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Best ways to start your day positively | How to start your day positively

Are you one of those people who wakes up every morning and remembers everything you need to do? Do you want to stay in bed and not get out? This feeling is common for many people, but it doesn’t have to be.

Did you know that thoughts can influence our emotions? You have complete control over your thoughts, even though it may not feel that way sometimes. This means you can start each day with a positive outlook. These are some tips to help you stay positive and take every day as it comes.

how to start day positively

1. Remember your dreams

Dreams can be used to make positive changes in your day, whether you wish to analyze them or not. Make sure to get enough sleep and keep a dream journal near your bed. This will allow you to write down the dreams as soon as possible after waking up. They will become easier to remember and will make sense to you as they relate to your life.

2. Take a look at what makes you happy

Emotions are created by thoughts. Happy thoughts make happy emotions. This is a simple concept, but it’s true. Think about what makes you happy. You will feel happier if you do something that makes your heart happy.

3. Give gratitude

Gratitude is a practice I recommend to my subscribers. It is easy to fall into the negative cycle and forget how fortunate you are. It changes your outlook and makes your day brighter when you take the time to write down 5 things that you are grateful for each morning.

4. Relax your body

We can only relax our bodies if we don’t do it. Your daily routine should include self-care that allows for relaxation. Relaxing your body, whether it’s through yoga, massage or a bath is key to feeling happy every day.

5. Concentrate on your breathing

As we add more to-dos and stress to our lives, anxiety increases. Stress can cause our breathing to change and become shallower. It is easy to notice the changes in your breathing. Is your breathing shallow? Slowly let out your breath and take deep, slow inhalations. Repeat this several times until you feel a greater sense of relaxation.

6. Do not attach your thoughts to them

Every day, we make stories about the people and events around us. According to researchers, we generate about 60,000 thoughts each day. It is exhausting! You will feel more relaxed and at peace if you let your thoughts pass without attaching to them.

7. Social media is not for you

Stop checking your email and social media every hour of your waking up. It is a terrible habit that can cause you to forget how important it is until you stop doing it for some time. Every morning that I spend away from social media makes me feel more peaceful, happy, and relaxed. Our minds are free to be themselves and not bombarded with information.

8. Prepare a delicious breakfast

Instead of spending your morning scrolling through Facebook, grab your kitchen tools and make a delicious (and nutritious!) breakfast. Are you a fan of protein pancakes? Perfection. Isn’t it even better?

9. Establish a meditation practice

Meditation can make a huge difference in your life. You will be more relaxed and calm, and you will also feel more connected to your body and surroundings. Even if you’re not a seasoned meditator, don’t be discouraged. Meditation is more than just sitting cross-legged and humming “Ommmm”, it’s about doing so much more. You can also do mindfulness techniques, dance meditation, hypnosis and many other things.

10. You can also try self-hypnosis recordings

Hypnosis is one of many ways to meditate. You can find tons of recordings online for as low as 99 cents on Amazon! Each recording is designed to address a specific problem. Do you want to feel happier? There are many to choose from.

11. Do not check your phone until later.

You shouldn’t check your Facebook right away when you wake up. Try to avoid checking your phone until later. It will be obvious how technology can affect our minds and energy levels. Do not get too excited!

12. Take a morning run

Ahhh… endorphins! These feel-good hormones are a great way to get started the day. You’ll be glad that you ran a nice, easy run in the morning before it gets too hot.

13. Do an energizing yoga sequence

An energizing yoga routine is another way to get your endorphins going in the morning. Get out of bed and roll out your mat to get flexible!

14. Play with your pets

A friend of mine used to play with her dog every morning. They would have breakfast together, then stretch out and play before going to work. She felt happier and connected with her pet. It’s almost impossible to be sad or angry after spending time with your pet.

15. Find inspiration in a book or an article

Reading blogs that you subscribe to could make a great part of your morning routine. You will feel inspired and motivated to start the day.

16. Listen to a great inspiring podcast

Similar to an inspirational book, listen to a podcast to inspire you to take the next step.

17. Your alarm will be set to an upbeat tune

You might consider changing the ringtone of your alarm. Avoid the buzzing sound. Instead, use a soothing melody that starts softly and becomes louder with time. You won’t be woken by it and you will enjoy it more than a loud alarm.

18. Make a morning routine that includes self-care

It doesn’t matter what it might be for your life – yoga, meditation, reading, walking… make it part of your daily routine. It is impossible to have a great day! It will be easier if you do this more often.

19. Take a look at something beautiful

It’s a great way to change your mood and feel more positive and peaceful. It could be a flower, your spouse, or a painting in your bedroom. Whatever it is, take some time to admire its beauty. This tactic will instantly lift your mood!

20. Clean and freshen your room every morning

Your mind will feel more chaotic the messier your space is. My clients always tell me that organizing your space is the first step to getting your mind organized. You’ll be amazed at how peaceful and welcoming your space will feel when you clean it up.

21. Ask yourself, “How can this day be amazing?”

This simple question is so powerful, even though it seems easy. Simply asking “How can today be amazing?” will help you realize that you have control over how your day runs and how you feel about it. Next, make it extraordinary!

22. Smile, regardless of how you feel at first

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to get up and move around all day. Smile at yourself. You can even smile at yourself by looking in the mirror. This is something my dad does every morning for about a minute. It changes his mood and outlook on the day. It’s worth it!

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