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Depression Treatment for Youth from Excess Semen Loss

Depression Treatment  for Youth from Excess Semen Loss

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Depression Treatment for Youth is proportional to Sex Transmutation and Brahmacharya. The study reveals that a large proportion of Youth Population is suffering Depression due to Excess Semen Loss.  Sex Impulse causes Sexual  Excitement followed by loss of Semen but The  Practice of Brahmacharya paves the way to reprogramming of Subconscious Mind which finally facilitates reduce of Sex Impulse. The more you preserve your Semen the more you gain Mental Stability. Depression level goes down accordingly and you achieve tranquility of Mind. This is the Best Depression Treatment Formula.

How many people are suffering Depression

According to the latest report by the World Health Organization, there are 322 Million depression patients across the world, out of the 38 million only Indians. 7.5% of Indian Population are suffering Depression and Other Mental Disorder, According to Indian Institute of Mental Health & Neuroscience, one out of 20 Indians are suffering from Depression and other Mental Disorder. Half of the Patients are not being given Depression treatment properly. Most of the reason for the Mental disorder is not diagnosed. The researchers counseled the Mental Patients properly and revealed the astonishing figure of Mental Patients. 80% of Mental Patients have the root cause of excess semen loss. Researchers and Psychologists tried their best to stabilize the condition of Patients and they undertook Depression Treatment to Patients for a few months by the Technology “Field Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Deep Science Discovdepression treatmentery by Great Yogi

This Technology succeeded in Depression Treatment temporarily because it is not able to reprogram the subconscious mind Impression. No Medicine or Scientific Equipment is able to reprogram the subconscious mind Impression. Subconscious Mind Impression causes Sex Impulse and It has not been yet discovered by Science but thanks to Advance Yogi like Swami Shivanand who undertook Deep Science Discovery and such Yogis are appreciated by Modern Scientist like Dr.Nicole.

Dr. Nicole

With reference to his Mental Patients, Dr.Nicole suggested reprogramming of Subconscious Mind Impression through Brahmacharya Tips otherwise Person would be craving for Sexual Pleasure. As a result, The person would not be able to live a continent life which prompts excess loss of Semen and the depression treatment & treatment of the Mental disorder is impossible for them. The Symptoms of the Mental disorder are Sadness, loss of Interest & pleasure, feeling guilty & worthless, sleep disturbance & loss of Appetite, tiredness & mental fatigue, Lack of concentration, Anxiety & fear.

India the future largest youth power country

50% of Indian Population is less than 25 years, 65% of Population is less than 35 years, The average age of every Indian will be 29 years by 2020. India is going to be a largest youth power country by 2020. After witnessing the condition of Mental patients, it seems that Majority of Youths are suffering depression and Mental Disorder, the Future of country may be anticipated by configuring the above matter.

The Mental Condition of Youth

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One of a youth contacted Manthanhhub and told his sorrowful and depressive life. I want to follow Celibacy throughout life but I am porn addicted. How could I quit masturbation? I was a Genius in my School life but now I am not able to memorize anything. I  determine to quit Masturbation but not able to retain Semen for more than two days. Once I was able to retain Semen for 19 days and the result was outstanding but once again I started masturbation and spoiled my life thoroughly.

Please help me out. I am going through a detrimental Health Condition because  I am masturbating for two years. I feel that I am near to Death. My condition is very critical. I am down with Anxiety and Fear and I need regular Guidance. I am not getting any Environment and support.

After six months of research, I got connected to your website. You are my last hope. I am going through severe depression state. I am not able to focus on anything. There was a time while preparing for a Sanskrit Speech I was able to memorize 3-4 chapters in one night. I was district Chess Champion at the age of 12 years. I taught math to my friends in such a manner that they used to tell me Genius. But due to Bad habits of Masturbation, I have destroyed my life totally. I want my glory back.


Sir, I have a Problem, I watch Brahmacharya related videos and able to retain for 70-80 days but nowadays I masturbate twice-thrice in a day. My condition such severe that I have the suicidal feeling. My family members and friends tell me, I was very handsome but nobody talks to me nowadays. They do not talk to me because I am looking ugly. I am not able to see my face in the mirror because I have pits around my eyes, Rashes on my Face. I got failed in the 12th exam. My depression reached to such an extent that I am not able to talk, I feel whole Body Pain, my mouth smells very bad, I lost my hair. There is no hope another way than Death.

This is very shocking. These are only two examples but there may be millions of youths who may be suffering critical condition. They may be trying to find solutions from everywhere to stabilize themselves. We get help when we help others. A person is not able to be stable alone but the time he spares some time with Community, he is blessed with high morale.

Gain of Ability

One non-swimmer cannot save his life in water. There is no question of saving others. But a Swimmer can save his life in the depth of water. A good swimmer can not only save himself but he is able to save others too. Similarly, If you imbibe Brahmacharya tips and practice of Brahmacharya as recommended by Manthanhub, You would not only be able to stabilize yourself but guide others and bring them back to Goodness from Negative thoughts. To fructify your ambition we have created a Community discussion forum to bind Manthanhub Community safely and securely. You can create an awesome online Community by sharing your thoughts.

Keep on goingdepression treatment

This step of Depression Treatment is very Inspiring as the problem of seekers may not take much time to resolve. We would tell finally that when you drive at night, you can only see ahead up to approx. 100 mts. The more we drive forward, we are able to see the way ahead. We continue the journey like this and reach out to our Destination. Similarly, continue your journey as per the guidance of previous and oncoming articles, surely you can see the way ahead and reach to become successful on your path.

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