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Amazing benefits of Sex transmutation | 4 Tips to Sexual transmutation

Sex Energy transmutation or sex transmutation is a divine process. It is not just only a belief, but it is a science. By using this energy you can overtake the majority of the people and you will get to experience a great personality. You can become a genius person. It can bring you a new life that is far better than your previous life. Let us understand the whole process of sex energy transmutation, its benefits, its scientific aspect, how to achieve that state, and many more. Let us start with a basic understanding.

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What is Sex transmutation?

Sex is energy. In this energy semen is the fuel of sex energy. It is known as raj in women and veerya in men. The body system is built in such a manner that it uses this fluid automatically in other tasks as well. Since people are not aware of this fact and as a result, they waste this energy only on sexual activities. It is in your hands to use it for sexual pleasure or towards becoming a genius. Manthanhub is educating people about sex transmutation and brahmacharya.

If you waste this energy only on sex, then your lifespan, your health, intellectual level, physical strength, and happiness will be negatively reduced and if you protect it then your lifespan, health, intellectual level, physical strength, and happiness will increase positively. It is a happiness secret, you can live a prosperous and healthy life by transmutation of your sex energy.

What does science tell us about the power of sex transmutation?

Nowadays, this misconception about control or abstinence from sex is deep in the minds of the general public or doctors. Sex control or abstinence has been accepted as a religious superstition or lack of science.

Subsequently, the so-called pseudo-sexologists and physiologists have finally spread this notion with the intention of gaining popularity and commercial benefits. They have created fears that sex control or abstinence is not good for health, as well as harmful to the brain and nervous system. However, this is not true because science has discovered the physical value and health benefits of abstinence in the 20th century.

This report did not reach the people, the reason for this is beyond comprehension and finally, we are trying to present this discovery to you.

What are the constituents of semen?

Semen contains calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, cholesterol, albumin, nucleoprotein, iron, vitamin E., etc. A semen ejaculation produces 226 million sperm that contains large amounts of lecithin, nucleoprotein, and iron. A semen ejaculation produces 20 grams of semen which is equal to 1200 grams of blood. The element of urine has very high physiological values ​​that nourish the brain and nervous system.

A recent experiment shows that whenever semen touches the wall of a woman’s genitalia, suddenly a kind of biotic power communication over the female body system has been observed. Therefore we can assume that semen will have a much more positive effect on the human body system.

After the secretion of semen from the sex glands, the brain, and nervous system absorb it. If you waste too much semen, your brain and nervous system become weak. Whatever the reason, whether it is masturbation, sex, or dreams. When you conserve it, the brain and nervous system will get plenty of food, and eventually your physical, mental, and intellectual power will develop. Thus it also creates exceptional quality.

How do talented people have such extraordinary qualities?

Researchers read the story of talented people and found out that talented people like Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Spinoza, Newton, Kant, Beethoven, and Herbert Spencer lived sober lives. They were fully focused on their work and kept constant restraint. This shows that sex energy is released from abstinence. So it can happen that in a talented person, the ejaculation of semen happens on its own. However, by adopting certain special effects, we can eradicate sex energy.

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What are the views of experts and researchers on sex transmutation?

Let us know how experts and researchers from different fields have elaborated some interesting facts.

They are physiologists, urologists, genito-urologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, sexologists, gynaecologists, and endocrinologists, and so to name a few here such as Mole, Kratlin, Marshall, Lidston, Tamale, etc. which were related to those areas. He has expressed his views about the benefits of celibacy and stated that celibacy is not harmful at all. One can be a genius through celibacy and abstinence.

Excessive semen wastage is the root of all diseases. As a result, you may feel adverse effects as a result of semen ejaculation. Depression, loss of vitality of the body, sudden decrease in vigour and confidence, the body becomes inactive and unconsciousness for some time are the symptoms of excessive semen ejaculation.

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Consequences of sex transmutation?

