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Think and Grow Rich | Think and Grow Rich Summary

Napoleon Hill reveals the lives of successful people before they become rich. This book will teach you many unique concepts. You can read the example of “Anything Your Mind Can Believe and Conceive, It Can Achieve“. This quote is full of beautiful meaning. The one who can understand the meaning of this quote and applies it to his daily life will be able to achieve all he desires.

Table of Contents

You will see the clear path to success after reading Think and Grow Rich. Your mind will be clearer than ever towards your Goal. This book is for anyone who wants to start a business, or be an entrepreneur. It also applies to those who want to study or sing. Napoleon Hill wrote this book so that anyone can use its principles to succeed in any field of life.


Twelve things that make up real wealth:

  1. Positive mental attitude.
  2. Good physical health.
  3. Harmony in human relationships
  4. Freedom from fear
  5. Future success is possible.
  6. The ability to apply faith.
  7. Willingness and ability to share one’s blessings.
  8. Engaged in a labor-of-love.
  9. Open mind to all topics and all people
  10. Complete self-discipline.
  11. Wisdom to help you understand people.
  12. Financial security.

Every achievement, including all earned wealth, begins with an idea.

Chapter 1: Thoughts Are Things (Think and Grow rich Summary)

If a man truly desires something, and is willing to risk his entire life to achieve it, he will win.

If one is ready for something, it makes its appearance.

Opportunities are a sneaky habit of getting in through the backdoor, often disguised as misfortunes or temporary defeats.

A known principle can transform an intangible impulse to thought into tangible rewards.

The most common cause of failure is the tendency to quit when faced with temporary defeat.
Every man will experience some temporary failure and defeat before he achieves success in his life.
If defeat is a reality, it is best to give up. This is what most people do.
You can only achieve your greatest success if you are not defeated.

What about the man who doesn’t have the time or the desire to learn from failure? How can he turn defeat into a stepping stone for a new opportunity?

A sound idea is all that’s needed to succeed.

Riches are a quick and abundant gift that comes to you. One wonders where they’ve been hiding all those years.

Riches are a state of mind that is clear and focused on a goal.

Once you have mastered the principles and started to apply them, your financial situation will improve and everything will become an asset to your benefit.

The average person’s inability to understand the word “impossible” is one of humanity’s greatest weaknesses.

People who are success conscious will be successful. Indifferently allowing themselves to be failure conscious will lead to their own failure. This book aims to assist all those who are interested in learning how to change their mindset from failure consciousness to success consciousness.

A common weakness of many people is their tendency to judge everything and everyone based on their own perceptions and beliefs.

We mistakenly believe our limitations are sufficient to limit us.

You have the power over your thoughts. The dominating thoughts that we have in our heads become magnetized to our brains. These magnets attract the people, places, and circumstances in our lives that are compatible with our dominant thoughts.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Chapter 2: Desire (Think and Grow rich Summary)
The first step to riches, the starting point for all achievement.

To be successful, you must have a burning desire to win.

It is not possible to wish for riches.
Riches will be found in a desire for riches that is obsessive. This can be achieved by planning specific ways and means to achieve riches and supporting those plans with perseverance and a willingness to fail.

Six Steps You Can Take to Transform Desire into a Financial Equivalent

  1. You can set the amount you want in your mind.
  2. Consider what you will give back in exchange for the money.
  3. Set a date for when you will have the money you want.
  4. Make a plan to achieve your goals and get started immediately, regardless of whether you’re ready.
  5. Write down a concise and clear statement about the amount of money that you plan to acquire. Also, identify the time frame for its acquisition. Describe what you will give in return.
  6. Your written statement should be read aloud twice daily: once before you go to bed at night, and again when you wake up in the morning. You will feel the money and see it clearly as you read.

Imagine yourself as a millionaire.

You will never see the great riches of your imagination if you don’t see them in your bank account.

Luck, luck, and chance cannot allow you to accumulate money. Before they were able to accumulate great fortunes, everyone did some dreaming, planning, hoping, wishing and desiring before they got money.

