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Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days

We recommend Brain Rewire Therapy to Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days followed by spiritual transformation, conscious evolution, and living the life you desire. Are you ever discouraged by the fact that you don’t live up to your full potential spiritually? Do you feel like you’re a listener but not a doer of the Word? Your old ways will prevail. You are not the only one who feels this way. 

Since time immemorial, man has struggled with dual natures. You can rewire the brain to improve your mind. You have the option to activate all of humanity’s best qualities, rewire your brain sexually and bring down undesirable aspects. We wouldn’t have been able to do this if it weren’t for the spiritual masters.

This is something we know, but we feel powerless to make changes for ourselves or anyone else. Sometimes we get so excited about making a change, but then give up or become frustrated when it becomes difficult to make a difference in our lives or the world.

Through this brain rewire therapy, It is possible to make changes. Neuroplasticity science proves that our thoughts, actions and feelings can be controlled. Individuals and societies can develop. The Eightfold Path of Buddha or Paul’s call to cultivate the Spirit’s fruits are examples of ancient wisdom. Modern brain science shows us how to make change happen in the most effective ways and Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days.

If you don’t want to continue creating your life by default if you don’t want to contribute to the destruction of the environment or the suffering of other creatures, and if you want to be a powerful creator of yourself and your world, then you should read on. It is easy to become conscious of your spiritual evolution and make a difference in the world. It takes courage, commitment, and time to rewire the brain. But it is possible. It is worth it. The world and all of our fellow creatures are also worth it.

The War for Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days

In the neural trenches within your brain, there is an ongoing battle. It is a war between the self-serving egoic ways of the world, and spirituality, which focuses on non-violence and compassion, the sanctity and unity of all life.

We are deprived of our well-being and contentment by the army of cultural programming and bad habits taught to us by people who distract and plead us with pleasures and distractions. We have more than ever before and we are not happier than ever. Many feel helpless and depressed, feeling as though their lives are meaningless. So it is essential to rewire the anxious brain.

There is still hope. Although the spiritual path is difficult, it can be very rewarding. Through the ages, spiritual masters have encouraged humanity to submit (not eliminate, big change) their brutish Homo sapiens nature, and become devoted beings who live in unity, compassion and joy. They walked the path and showed their followers how to follow in their footsteps.

Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days is now our ally in the quest for conscious evolution and spiritual transformation. In the fight to rewire the brain and improve the quality of our lives, science and spirituality are a winning combination. They show us how to make this lifetime-long process of renewing our minds and becoming enlightened, fulfilled people possible.

The Willingness and Desire to Change

rewire your brain to be happy in 21 days

Before you can start to rewire your brain for real change, there are a few things that must occur. It is essential to first understand what belief you wish to adopt and why you should do so. We all understand reality in the way that we have been raised and conditioned by our culture. These worldviews are accepted as truth and we may not be able to see another way.

Second, you must be certain that the change in beliefs is right and not what you believe. Many of us have a hard time accepting new truths, and even more difficult to change our behaviour and beliefs. Some people would rather die than make changes.

Changing one’s habits and beliefs to follow the teachings of spiritual masters is challenging. Although the brain is wired to adapt and change, it doesn’t like it. It sends you anxiety and fear warning signals to make it difficult. Even if you believe that conscious evolution and spiritual transformation are in the best interests of your brain, this is still true. Accept fear, but keep going because the upgrade is worthwhile.

Learning and Habits: What Role Does Learning Play?

Learning and automating skills and habits is key to shaping your brain.

Scientists have confirmed that the brain is “soft-wired by experience”. (Arden 2010, 2010). It can create new connections and neurons at any age, as a result of new experiences. Neurons can become wired together when they fire together. The brain’s visual and auditory synapses link up when we see or hear barking dogs. The sound of barking is associated with the “dog” creature.

When you first practice a new skill you will need to focus and move slowly. Your brain creates new neural connections and muscle memory. It is possible to feel anxious or unsure about your abilities. You can feel anxious and less confident if you do the same thing over and over again. It gives you confidence in your ability and knowledge. If you practice the action enough, it becomes automatic. It doesn’t take much to forget what your brain and body already know how to do.

Repeating is the best way to instil a new pattern into your life. Repeating the same thought or behaviour over and again can help you learn new mental habits. Research suggests that it takes at least 21 days to achieve the same strength in an old thought or habit, and at most 60 days for the new one to become automatic.

Habits become automatic and you don’t even think about it. Habits are what define us and how we live life. William James, one the most influential psychiatrists of the 19th Century, wrote that “our lives are just a mass of habits.”

All of your actions, no matter how frequent or irregular, or how often or excessively, fall under the umbrella of habits. Habits can create thoughts and physical sensations that cause you to think and act in a certain way, even if you choose to do something else. To change old habits and make new ones, takes knowledge and determination.

Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days: 5 Steps to Condition Your Neuro-circuits For a Spiritual and Mental Upgrade

Science and spiritual guidance can help you upgrade your neural networks to live a more spiritually connected life. There is a strong connection between spiritual practice, brain malleability, and habits.