Finally, experts have revealed that only a healthy person can live a moderate life while a person who has no control over sex is not completely healthy. Therefore, semen is essential for body function and the production of semen in the body is a continuous process. If a person destroys excessive semen, as a result, the material required for semen is moved from the brain and nervous system to produce semen. The result is phosphorus or lecithin released from the brain and nerve tissue resulting in a variety of brain and nervous-related diseases. So those three main diseases are explained below.

1. Neurasthenia


Neurasthenia occurs due to dysfunctioning of the Nervous system. It is because of the scarcity of necessary constituents in the Nervous Tissue. In this disease Brain, Body, or maybe the Sexual Organs may not behave in a normal way and get inactive.

Thus doctors treat this through the fulfilment of Lecithin which is also available in the Seminal fluid.

2. Epilepsy


Excessive sexual excitement leads to Vascular and Muscular excitement and the Nervous system has to function abnormally. Very quickly and compels Ejaculation of Seminal fluid.

Hence we can have a type of Epileptic attack just before Semen Ejaculation. Epilepsy is normally also a type of nervous disorder. Doctors noticed that a few people have suffered Epileptic attacks during orgasms and were found unconscious for a long time.

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3. Insanity


Due to excessive loss of Seminal fluid essential constituents of the Brain drain out. Resulting in a type of Chain reaction that increases Sexual impulse and Sexual desire. Because Body’s system has to behave in an abnormal way.

This is the reason the affected person may behave insanely permanently or temporarily. This also is the reason for Violence committed by  Sex Criminals.

Sex Energy Transmutation

Nowadays Sexuality is increasing day by day. The reason for increasing sexuality is promoting sex appeal. Through songs, Porn or adult movies, Pictures, literature, News & Magazines, TV Programs, Internet Pornography, advertisements, etc. People are being brainwashed by the above-mentioned sex appeal promotions.


We can also fructify Sex transmutation like other Genius people. But you need to understand the concept of the subconscious mind first before understanding the method of Sex energy transmutation. If you are doing a certain thing for a long time, it’s a habit stored inside your subconscious mind.

A  permanent conception of finding pleasure in Sex has been developed in Subconscious Mind. This habit always causes opposite-sex attraction. This is very natural. You have to step out with full confidence to be successful on the way to Sex transmutation.

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You have to practice very patiently. There is no other way. You have heard of a famous line “ Practice makes a man Perfect”. You will definitely become Perfect one day in your pursuit of Sex energy transmutation

Empowering subconscious mind

Do forget your previous impressions of mind and after that  Practice this method before going to bed and after waking up. Sit on the bed and repeat these words seven times in a low voice and seven times in mind.  I AM BLESSED WITH LONG LIFE… GOOD HEALTH…SEMEN POWER…WISDOM. Genius people advised that sounds have a definite effect on our minds.

Practice this method throughout life. If you continue this, Genius qualities will be stored in your subconscious mind and you will become such. It helps towards Sex energy transmutation.

Meditation before sunrise

Note down this time before sunrise when stars are visible slightly and that time you may have experienced the peace of mind.  At that time you may have witnessed positivity in your mind if you have a walk. Furthermore, you experience peace of mind because of cool and positive vibrations in the environment. Take benefit of that time by Doing this simple Meditation.

Sit on Yog Mat and deliberately feel that your Sex energy is elevating upward. Imagine dedicatedly and Try to see this in your mind. Further, sitting in that position for ten minutes after that carefully establish yourself in this thought and Finally this Meditation would surely fetch you success towards Sex Transmutation.


Sex Energy Transmutation

Sexual impulses will not be such intense after consuming a Simple -Vegetarian diet. Your body system does not have to work hard to digest food and digestion of food is very easy.  The body system indirectly helps you out towards concentrating on a particular objective and Sex Transmutation becomes easier.


It is very important for all of us to understand the benefits of sex transmutation. It is not just only a process, it must be understood by everyone and all of them need to apply this in their life. You can follow the steps we have told above and for more guided knowledge and guidance you join the courses of manthanhub.

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