If you are able to work your way into a white heat and believe that you will have it, you won’t be able to accumulate wealth in large quantities.

You will never see the great riches of your imagination if you don’t see them in your bank account.

The Power of Great Dreams

The changing world demands new ideas, new ways to do things, new leaders and new marketing methods.

For one to be successful, you must have a clear sense of purpose.

Every failure is a seed for success.

Because I ran out of options that would work, I had to succeed. -Thomas Edison

The world offers a wealth of opportunities that the dreamers of the past did not know.

How to launch your dreams from the launch pad.

The dreamer must have a burning desire to be and do. Dreams do not come from indifference, laziness or lack of ambition.
Every person who succeeds in life has a difficult start. They have to go through many heartbreaking trials before they reach the top. The moment they meet their fellow-spirituals through a crisis is often the turning point in their lives.

There is a big difference between wanting a thing and actually getting it. A person is not ready to receive a thing until they believe that they can. Believers must have a positive outlook and not only hope or wish.

It is not necessary to put more effort into your life to seek abundance and prosperity than it is to accept poverty and misery.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Chapter 3: Faith
The second step towards achieving your dreams is to visualize and believe in it. This is the second step to riches.

To be successful, you must have a burning desire to win.

Faith can be instilled or created through affirmation or repeated instructions to subconscious mind via the principle of autosuggestion.

The subconscious mind accepts and acts on any thought impulse that is repeatedly transmitted to it. The subconscious mind then converts that impulse into its physical counterpart using the most practical method.

Your subconscious mind’s action is determined by your belief or faith.

When you call upon your subconscious, behave as if the object you desire is already yours.

Positive emotions dominate a mind and make it a good place for faith. If a mind is so controlled, it may give instructions to the subconscious mind, which it will immediately accept and follow through on.

Faith is the foundation of all wealth accumulation. Faith is also the source of miracles and mysteries that cannot be explained by science. Faith is the only antidote to failure. When faith is combined with prayer, it allows one to communicate with infinite intelligence. Faith is the element that transforms ordinary thought vibrations, created by man’s finite mind, into spiritual equivalents.

Because of the dominant thoughts that he allows to dominate his mind, every man is what they are.

Mixing thoughts with emotions can create a magnet force that attracts similar or related thoughts.

Formula for Self-Confidence

  1. I am confident that I can achieve my purpose. I will continue to work towards achieving it.
  2. I am aware that the dominant thoughts in my mind will eventually become physical reality and reproduce themselves in physical action. For 30 minutes each day, I will focus my attention on the task of imagining the person I want to be. This will help me to create a clear mental picture in my head.
  3. Through the principle of autosuggestion I know that any desire I hold in my head will eventually find expression through some practical way to get it back. To that end, I will dedicate 10 minutes each day to developing self-confidence.
  4. I have clearly described my main goal in life and will continue to work until I am confident enough to achieve it.
  5. I am fully aware that wealth and position cannot last if they are not built on truth and justice. I will not engage in any transaction that does not benefit everyone who it touches. I will attract the people and forces that I want to use to my advantage. Because I am willing to serve others, others will be drawn to me. I will eradicate hatred, jealousy and selfishness by cultivating a love of all people.

Negative application of the principle o autosuggestion causes people to fall in defeat. This may be because all impulses of thought tend to cover themselves in their physical counterpart.

Your brain is home to genius! There is a secret place in your brain that holds the key to success. If awakened and put to work, it will take you to new heights you never imagined.

Riches are made from the thought. Only the person who thinks it can limit the amount. Faith is the only thing that can remove limitations.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Chapter 4: Autosuggestion (Think and Grow rich Summary)
The third step to riches is the medium that influences the subconscious mind.

To be successful, you must have a burning desire to win.

Autosuggestion can be described as the agency of control through which an individual can voluntarily feed his subconscious mind thoughts of a creative nature.

Your subconscious mind will only recognize and act upon thoughts that are well mixed with emotion, feeling, or thought. Mixing thoughts and spoken words with belief is essential. Persistence in applying these principles is the price for the ability to influence your subconscious mind.