You can look at options and decide which habits to keep or to change, regardless of your age. You can rewire your brain to joy, right living, or benevolence using the technology of science and wisdom from sacred teachings.

You can choose to keep the circuits that were installed automatically or create new neural networks that are compatible with a spiritual path.

Although it is possible to change your habits of thought, word and deed, without any spiritual component, the process can be more difficult without this extra guidance. 

Stories about Masters who lived the faith in many different circumstances show how to think and live. You will be moved by the Spirit in your heart and mind. You must also do your part. 

To change bad habits that hinder your conscious evolution and the common good takes discipline. To form new habits that are compatible with higher purposes, dedication and consistent practice are required.

Your chances of success are higher if you have your brain and nervous systems as your ally in your endeavours.

It is not your fault if you are having trouble upgrading your neural networks to allow for change. The amygdala, a part of your brain, sends warning signals to you when you attempt to move beyond the familiar routines and status quo. 

Your body sensations and thoughts will tell you to stay away from the situation once the signal has been sent. This is not self-sabotage. It is an ancient survival mechanism that keeps you from taking dangerous risks.

The problem is everything new, even completely safe activities, registers as a risk. While willpower may allow you to override the stop measures for a while but once you are exhausted, it is easy not to surrender to these new behaviours and to go back to your old habits.

This can be corrected by strengthening the ability of the frontal brain lobes to reduce panic responses. 

Psychologists believe that the disciplines of goal setting, visualization, positive self-talk, and arousal control can increase your brain’s ability to Brain rewire by upgrading your mental and spiritual circuits. Then, you take action.

Set goals.

Set goals

While different faiths and maturity levels may have different goals, their spiritual practices are designed to foster the same virtues.

Buddhism encourages followers to be more sensitive to suffering so that they can feel a need to alleviate it and achieve liberation. 

They are encouraged to practice the Noble Eightfold Path virtues, which include the right thoughts, views and actions. The Bible exhorts believers to abandon the ways of the flesh to show the fruits of God: love, peace and kindness, self-control, and compassion.

People of faith, regardless of their faith, are urged to not cause any intentional harm to others and to act out of love and devotion for the Divine. These are our ultimate goals on Earth.

You can be practical by setting a series of intermediate goals to help you move along the path. As well as goals that require actions, set goals that rewire brain circuits. 

You should set goals that you can achieve, not those that you feel you have to. Your chances of success are slim, and you won’t be happy. 

If you decide to change a habit, you are far more likely than others to succeed. Identify the traits that you would like to improve in the future. Imagine what this looks and feels like. 

As you go along this path, be open to changing and improving your ideas.

You might, for example, decide to put an end to criticisms and harsh words and instead speak your truth calmly. You may also set a goal to stop violent thoughts from coming out of your brain.

 This means that you will stop criticizing, insulting, being judgmental and shameful, as well as keeping track of wrongs.

Use Visualization to Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days

The Power of Visualizing is Proven - Manthanhub

Your brain will take what you see and create a picture with your mind’s eyes. Visualizations that are based on emotion can be accepted by the brain as real. These visualization exercises can help you improve your brain Rewire’s ability to accept images that are based on emotion as reality.

  • Identify your ego acting out. Point a finger at anyone who displays traits that you don’t like. Three fingers pointed in your direction indicate that you are looking for hidden talents within yourself. Be strong and unwavering. Your transformation may be preceded by a night of your soul. You must let go of the old you, just like a caterpillar in the chrysalis. Only then can you become the authentic you.
  • You can see yourself as free from irrational fears and selfishness. How does this feel? Try one idea at a while. Don’t expect your ego or ego to assist you in this endeavour. Spirit will illuminate the path in your heart and soul.
  • Look for the Divine in others and yourself. Imagine a world where we live in love with all of Creation. Think about the natural world around you. Feel the deep love God feels for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Its beauty, perfection, and wonder are all things to be admired. See the Spirit in you through your eyes. The sacred web of all things is one. Visualize with as many senses and as many eyes as possible. This makes it more real and allows you to build new networks.
  • Meditation on the virtues of compassion. Take a walk in the shoes and paws of someone else. Because we are created in the image and likeness of God, compassion is part of us. Reflect on the compassion Buddha, Mahavira and Muhammad showed beings of all types. Your mind can create scenes. Each scene can be viewed and listened to as a movie. It’s there. Feel it. As an ally, you can place yourself in their shoes. Imagine “the Compassionate one” and consider how humanity, created in the image and likeness of God, can exemplify this compassion on Earth.
  • You can watch and listen to videos, audio, and movies that reinforce the programs you wish to embed in your brain. You should watch programs that highlight the beauty and wonder of the Earth’s animal kingdom, as well as the generosity of people to help others. Limit your exposure to conversations and other activities that reinforce the cultural programming that you are trying to change. It is easy to let your efforts to change overwhelm you, especially early in life.

