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Healthy Semen Ayurvedic Tips for Brahmacharya

Powerful Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Semen

healthy semen

Time never comes back, once it is passed but nothing is impossible in this world, strong willpower turns impossible into possible. There is a solution to every problem but we need to gather the right information at right time. Nowadays most youths are suffering from many physical and mental illnesses due to excess loss of Semen by means of Bad habits like Masturbation and any such bad habits which involve loss of Healthy Semen. There persists a lot of Biological, Psychological, and Physiological Imbalance due to the loss of Healthy Semen.

Powerful Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Semenhealthy semen

We have brought for you some effective Ayurvedic Remedies to recover from excess semen loss. We can’t resolve all issues at once but gradually you may resolve many issues like thin Semen, weak body, and vigorless Body by utilizing those tips for Healthy Semen.

Tip No.1

During summer make a mixture of 200 gm Amla powder & 200 gm of Candy, keep it in a bottle. Take one full spoon each with water in the morning and in the evening. During Winter take Turmeric in place of Candy. Take this for one to two months and give a break for one week in between. Start taking it once again after the break. Consumption of “Amla” is very beneficial and it beautifies our body. It empowers and solidifies the Semen curing diseases like nightfall. It also produces Healthy Semen.

Tip No.2healthy semen

Take “Ashwagandha” for three months with milk. Both Ashwagandha Powder and tablets are available in the market. Ashwagandha powder is very effective but it is very sour. Take only half of the spoonful. If you are not able to take “Ashwagandha Powder” then take two Tablets but keep in mind that consume “Ashwagandha” with Milk in both cases.

healthy semenTip No.3

Gum solidifies Semen resulting in Healthy Semen, cures nightfall and other seminal fluid weakness. Take one-fourth of a Spoonful and soak in 60 ml of water for two hours. After that drink it along with the water. There is a precaution in this Remedy. Take only less quantity of Gum and Don’t take “Gum” continuously for more than one week. maintain a two weeks gap and then take it once again for one week
If you take it continuously for more than one week, it will kill your appetite. So take it in the right quantity and right duration as per the guidance.

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