Although the orders may have to be repeated many times, the subconscious mind accepts them in absolute faith and acts on them.

Don’t wait to have a plan. This will allow you to exchange merchandise or services for the money. Start visualizing the money you want. Expecting your subconscious mind to give you the plan or sets of plans that are necessary is unreasonable. These plans will be on your radar. When they do appear, you should immediately take action.

Consider delivering the goods or rendering the service you are offering in exchange for the money.

Chapter 5: Specialized Knowledge (Think and Grow rich Summary)
The fourth step to riches is personal experiences and observations.

There are two types of knowledge. There are two types of knowledge: one is general and the other is more specialized. It is not useful to accumulate money with general knowledge, regardless of its quantity or variety.

If knowledge is not organized and directed intelligently through concrete plans of action to attract money, it will not attract it.

Knowledge is only potential power. It can only be made to power if it is organized into clear plans of action that are directed towards a specific end.

A man who is educated is one who can use his faculties to acquire any item or its equivalent without violating other people’s rights.

Edison didn’t know much about science, but he was surrounded by people who understood the sciences. He was able to use their brains as well as his own knowledge.

Under the mastermind principle, every successful man uses other people’s knowledge and influence to his advantage.

A man who is able to find the right information when he needs it and organizes that information into concrete plans of action is an educated person.

In order to make a fortune, you will need to have a deep understanding of the product, service or profession that you are offering.

Great fortunes can only be achieved through power. Power is a result of highly-organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge.

The most valuable and cheapest form of service is the specialization. For example, take a look at the university’s payroll.

It is important to learn how to buy knowledge.

  1. Determine the type of specialized knowledge that you need and the purpose it is required.
  2. Be able to provide accurate information about reliable sources of knowledge.
    1. One’s own education and experience.
    2. Mastermind alliances offer education and experience through collaboration with other people.
    3. Universities and colleges
    4. Libraries, books, periodicals, [Google and the Internet now]
    5. Night schools and home-study schools

Knowledge must be organized and used to achieve a specific purpose through concrete plans. Knowledge is only valuable if it can be applied to a worthy cause.

In all their endeavors, successful people never stop learning new specialized knowledge about their main purpose, business, or profession.

Anybody who is willing to sacrifice a portion of his free time to study at home has the qualities that make him a leader.

If we want to control the conditions, we can rise or fall to high places.

The idea can generate a much higher income than the average lawyer, doctor, or engineer. Sound ideas are not priced at a fixed price.

The ability to help men and women sell their services in an advantageous manner is in high demand.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Chapter 6: The Imagination
The fifth step to riches is the workshop of the mind.

Two forms of imagination exist:

  1. Synthetic imagination
  2. Creativity

Synthetic Imagination

All ideas, concepts, and plans can be arranged into new combinations. This faculty is a tool that creates nothing. It works by combining the knowledge, education, and observation it receives. The inventor is the most frequent user of synthetic imagination.

The creative imagination is a natural process. As the creative faculties develop through usage, they become more alert.

Once you have transformed your desire into its physical counterpart, it is worth nothing.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

How to make practical use of imagination

Ideas are the foundation of all fortunes.
Ideas are the products of imagination.

When they are in large quantities, riches are not the result of hard work only. Riches are the result of fulfilling definite needs, which are based on definite principles and not luck or chance.

An Idea is a thought impulse that stimulates action through appeal to the imagination.

Ideas are not subject to a standard price. Each creator of ideas sets his own price.

To make money, a creator of ideas must work with a seller.

Ideas are intangible forces. They are more powerful than the brains that gave birth to them.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Chapter 7: Organized Planning
The sixth step to riches is the crystallization of your desire into action.

All that man creates and acquires starts with his desire.

How to make plans that are practical

  1. For the creation and execution of your plan for the accumulation or of money, you should join a group. The mastermind principle is used.
  2. Before you form your mastermind alliance. Consider what benefits and advantages you can offer your members in exchange for their cooperation.
  3. Meet with your mastermind group members at least two times per week. If possible, meet more often. You should not meet with your mastermind group members until you have created the plan or sets of plans that will allow for the accumulation and management of money.
  4. Keep perfect harmony between you and your mastermind group members.

