You are currently viewing Best Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation

Best Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation

Best Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation

Meditation Techniques

There are many Meditation types but the meditation techniques that we are describing here are the Best Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation. We can’t measure fully the meditation benefits. Meditation benefits have a positive impact on Human Biology, Physiology, and Psychology.  We have brought forward several articles on the Basics of Brahmacharya and Brahmacharya Tips but for the first time, we have suggested the Best Meditation Techniques here to make your Brahmacharya Practice and Sex Transmutation.

Algorithm of LifeMeditation Techniques

The Algorithm of life is created in such a manner that every human being is searching for an unknown truth of life. Unknowingly human beings are searching for means to achieve Completeness and Permanent happiness in life. Most people are not able to achieve completeness because they do not know the exact function of the Natural Algorithm of Life. Due to this reason the person treats himself as a Machine, as the machine functions as per the button pressed. Similarly, the person presses the sexual part to get happiness.

The Illusion is at its peak. Just the mere act of pressing a button would decide who is going to be happy and who is not. The Method of happiness has gone to such an inferior level that life became an Artificial Computer Programme resulting in the leakage of Secret coding. Let us know about the Illusory Agent first before knowing about Meditation Techniques

Illusory Artificial AgentMeditation Techniques

The human, The system, The Algorithm, and The Program are the same but the controller is someone else. The controller is distracting the person by misguiding and providing illusory momentary happiness. As a result, the person is mad before the momentary pleasure of Sex and dependent outside for this. Human life is just like a Computer Program as shown in the Hollywood Movie The Matrix.

That Program is taken over by an Artificial Agent and consequently, the program is out of control by the human. The Artificial Agent pressed the button of the Human Program and get him to do the work as per his wish but the human is not keen to do the same. This Movie taught the lesson to understand “Nature”, to understand our own life and lead life vigilantly accordingly so that we needn’t roam outside for eternal happiness and get our program controlled by Illusory Agent.

Anything more exciting than Sex?

To understand the Meditation Techniques here, You need some necessary Qualifications, You need to ask a question first. When you get the Answer, You crossed the first Step of Meditation Techniques. The question is “Is there anything more exciting than Sex? Is there anything more exciting than Sex? The answer is “The purpose of Life”.

Good Examples

Let’s take a Good example. The Torch of Life gets on by Sex. The thing we want to see or we are searching for is more important and exciting than Sex. Sex is the battery of the Torch and it is inferior to the cause and purpose of the Torch. The life and Birth process of human life is compared to Electric Pump and it has parts like Fan, Magnet, Support etc. The Electricity to run the Motor is Sex, The fan is the human who is always moving in a circular motion. The existence of the Pump becomes valueless for the person who pays much value to the Electricity-Sex and makes it their sole Motive.

The Pump Theory

But please wait. There is much more ahead and that is “the reason for the existence of the Pump”. The reason for the existence of the Pump is always present there though it has no relation to the Fan & Electricity. Just see the Pump and how it is throwing a Jet of Water into the Sky. The Jet of Water is of no less Exciting than the Electricity which runs the Pump. The Purpose of the Pump is more important than the Pump, So the purpose of life and Truth is more beautiful than life itself. The Meditation Techniques help in Experiencing the beauty of Life.

Consciousness is everythingMeditation Techniques

It is necessary to understand that “Man can be an Eminent Scientist with his Intellectual Power and can do wonderful discoveries” But it is True. No discovery and research are possible without “Consciousness”. Consciousness vitalizes the “Intellect”. The man may achieve the highest success in Material Science but he cannot negate the Spiritual Truth of “Consciousness”

Meditation uncovers the illusionMeditation Techniques

The person reaches to Consciousness state through Meditation techniques described here followed by the Super consciousness State. There is the Solution to all problems in that State. In this State, the root cause of all problems comes from the palm of the Meditator, the person laughs at it and Jokes at it saying that “You had trapped me in illusion and made me the madman of Sex”. It didn’t let me understand beyond Sex. It made me laugh, cry, Egoist and unconscious. The root cause of all problems is “Illusion” and it is given the name “Avidya” by a successful Yogi. Meditation techniques in this video would help in the removal of Ignorance (Avidya). By Meditation Practice, we are blessed with Biological, Physiological and Psychological benefits. The most famous Meditation is “Kundalini Yog”.

You need to follow certain rules to be successful in Kundalini Yog but the research says, that Kundalini Energy gets activated easily if a person leads a continent and simple life by doing “Kayakalp Meditation-Sahaj Dhyan” every early morning before Sunrise. We are not talking about Kundalini Yog but talking about “Sahaj Dhyan- Kayakalp Meditation” which is a Step by Step Meditation technique and very easy to do. Kayakalp Meditation techniques lead to Super-Consciousness State. Genius Yogis have suggested consuming the “Sattvic Diet” to achieve this state.

Meditation Practice Step – oneMeditation Techniques

Practice Meditation in a Silent place. Meditation Practice is very beneficial before Sunrise and half an hour before and after Sunset. Do your morning routine and practice it on an empty stomach. First, do some “Asanas” and stretch your body, smoothen your breathing. Do any “4 to 5 Asanas” as per your choice. Sit in a mate in “Padmasan or Sukhasan Posture”. “Kambal Mate” is the best Mate. Take a long breath in and breathe out for ten minutes.

PranayamaMeditation Techniques

Do “Nadisodhan PranayamaAnulok Vilom Pranayama”. It purifies 72000 Nadis or subtle channels of the Body”. If you correctly practice Nadisodhan Pranayama” it enables the breathing process from both the nostrils and finally, it facilitates tranquillity of mind instantly. Read the Article about “Pranayama” in the Manthanhub blog.

Meditation Practice Step – two

Sit calmly with eyes half-closed & half-opened and touch your tongue to mouth palate. Dr Diamond says touching the tongue to mouth palate centralizes life energy which enables concentration easier. Concentrate between your eyebrows and observe your breath carefully. When you breathe in, just imagine that you are receiving Health-Happiness-Knowledge-Confidence. When you breathe out, count it. Breathe in and imagine positivity. Breathe in and Feel Positive energy. This out and count one. Breathe in and feel positive energy. Breathe out and count to two. Gradually you may increase the number counting to reach a hundred.

Meditation benefitsMeditation Techniques

In the practice of this Meditation, the breathing process becomes very slow and the person goes to a mild sleep state. This sleep state is different from the normal sleep state. It is known as Journey to the Subconscious Mind. With more Practice, the person goes from a subconsciousness level to a consciousness state. The person may not experience his body and he remains in a deep meditative state. With more and more Practice the person goes from a subconsciousness level to a consciousness state. This is the optimum state of “Kayakalp Meditation”. It is not possible to explain the peace & bliss experienced by Yogi. Continuous practice and patience are required to attain this state. In this state, the person feels his body to be Dead and all attachments vanish. After attaining this state, The person can carry out his normal responsibility and also maintain the bliss of Meditation.

The important point to note down

As per the Experience of Genius Yogi, the person may experience more sexual excitement between the subconscious state and the consciousness state. The person is advised not to disappoint and keep on practising, it happens because the old impression from the memory of the subconscious Mind is on the verge of extinction. Keep on Practicing these Meditation techniques but don’t put pressure on your mind to reach the super-consciousness state forcibly. Keep on Meditating and practising and you would definitely reach the state just like Genius Yogis. We wish you all the very best. Give up mental Stress, and worry, carry out your responsibility, and maintain winsome behaviour. Success unto you.

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