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NoFap and Brahmacharya – Common Difference Between Them

NOFAP and Brahmacharya

In this article, we wish to discuss the difference between NOFAP and brahmacharya. This is important to understand because NOFAP alone may not work and you can yourself come to a fruitful conclusion once your concepts on NOFAP and Brahmacharya are clear.

This Knowledge can redirect your life and ignite your inner energy to help you lead a healthy, complete, and respectable life. This article attempts to explain the real meaning of NOFAP and Brahmacharya. Let us first understand the two terms first. NOFAP means not to FAP. FAP is an internet slang term for male masturbation. This became popular in the early 21st century when people increasingly identified the harmful effects of masturbation on both physical and mental health. Semen is a vital fluid of our body that you should not waste rather need to be preserved. We have highlighted the 20 harmful effects of masturbation in our other article.

What is NoFap?

A group of people came together and formed a community NOFAP to promote the practice of no “FAP”. Its main principle is no PMO i.e. No Porn, No Masturbation, No Orgasm. After knowing the physical and mental problems with semen loss, the people do urge not to do “PMO”. The followers of NOFAP abstain from these practices for physical and mental benefit. They have obvious advantages but with a real risk of relapse. Forcible stopping of any activity especially sexual urge may not be possible in the long run and there is a risk of relapse.

Nofap Community

What is Brahmacharya?

On the other hand, the word brahmacharya stems from two Sanskrit roots: “Brahman” is what God is called in the Vedas, and “charya”, which means ” conduct, or mode of behavior”. Brahmacharya is a concept indicating an overall lifestyle conducive to the pursuit of sacred knowledge and spiritual liberation. Brahmacharya is a means, not an end. It usually includes cleanliness, ahimsa, simple living, studies, meditation, and voluntary restraints on certain foods (eating only Sattvic food), intoxicants, and sexual behavior which is no sex. Thus, celibacy is an important part but not the only component.

It focuses on the inner power of the soul which is beyond the physical attributes. It is actually a shift of thought process from the physical to the spiritual level. Vedas also call seman as “Brahma”. This is because it has the energy to produce a new life that is energetic and powerful. This life energy when combines with the body illuminate it doing amazing things. This life energy is imperishable. we know life energy by various words as “Brahma”, “Atma”.  

Knowing Brahma is Brahmacharya

Nofap VS Brahmacharya

When somebody dies, the physical body only perishes while this life energy remains. Our great scripture “The Bhagvat Geeta” also mentions that the soul is immortal even after the death of the body. The power of semen is enormous and described in our other article. Brahmacharya is the way of living in a divine manner. Here one does not forcibly stop the thought or the act rather transmutes the sex thoughts into spiritual thoughts. The new pure thoughts give rise to a new positive way of living of which celibacy

automatically becomes an integral part. When one adopts this new way of spiritual living, apart from mental and physical health benefits alone, the person rises on spiritual grounds also. That is bliss. Rather than just concentrating on No PMO, the real self is introduced and too much emphasis on the physical body is uprooted. The knowledge that this physical body is just a culmination of 5 elements and the soul or “Atma” is the real being shifts the focus from the physical body to the life energy.


This forgotten truth is revived by meditating on the blissful soul. This is the same life energy originating from the vital fluid semen. Understanding the essence of this vital fluid is of paramount importance. Nature has created this fluid to continue the regeneration. The semen has been created powerful to give birth to a highly energetic and powerful soul. This utilization of semen to create new life is the first step towards a successful Brahmacharya life. Leading a divine lifestyle in accordance with “Brahmgyan” is the next step and if followed diligently, one moves to the last step of brahmacharya which is self-realization. Hence Nofap is purely a physically centered technique while brahmacharya is a true virtue. A number of days are important in Nofap and a specific period is targeted to be completed.

Problem with Nofap

 There is a high risk of Fap even after you achieve the target. The person definitely is more capable who does semen retention but it may not lift the mental health and rather creates a false ego of superiority instead. The number of days is not important in Brahmacharya rather the creation of pure thoughts is important throughout life. In Brahmacharya, forcible semen retention is not encouraged rather the maintenance of good health is encouraged as per nature. Pure thought is paramount in Brahmacharya because one single impure thought can break your “years” of Brahmacharya.

Pure thoughts can fill your life with the utmost strength and confidence. After purifying the thoughts, the semen start transmutation upward and for this purpose, specific spiritual practice & simple life is important. Semen preservation becomes easy after Brahmacharya sadhana. Brahmacharya is a spiritual subject beyond the limit. Brahmacharya has not observed in the fear of physical and mental weakness rather Brahmacharya is a true lifestyle. Practicing Brahmacharya is experiencing bliss and it gives real success too. Brahmacharya is not a new concept but has its roots since time immemorial. In ancient times, Brahmacharya was not much propagated because it was a natural way of living. People used to stay sacred and soul-conscious.In this iron age when people are addicted to the pleasure of sex and body, practicing brahmacharya is the need of the hour.

Why Brahmacharya?


Science is the dominant force nowadays and unless supported by evidence, people will not accept it. The physical benefits of NoFAP are easy to understand. But you can experience the soul, so the eternal bliss with Brahamcharya lifestyle. There is a need to understand the science behind the Brahmacharya step by step. Hence the readers are hereby inspired to dive deep into the real science behind brahmacharya, and not just restrict themselves to the limited scope of Nofap, redirecting your life towards the ultimate goal.

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