These facts are important to remember:

  1. You are involved in an important undertaking. You must have flawless plans to ensure success.
  2. You should have the ability to draw on the knowledge, experience, native ability, imagination, and intelligence of others.

If your first plan does not work, you can replace it with a different plan. And if it fails, you can replace it with another plan until the plan that works.

Millions of people live in poverty and misery because they don’t have a plan to build wealth.

You can achieve nothing greater than the soundness of your plans.

This philosophy is not for everyone.

For any endeavor to achieve wealth, it is vital that you plan well.

Practically all of the great fortunes started in the form compensation for personal services and the sale of ideas.

There is a huge difference in the compensation of followers and leaders. You can decide in advance whether to be a leader, or a follower.

A man who is unable to follow a leader in an intelligent way cannot be a successful leader.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Important Factors in Leadership

  1. Unwavering courage, based on knowledge of one’s self and of one’s occupation
  2. Self-control
  3. A keen sense for justice
  4. The decisiveness of a decision
  5. Plans that are clear
  6. A habit of doing more than you are paid (going the extra mile).
  7. A pleasant personality
  8. Sympathy and understanding
  9. Mastery of detail
  10. Willingness to take full responsibility
  11. Collaboration

Principal Causes of Leadership Failure

  1. Inability to organize details
  2. Inability to render humble service
  3. Expectation to be paid for what they know instead of what they do with it
  4. Fear of competition from followers
  5. Incapability to think outside the box
  6. Selfishness
  7. Avoidance
  8. Loyalty
  9. The authority is the focus of leadership
  10. The title’s emphasis

A leader who is efficient will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of his team.

There are many opportunities in the world for leaders to emerge and a new style of leadership.

Attach a complete written statement of qualifications to a job application.

Written briefings should contain all information

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Refer to (attach letters of recommendation, if possible)
  4. Take a photo of yourself
  5. Apply for a position
  6. Describe your qualifications for this position
  7. Probationary work offer
  8. Know the business of your potential employer

How to achieve the exact job you want:

  1. Determine what type of job you desire. You might be able to create the job if it doesn’t exist.
  2. Select the company or person for which you would like to work.
  3. Consider the policies and potential advancement opportunities of your prospective employer.
  4. Analyse yourself and your abilities to determine what you have to offer. Then, plan how you can give the advantages, services, developments and ideas you are confident in delivering.
  5. Don’t worry about a job. Forget about whether there are openings. Instead, focus on what you can offer.
  6. Once you have your plan, get in touch with an experienced writer to help you put it down in a neat, detailed form.
  7. It is best to present it to an authority figure and they will take care of the rest.

Every company seeks people who can add value to their business, be it ideas, services or connections. A company can always use someone who has a clear plan of action that is in the company’s best interest.

You must follow the QQS formula to effectively market your personal services.
Excellent Salesmanship in Service: Quality + Quantity + Spirit Of Cooperation

What does this formula signify?

  1. Quality service is the practice of performing all details in relation to your position in the most efficient way possible with the goal of greater efficiency.
  2. Quality of service refers to the practice of rendering every service you can at any given time, with the goal of increasing service quality as your skill and experience improve.
  3. The spirit of service is a positive, cooperative attitude that will encourage cooperation among coworkers and associates.

This is the principle of going that extra mile. You must render more and better services than you are paid for, do it consistently, and have a positive, happy mental attitude.

There are some benefits to going the extra mile

  1. This puts the law of increasing returns in your favor.
  2. It draws one to the attention of those who are able and willing to provide opportunities.
  3. This allows you to be indispensable in many human relationships, and thus allows you to command higher than average compensation.
  4. It can lead to mental growth and physical perfection through various forms of service. This will allow one to develop greater skill and ability in the chosen profession.
  5. It protects you from losing your job, and allows you to choose your own work and conditions.
  6. This allows one to benefit from the law of comparison because most people don’t have the habit of walking the extra mile. In fact, many people don’t even walk the first mile.
  7. This leads to a more positive, pleasant, and personal outlook.
  8. As a result, it tends to develop an alert, sharp imagination. This habit keeps you constantly searching for better ways to render service.
  9. It helps to build self-reliance.
  10. It helps to increase confidence in others and your integrity.
  11. This is the only reason one can ask for a promotion or more wages.

