindu religion, Brahmacharini is the 2nd form of the goddess Amba (Maa Durga). Brahmacharini, Sanskrit: brahmcaarinnii, is a devoted female student who lives with her Guru in an Ashrama. Brahmacharini, an aspect of Parvati, wears white clothes and holds a Japamala in one hand and a Kamandalu in the other.

It is not stated anywhere that Brahmacharya can’t be practised while married or with a partner. Brahmacharya is sexual abstinence if you’re single, and fidelity if you’re married. Brahmacharya can be practised by a married couple. This does not mean that you must suppress your desires forever. It doesn’t mean you have to, but moderation is the key. You must keep your desires under control.

contd Benefits of brahmacharya for female…….

Benefits Of Brahmacharya in Women:

Benefits of brahmacharya for female
  • Brahmacharya means that a person can harness the power of their mind, body, and speech. They are capable of accomplishing anything.
  • No matter how many obstacles life throws at you, it is possible to stay stable and manage the situation.
  • Concentration and grasping ability increase.
  • The increase in willpower ( manobad), means that one can achieve anything they set their mind to.
  • The mind is always in control.
  • Brahmacharya can be preserved for a few more years under the right control and the semen energy will rise. If one keeps the spiritual essence of all these books and scriptures for a few years, it will be easy to keep this essence. As soon as you have read something, it is easy to forget.
  • Brahmacharya is a way to keep your vows and commitments. You can easily make further progress in any direction.
  • The body’s immunity power will increase and the body will remain healthy. This is a very easy task. It will not cause any defects.
  • Celibacy increases physical, mental, and intellectual strength as well as the strength of the ego!

contd Benefits of brahmacharya for female…..

contd Benefits of brahmacharya for female……..

Stages in Human Life:

According to the scriptures in the Hindu religion, human life is divided into 4 categories or phases:

Benefits of brahmacharya for female
  1. Brahmacharya Aashram: This process is followed until 22-23 years of age. This stage is known as the stage of focus in which one only focuses on study, sadhana and completely ignoring sexual desires and ignoring all kinds of intoxications.
  2. Grihastha Aashram: This phase starts around the age of 21-23 and comes to an end around the age of 45-46. In this stage, we are supposed to take care of our family, our partner and our loved ones. We remain committed to our duties in this phase.
  3. Vanaprastha Ashram: This phase starts from the age of 45-46 and ends around the age of 70. In this phase, we must leave all our belongings behind and go to an unknown place for staying, which is far from our home and now we must practice living in a moderation way.
  4. Parivrajaka Ashram: This is the final stage in our life, it starts after the age of 70 and ends with our life. In this stage, one should let go of everything one owns and all kinds of threads of attachment that attaches one to this world. One should never stay in one place for a long time in this phase.

contd Benefits of brahmacharya for female…….

Benefits of brahmacharya for femaleBenefits of brahmacharya for femaleBenefits of brahmacharya for female

How To Keep a check on Brahmacharya?

According to research, females experience 16 times more sexual desires than a man. Even though a female may look all calm and composite from the outside but deep within she always has the craving for affection and love. But it is not impossible for women to follow Brahmacharya. I have also shared very factual and practical things for you to follow.

Benefits of brahmacharya for female

The source of all creation is the female, so it is crucial that she has high wants. The entire process of creation will collapse if the females don’t want to cooperate. Humankind can’t move forward without continual reproduction. Nature has designed this system so that those with the highest desires will nurture the next generation and assume responsibility for its continuation. Human evolution is not affected by a Brahmachari becoming a man, but a Brahmachari becoming a woman will end an entire lineage.

1. Controlled Diet: One should keep a check on his/her diet if they want to control their sexual desires. Stop giving your body the substances that fuel passion. You must completely eliminate all meat, fish, nicotine, onion, garlic, spices, tea, coffee, fast foods, excessive sugar, and alcohol. Anything that produces heat in the body must be thrown out. Fasting will reduce your cravings, but not for several days. You should eat small portions at regular times, but not too many at once.

Practice “Mitahara” (“Mit” = Moderate, “Ahara” = Food). A woman who can control her hunger for food will eventually be able to control her desire. A saying goes:

ब्रह्मचारी मिताहारी तयागी योग-परायणः
अब्दादूर्ध्वं भवेद्सिद्धो नात्र कार्या विछारणा

2. Train Your Mind: The mind is the main source that leads to different actions in our body, if we can keep control of our mind we can be invincible to all problems in the modern world.

There are various things you can do to train your mind:

Determination Is the key: Have a “Sankalpa” in your mind that, whenever you see a men

If you feel a sense of romance in your mind, this is distracting. Your mind will lead you into a trap where you’ll be a victim. Do not let your mind control you. It is normal to yearn for a partner, but it will continue to grow and deceive you until the end of your life.

If you find yourself in a situation that makes you think about a man or someone who is looking at you, and how you should react, STOP. It’s wrong. It’s not necessary to react and ignore the natural phenomenon of “reacting”. Refrain from reacting and instead practice ignorance. This will help you to be more disciplined in your mental actions.

3. Controlling Your Yoni:

Both the male and female reproductive organs have one thing in common: they contract or expand according to the amount of passion in the body.

After you have mastered the art of controlling your passion, you can start to practice it. Meditation can help you control the expansion and contraction phenomena. Meditation for 20-30 minutes per day in Siddhasana posture will allow you to control your breathing and eventually control the expansion and contraction of the Yoni. Half of the battle is won when you master the contraction and expansion phenomena and stop the body from expanding and contracting automatically.

Controlling your mind is half the battle. This will take time since it is the most difficult.

“Brahmacharya Param Balam”

We hope that you have found your solution in our article “Benefits of brahmacharya for female” and learnt something new which will make your life easier and more productive and lead a healthy life.

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