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Reasons behind why not to eat onion and garlic?

In most families of India, Onion and garlic are used as one of the major ingredients of food. It is widely used as spices and salads.

These vegetables can not only enhance the flavor profile of a dish but also have many health benefits. They can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, act as natural antibiotics, and have anti-fungal, antibacterial, and natural blood-cleansers.

Many people avoid garlic and onion, despite their health benefits. Many people are also advised to avoid both for a variety of reasons. According to Ayurveda, and some western researches garlic and onion might not be very good for your health.

So, in this blog we will see why we do not have to eat onion and garlic. We will discuss the harmful or adverse effects of eating onion and garlic.

According to Ayurveda Vata and Pitta are the three life forces that give each person their unique constitution. Pitta is the fire- and water element. It regulates metabolism, body temperature, and hormone balance. Onions and garlic, like any other sulfur-rich ingredient are extremely heating. They can aggravate Pitta both on an emotional and physical level. Acid reflux, ulcers and colitis can all be caused by these substances. These two substances can exacerbate the condition.

According to Ayurveda experts, garlic and onion can cause anger, aggression, lethargy and anxiety as well as increased sexual desire. Meditation and spiritual seekers should avoid all consumption of garlic and onion.

Rajsik foods like onion and garlic can also have an adverse effect upon one’s consciousness. They can affect an individual’s attention, distract from their focus, and cause an unstable mind. Rajsik food is a combination of spicy, hot and salty foods with a pungent taste. It is believed that it promotes negativity, passion and restlessness, as well as high blood pressure.

Research by Dr. Robert C. Beck from the 1980s has shown that garlic can have a negative effect on the brain. Beck discovered that garlic is toxic to people because of its sulphone-hydroxyl ions, which penetrate the blood-brain barrier. They are poisonous to brain cell membranes.

Ayurveda is India’s oldest medical science. It says that foods can be divided into three types – sattvic, rajasic, tamasic, which are foods that exhibit goodness, passion, and ignorance. Rajasic and Tamasic are the classifications for onions, garlic, and other alliaceous plant species. This means they can increase passion and ignorance.

Rajasic, tamasic, and other sacrificial foods are not recommended as they can be detrimental to meditation and devotions. Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, a well-known authority in Ayurveda says that onions and garlic are both rajasic as tamasic foods and should be forbidden for yogis.

Some western medicine branches believe that the Alliums provide specific health benefits. Garlic is recognized, at least in allopathic medical circles as a natural antibiotic. While the cardiovascular effects of vegetable Alliums have been extensively studied over the years, it is still unclear what the clinical implications of garlic and onion consumption are from this perspective.

There are many negative things that can be said about onions and garlic. Unknown is the fact garlic can be harmful and potentially fatal in its raw form. It is possible that Horace, a Roman poet, wrote about garlic as “more dangerous than hemlock”.

Why to avoid onion and Garlic in the point of view of Spirituality?

Spiritual adherents should avoid onion and garlic because they stimulate the central nervous systems and can disrupt vows of celibacy. Garlic is a natural anti-aphrodisiac. According to Ayurveda, garlic is an aphrodisiac. It can be used to treat sexual dysfunction, loss of sexual power, impotence from excessive sex, nervous exhaustion due to dissipating sexual behaviors, and sexual debility. It is especially beneficial for elderly men with high levels of nervous tension and diminished sexual power.

Thatswhy we can say that it increases “Lust” and a person who wants to do Brahmacharya or Celibacy are advised to not to even touch Onion and garlic.

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The Taoists discovered thousands of years ago that the plants in the alliaceous families were harmful to human health. One sage Tsang Tsze wrote that the Alliums were the “five fragrant, spicy scented vegetables”. Each of these five organs – liver and spleen, liver, lungs, kidneys and heart – had a negative effect on the other. Particularly, onions are bad for the lungs. Garlic is bad for the heart. Leeks and garlic are bad for the spleen. Spring onions are bad news to the kidneys.

Tsang-Tsze stated that pungent vegetables have five types of enzymes that cause “reactions to repulsive breathe, extra-foul perspiration and intestinal movements and lead to lewd indulgences and increased agitations.

Ayurveda describes similar things. These (alliaceous plants) can cause aggression, agitation and bodily odour as well as offensive breath and body odour. They are therefore harmful to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of people.

In the 1980’s Dr Robert, conducted research on brain function in humans. Garlic has a negative effect on the brain, according to Dr Robert, He discovered that garlic can be toxic to people because of its sulphone-hydroxyl ions, which penetrate the blood-brain barrier. They are also poisonous to brain cells.

Dr. Beck stated that pilots who took flight tests in the 1950s knew that garlic could reduce reaction time by up to three times. Because garlic’s toxic effects desynchronize brain waves, this is why it reduces reaction time by up to three times. Every month, the flight surgeon would remind us all: “Don’t touch garlic for 72 hours before you fly our planes. It’ll double- or triple your reaction speed. Three times slower than if you didn’t have a few garlic drops.

Dogs are also at risk from the garlic family of plants.

Even though garlic is commonly used in Chinese cuisine, it is still considered to be harmful to the stomach, liver, and eyes. It can also cause dizziness, scattered energy, and nausea if consumed in large quantities.

Garlic is not always considered to have all-beneficial properties in Western medicine and cooking. Health care professionals are well aware that garlic kills harmful bacteria and also kills beneficial bacteria. This is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Reiki practitioners say that onions and garlic are first to be eliminated from the body. Alliaceous plants can have a negative impact on the body, so they should be avoided.

The same conclusion is reached by homeopathic medicine when it recognizes red onions’ ability to cause dry coughs, watery eyes and runny noses, as well as other symptoms that can be associated with colds.

So these are some prominent reasons that why should we avoid onion and garlic from our foods. Spiritual Reasons are not only the reason behind avoiding Onio and garlic. There are numerous amount of problems in using Onion and garlic.

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