There is no substitute for pleasing behavior.

Your capital value

If properly marketed, competent brains are a more attractive form of capital than the one required to run a business that deals in commodities.
Brains cannot be permanently lost through depressions and can’t be stolen or spent.
Money that is vital for business operations is worthless unless it is mixed with efficient minds.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

31 Reasons Why You Might Fail

You can go through the list and see which of these reasons are preventing you from success.

  1. Hereditary history that is not favorable
  2. Inability to define a purpose for life.
  3. A lack of ambition to achieve beyond mediocrity.
  4. Insufficient education.
  5. Inability to be self-discipline.
  6. You are in poor health.
  7. Unfavorable environmental influences during childhood.
  8. Procrastination.
  9. Persistence is lacking
  10. Negative personality.
  11. Inability to control the sexual urge
  12. Uncontrollable desire to get nothing in return.
  13. Inadequate power of decision.
  14. One or more of these six fundamental fears. (Listen in a later chapter).
  15. False selection of a spouse in marriage
  16. Avoid over-caution.
  17. Bad selection of associates for business.
  18. Prejudice and superstition.
  19. False selection of a profession.
  20. Inability to concentrate.
  21. An inclination to spend without discrimination.
  22. A lack of enthusiasm.
  23. Intolerance.
  24. Avoidance of excess. (Related to eating, drinking, or sexual activity).
  25. Inability to work with others.
  26. Power is not something you can acquire by your own efforts.
  27. Intentional dishonesty.
  28. Egotism, vanity.
  29. Instead of thinking, you can guess.
  30. Capital shortage
  31. This does not include any particular cause of failure you may have experienced.

Men are not paid for what they know but for what they do with that knowledge.
You must first be in control of your own behavior before you can control the conditions.

Men who succeed quickly reach their decisions and make changes very slowly if they are not already. Men who fail reach their decisions very slowly, and then change them often and quickly.

Procrastination and indecision are twin brothers.

Succession requires open-mindedness and a willingness to try new things.

Everybody wants more. But it is entirely different to have more.

Effective marketing of personal services requires an annual self-analysis.
Your yearly analysis should show a decrease of faults and an increase of virtues.
An annual analysis will reveal whether there has been any advancement and, if so how much.
This inventory can be completed by asking the following questions.

Self-Analysis Questionnaire for Personal Inventory

  1. Are I achieving the goal I set for myself this year?
  2. Did I deliver the highest quality service I could? Could I have made this better?
  3. Did I deliver the best service I could?
  4. Is my conduct harmonious and cooperative?
  5. Do I allow procrastination habits to reduce my efficiency? If so, how much?
  6. What have I done to improve my personality?
  7. Are you persistent in following through with your plans?
  8. Are my decisions made quickly and on time?
  9. Are any of these six fears affecting my efficiency?
  10. Are you either too cautious or too careful?
  11. Is my relationship with my coworkers at work pleasant or unpleasant? Is it partly or entirely my fault if it was unpleasant?
  12. Are you wasting your energy because of a lack of concentration?
  13. Are I open-minded, tolerant and open to all subjects?
  14. What has been the best way to improve my ability to provide service?
  15. Are my habits intemperate?
  16. Do I have any form of egotism, whether openly or in secret?
  17. Is my behavior toward my associates such as to have induced them respect me?
  18. Are my opinions and choices based on guesswork or accurate analysis?
  19. Are I following the practice of budgeting my time and my expenses as well as my income? These budgets have I been prudent?
  20. How much time have you devoted to an unprofitable endeavor that could have been used to your advantage?
  21. How can I re-budget and improve my habits to be more efficient in the next year?
  22. Do you believe I have been guilty of any act that was not sanctioned by my conscience?
  23. What ways have I provided more service or better service than what I was paid for?
  24. Do you think I have been unfair to anyone?
  25. Would I be happy if I was the buyer of my services for the entire year?
  26. Are I the right profession for me? If not, why not.
  27. Are you satisfied with my services? If not, why not.
  28. How do I rate my current performance on the basic principles of success?

