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What’s Parents’ Worship Day and why it’s celebrated on Valentine’s Day in India

Parents’ Worship Day also known as “Matr-Pitr Poojan Divas” was started by Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu in 2007 instead of Valentine’s Day. Thus, Parents’ Worship Day is celebrated on February 14 every year, devoted to one’s parents as a token of gratitude, respect, love & care towards them.

This was started to bring a social awakening in every home and heart to celebrate true love and true valentine in its purest form, the love for parents. Parents’ deification day is the festivity of the bond between the parents and the child.

We do encourage to celebrate the day of love (Valentine’s Day), but in a pure, true, and selfless spirit, which can be experienced in its purest form in a parent-child relationship only. However, it will only lead to their downfall, If youthful boys and girls meet for pleasure.

The idea is to spark the significance of high moral values our Indian heritage holds in our generations for ages. Parents Worship Day is because to strengthen family bonding and being thankful to our parents for everything they have done for us selflessly, setting before us an example of true and pure love.

Parent’s Worship Day: How to celebrate (With Steps)

  1. Make your Parents comfortably seated.
  2. Apply Tilak in the center of their forehead and offer flowers.
  3. Express to them your respect and love.
  4. Worship your parents and wish for their long and happy life.
  5. Receive blessings from your parents and wish them “Happy Parents Worship Day”

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Why is Parent’s Worship Day celebrated on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the festival of love, affection, respect, and gratitude towards the person you admire and love. There is no bigger and purest love relationship than that of a parent and a child. To celebrate true love and true valentine in its selfless form, Parent’s Worship Day is celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

Parent’s Worship Day infuses the positive spirit of serving parents in the heart of the child. The celebration is a commemoration of the worship of the father, Lord Shiva, and mother, Maa Parvati performed by a little child, Ganapati.

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