Positive self-talk is important to Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days

Your brain can hear what you say or think. This ability can help you reach your goals.

  • Encourage yourself. Cheer yourself on. Recognize yourself loudly when you take action to show compassion and love. Your brain will appreciate you for acting on your inspiration to show love and compassion. You can do it. The Divine is always with you.
  • Tell the truth to others and yourself. Recognize and record the truth on paper. This will help you to remove the neural nets that are not serving you. Your brain will be primed by daily affirming and sensing the truth. This will help you to untrain your limiting beliefs and reprogram your brain for a life of freedom. Trust, confidence, and fortitude are built by walking in truth and righteousness. For the insight you need to accurately perceive a situation, pray out loud. Ask for wisdom to help you apply the knowledge to your own life and to serve others.
  • You can read passages aloud to support your goals. These passages should be committed to memory.
  • Recognize to yourself and others that if you truly cared about the Earth and all of its inhabitants with respect and compassion, then you wouldn’t allow the environment to be degraded. Assert that you are doing your part in making the world a better place.
  • Expand your understanding of “neighbour” Through the Spirit in you, speak the names of all your “neighbours” – the races, religious affiliations, species of animals, plants, and animals that live on land, sea, or sky. As you speak these names, let your soul soar and open up.
  • Pray compassion prayers and meditations for healing yourself, others, your fellow beings, and the planet. Pray with intention and aloud. This will improve your neural circuits, and foster empathy and compassion in you.
  • Do not let yourself be resentful if you fail to act in compassion for someone or intentionally harm them with words or actions. Recognize it, forgive yourself, and, if you can ask for forgiveness from the injured party. Do whatever it takes to fix the situation. Encourage yourself by using positive words. Remember that your true self is wired to love, compassion, non-violence and love for all.

You can practice arousal control.

The brain is constantly on alert for changes, even just the thought of them. Your body is flooded with chemicals that can make you anxious and stressed.

 It creates thoughts that accompany these feelings. These thoughts include rationalizations and excuses for why you shouldn’t do the new thing or why you should keep doing the old thing. 

This stress response or arousal can prevent you from reaching your conscious evolution goals.

  • Take deep, belly-breathing inhales and close your eyes. Breathe in through the nose, then exhale through your mouth. Be aware of the sensations and sounds of the breath moving in and out of your body. Do this twice more. This is only one way to control anxious feelings.
  • Live righteously. Avoid lying and wrongdoing to have less anxiety.
  • Pray, meditate, and contemplate. Keep a few sacred verses in your memory to help you feel safe and protected. Mentally practice your new way of being. Visualize yourself doing the actions that you want. When you visualize with emotion, your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagery. Feel it, visualize it, and then use your body to get involved.
  • Start small. Start small. If the idea of volunteering three days per week at a shelter overwhelms you, you can always start by volunteering one day. You can visualize yourself volunteering one day per week, and you will soon feel comfortable with this idea. Make an appointment to visit. Visit the facility to learn more about volunteer opportunities. This will make your brain feel more at ease.
  • You can connect with other people who are interested in the same work you are doing. Safety is found in numbers. Find out what they do and how. You can accompany them and observe. This adventure or short-term commitment should be viewed as an experiment and not a full-time commitment.
  • To release muscle tension fast, shake it off or engage in vigorous activity. Relieve mental tension with a few minutes of belly laughter or an out-loud accounting of the many things you are grateful for.
  • Learn more tips and techniques for managing stress naturally.

Consistent action is required to Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days

These practices will prepare your spiritual and mental circuits for an upgrade. However, your character won’t change if you don’t put love and compassion into practice.

Repetition is the key to learning new behavioural and mental habits. To increase your spiritual growth and spiritual transformation, make the following disciplines part of your spiritual practice. 

These new thoughts should become a part of your daily life. You’re not being hypocritical. Instead, you are changing the brain’s habits to encourage new thoughts and behaviour. Like any skill, it takes practice and training.

  • Do not let your old habits and pressures from others get in your way.
  • Your life should be lived as a prayer. You are responsible for each word and every deed. Pay attention to how you treat yourself and others. Every day, find ways to treat yourself with unconditional love and kindness. This will feel unnatural at first. It will eventually become part of who you are. Do the same thing for others. It is easy to begin by being aware of the opportunities for simple, random acts of kindness. Instead of focusing on negative words, encourage yourself. A kind word can brighten the day of a sales clerk; gently placing a suffering insect back on the ground, after it has been washed onto the pavement by heavy rains can save a life. You will find the still, small voice of Spirit throughout your day if you keep doing this.
  • You can start a spiritual practice by asking yourself every day: “How will this sacred day never again come to me?” Don’t delay in heeding the inspiration you get. Even if it takes only a few minutes, be proud of your actions. This is a grand experiment. Have fun. This new way of being will change your outlook and how you feel. You will notice a shift in your ability to hear the still, small voice within. This practice can be continued daily.
Rewire you brain to be happy in 21 days
Rewire Your Brain To Be Happy In 21 Days

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