Chapter 8: Decision (Think and Grow rich Summary)
The seventh step to riches is mastery over procrastination

People with little knowledge often try to appear to have a lot of knowledge. These people tend to talk a lot and listen very little.

When you speak in front of someone with a lot of knowledge, it is a sign of your knowledge.

True wisdom is often reflected in modesty and silence.

The courage to make decisions is a key factor in their success.

Today, 98 percent of people who work for wages are in these positions because they lack the ability to make a decision and know how to choose an employer.

Chapter 9: Persistence (Think and Grow rich Summary)
Faith is the eighth step to riches. It takes a sustained effort.

Men who are open to attracting fortunes will attract them.

Are you more concerned about money than your poverty?

People who practice persistence seem to be more resilient than those who don’t.

The first and most important step towards developing persistence is to know what you want.

Causes of persistence

  1. The absoluteness of the purpose
  2. Desire
  3. Self-reliance
  4. Plans that are clear
  5. Accurate information
  6. Collaboration
  7. Willpower
  8. Habit

Take the time to read this list and evaluate yourself against it.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

All who want to accumulate wealth must overcome their weaknesses

  1. It is difficult to clearly define what you want.
  2. Procrastination
  3. Inadvertent lack of interest in learning specialized knowledge
  4. Indecisiveness
  5. Habit of relying only on alibis, rather than creating concrete plans to solve problems
  6. Self-satisfaction
  7. Indifference
  8. Blaming others for your mistakes and accepting that unfavorable situations are inevitable is a habit
  9. The weakness of desire
  10. Willingness to give up at the first sign that something is wrong, even eagerness
  11. Inability to organize plans and place them in writing so they can be analyzed
  12. Neglecting to act on ideas or to seize opportunities when they present themselves.
  13. Be a wish instead of a willing
  14. Habit of accepting poverty in lieu of striving for riches
  15. Looking for shortcuts to riches? trying to get with no fair equivalent
  16. Fear of criticism

It is best to nurture an idea at its birth.

How to develop persistence

  1. Uncertain purpose, backed up by a burning desire to fulfill it
  2. Continuous action is a continuous expression of a clear plan.
  3. Keep your mind shut off to all discouraging and negative influences, even those of family members, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. An alliance of friends with someone or more people who encourage you to carry out your plan and purpose.

Chapter 10: The Power of the Mastermind
The driving force, the ninth step to riches.

For money accumulation success, power is vital.

Power can be described as intelligently directed and organized knowledge.

Three Major Sources of Knowledge

  1. Infinite intelligence
  2. Experience accrued
    Books and education are a way to access the accumulated knowledge of man.
  3. Research and experiment

The mastermind is a combination of knowledge and effort in a spirit harmony between two or more people to achieve a specific purpose.

How to multiply your brain power

A group of brains connected in harmony will produce more thought energy than one brain. A group of batteries can provide more energy than one battery.

A group of brains working in harmony can create more energy than a single brain.

Chapter 11: The Mysterious of Sex TransmutationThe tenth and final step to riches. (Think and Grow rich Summary)

Transmute is the transformation or transfer of one type of energy into another.

The positive potentialities of sex emotion

  1. The perpetuation and advancement of humanity
  2. Maintaining your health
  3. Transmutation is the process of turning mediocrity into genius.

Transmutation of sex refers to the switch of thoughts from thoughts of physical expression towards thoughts of another nature.

The stimulations that stimulate the human mind can be keyed up to very high vibration rates, such as enthusiasm, creative imagination and intense desire, may trigger the brain to respond.

The stimuli to the most free and spontaneous response of the mind are

  1. Sex expression is what you want
  2. Love
  3. A burning desire to be famous, powerful, or gain financial wealth (money).
  4. Music
  5. Friendship between the same sex or the opposite sex
  6. A mastermind alliance is a group of people who work together to achieve spiritual or temporal progress.
  7. Persecuted people may experience mutual suffering.
  8. Autosuggestion
  9. Fear
  10. Alcohol and narcotics

These stimuli can be used to stimulate the brain in eight ways. Two of them are harmful.

A genius is someone who can increase his thought intensity to the point that he can communicate freely with knowledge sources not accessible at the normal rate of thought.

A person who thinks may want to ask questions about this definition of genius.

  1. How can one connect with knowledge sources that aren’t accessible through the ordinary speed of vibration of thought?
  2. Is there knowledge available that is only accessible to geniuses? If so, what are the sources and how can they be reached?

Most people will never use the faculty of creative imagination in their entire lives. If they do, it is usually accidental. The faculty of creative imagination is used by a small percentage of people with deliberate thought and purpose of forethought.
This faculty is only available to those who are willing to use it and have a good understanding of its functions.

The direct link between man’s finite mind and Infinite Intelligence is the faculty of creative imagination.

One or more of these sources can spark ideas or concepts in your mind:

  1. Infinite Intelligence
  2. The subconscious mind is the place where all sense impressions and thoughts that have ever reached the brain through any one of the five senses are stored.
  3. The thought or image is released by another person, who is conscious of it.
  4. The subconscious of the other person. There are no known other sources of “inspired” ideas and “hunches.

Brain activity can be stimulated using one or more of the ten mind-stimulants. This allows the person to see far beyond the ordinary horizon and allows him to imagine distance, scope and quality of thoughts that are not possible on the lower plane.

The creative faculties becomes more open to vibrations and more receptive.
This faculty can be used outside of the subconscious mind. Only through practice can this faculty be developed and cultivated.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Scientists are called “genius” because they organize and combine the knowledge or principles that have been acquired through experience through the synthetic faculty (the reasoning facult). He can then draw on the knowledge he has accumulated through experience to complete his invention. Each person will have a different method, but the essence of his process is the same.

  1. He stimulates his brain so that it vibrates at a higher level than the average. He uses one or more of the ten stimulants or another stimulant.
  2. He focuses on the finished parts of his invention and makes a picture in his mind of unknown elements (the unfinished portion). This picture is kept in his mind until the subconscious mind takes control. Then he relaxes and waits for his answer.

The majority of men do not become geniuses because of their sexy desires. They are reduced to the level of lower animals by misusing this powerful force.

Why men rarely succeed before forty

Men who achieve great success rarely reach their peak at forty-five, and they often do not hit their true pace until well past fifty.

Most men who achieve success don’t begin before they are forty-five. This is due to their tendency to lose their energy through excessive sex.

Mind stimulant refers to any influence that will temporarily or permanently affect your mind.
Increase the vibrations of your thought.

This vital force, known as personal magnetism/sex power, can be harnessed through cultivation and understanding and may be used to great effect in relationships. You can communicate this energy to others using the following media:

  1. The hand-shake The hand-shake indicates the presence or absence of magnetism.
  2. Tone of voice
  3. The body’s posture and how it is carried. Highly sexed individuals move quickly and with grace and ease.
  4. The vibrations that are associated with thought.
  5. Body adornment. High-sexed people are often very concerned about their appearance. They choose clothing that suits their personality, skin tone, and physique.

Rarely does a person start a highly creative endeavor in any area of endeavor before age forty. Between forty and sixty, the average person reaches his maximum creative potential.
The most fruitful years are generally between 40 and 50. This is a time when a man should not approach it with fear or trembling but with hope and eager anticipation.

Although sex is an overwhelming urge to act, it can be a powerful impulse that is uncontrollable. The result of the emotional mix of love and sex is calmness, poise, accuracy of judgement, and balance.

Chapter 12: The Subconscious mind
The eleventh step to riches, the connecting link.

The subconscious mind taps into the infinite intelligence forces to transform one’s wishes into physical reality.

If you don’t master your negative thoughts and feed your mind with more desirable food, they will serve as stimuli for your subconscious mind.

We don’t need more facts, knowledge, or education. We need to make better use of what we have.

This chapter lists the major positive and adverse emotions.

Negative and positive emotions can’t be inseparable. Either one must prevail. Your responsibility is to ensure that positive emotions dominate your thoughts. Develop the habit of using and expressing positive emotions. They will eventually take over your mind and make it impossible to think of negative things.

Chapter 13: The Brain (Think and Grow rich Summary)
The twelfth step to riches is a broadcasting and receiving station for thought.

You attract what you vibrate. How you use your brain determines what vibrational thought energy is being transmitted. You are what you think. To attract the frequency of thought that you desire, you must be in harmony with your vibration.

Napoleon Hill calls the brain Your broadcasting and receiving station. Three principles are used to control the transmitter and receiver.

  1. Subconscious mind
  2. Creative Imagination
  3. Autosuggestion

These precepts can be combined with faith, intention and positive emotion. Only then can you start to create the results that you want.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

Chapter 14: The Sixth Sense
The thirteenth step to riches, the door to the temple for wisdom

In his imagination, the author created a mastermind group with experts from the past like Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin. He imagined asking them for their advice and seeing how they responded.

Chapter 15: Six Ghosts of Fear (Think and Grow rich Summary)

Indecision, doubt and fear are the three enemies you need to eliminate. If you have any negative emotions, your sixth sense won’t work.

These are the six fundamental fears:

  1. Fear of poverty
  2. Fear of criticism
  3. Fear of ill-health
  4. Fear of losing someone you love
  5. Fear of old age
  6. Fear of death

Determine what kind of riches you want and how much you will need to get it. The road to riches is known. A road map has been provided to you that will guide you along the way. You are responsible for not starting or stopping before you reach your destination.

Fear of poverty is without doubt the most dangerous of the six basic fears.

Fear of poverty symptoms:

  • Indifference is a lack of ambition, willingness to accept poverty, acceptance of any compensation life may offer, mental and physical laziness, lack of imagination, enthusiasm, and self-control.
  • Indecisiveness
  • Doubt
  • Be Worried
  • Over-caution
  • Procrastination
  • Instead of requesting riches, expect poverty

Fear of Criticism

Employers who are sensitive to human nature will get the best out of men. This is not done by critiquing them, but rather by offering constructive suggestions. The same can be said for parents with children. While criticism can instill fear or resentment in the human heart, it won’t build love or affection.

Fear of criticism symptoms:

  • Self-consciousness
  • Insufficient poise
  • Personality (Lacking the ability to make a decision and personal charm. Avoidance of confronting issues directly.
  • Complex of inferiority
  • Extravagance
  • Inaction
  • Insistency is lacking

The result of negative or destructive words spoken by a person is almost certain to be heard in the form of a “kickback.”

The person who has thoughts that are destructive must first be damaged by the loss of their creative imagination.

Second, any negative emotion in the mind can create a negative personality that repels people and sometimes turns them into antagonists.

Negative thoughts can also cause damage to other people. They embed themselves in the subconscious mind and become part of the person’s character.

(Think and Grow rich Summary)

The Seventh Basic Evil

The seventh fundamental evil is susceptibility to negative influences.

The wealthiest men always have a plan to protect themselves from this evil. The poor do not have this luxury.

Recognize the fact that your subconscious mind can be manipulated to your disadvantage, so keep your eyes open for people who might depress you or discourage you.

This chapter ends with a list of self analysis questions.

You may feel that you can’t control your mind and you won’t be able to control anything else.

Famous Alibis

One thing unites people who fail to succeed is one trait. They are able to identify all the causes of failure and can use their airtight excuses to explain why they haven’t succeeded.

This section lists 57 excuses and alibis that people use to justify a lack in achievement.

To conquer oneself is the first and greatest victory. Self-conquering is the worst and most shameful of all actions.

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