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Om sounds simple but has a complex meaning. It’s the entire universe merged into one word. This is what is at the core of yoga.

What is ‘OM’?

Om, a Sanskrit term and an ancient mantra used in Hinduism and Buddhism practices, is often chanted three times. You can also spell it “aum”.

The Power of ‘OM’

What is the meaning of OM? – How much do you know about OM?

If you’ve been practising yoga for any length of time, you will be familiar with the sound of OM. OM is a seed mantra or a one-syllable chant that is often chanted at the class’s beginning and end. OM, a Sanskrit mantra that is both vibrational and sound, maybe the most iconic. It is believed to be the sound that created the universe. One ancient text says that “this whole world” is nothing but OM. OM is the symbol for the highest vibration and purest energy, which connects all things in existence.

Repeated chanting OM (also known as mantra Japa) allows you to hear and think about its sound. However, when you keep repeating the mantra you become one with it. This creates a feeling of being at one with yourself, the universe, God, or any higher power. The mind is made present by chanting OM.

The mantra is often written as OM but it is better to write it as A-U–M. This is because the sound of “o”, when combined with the sound of AU, is what makes the sound of “o”. It is more like ah-oh–mmm. The letter A is the state of consciousness, or waking state. It is where we start. U represents the dreaming state through which we all pass. M is the inner mind, accessible only for a few moments. It is important to note that the silence between each OM can be as powerful as the sound. The Maitri Upanishad describes it as “tranquillity, soundless fearless, sorrowless blissful, satisfied and satisfied” and says, “tranquillity, soundless, fearless. These are the moments where life’s beauty truly sinks in.

The breath is the driving force behind OM chanting. Your inhalation should be deep and complete so your mantra has strength and length. Remember to pay attention to the pause in between each OM. Feel each sound and the space between them. Feel the vibration around you. The sound of the sound creates a connection. OM.

The Om Symbol

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The unofficial symbol of yoga is the om symbol. It can be seen on mats, T-shirts and even tattooed on the bodies of some yoga teachers.

It is so common in yoga circles that you forget its importance beyond expressing your love for yoga. Although the origin of this symbol is unknown, it is believed that its three curves represent three states or consciousnesses: and.

  • The state of wakefulness
  • The dream state
  • Deep sleep

The om signifies the fourth state, which is somewhere in between the three previous states.

Some suggest that the om symbol may also have three curves representing other representations such as the three worlds (earth and atmosphere), the three major Hindu gods (Brahma Vishnu, Siva) or the three sacred Vedic scriptures Rig, Yajur, and Sama.

Benefits of Chanting ‘OM’

Om is more than a sound. It’s a wave that flows through the universe. Om, or Aum, is a powerful sound found within us. It is sacred and helps our body and mind to be energized. The sacred sound of Om is revered in Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism. It is known as the first sound in the universe. According to Hindu sculptures, Om is the link between all living things and nature. Om can be chanted silently or loudly. Chanting Om has many benefits. You can read the following to learn more about all the benefits of Om chanting:

Great for the stomach

For your stomach health, chanting Om can be beneficial. Research suggests that Om chanting on a regular basis can relax your stomach muscles. Chanting Om can be used to relieve stomach pain.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Stress is in your head, and Om can help you release it. Recite It purifies your environment and produces positive energy. This makes you feel happier and less stressed. It allows you to concentrate and focus on only one thing at a given time.

Calms Your Mind

Om is an excellent tool to manifest positive things in your daily life. Chanting Om can calm your mind and bring positive energy into your life. Chanting Om on a regular basis can help you control your anger.

Other Benefits of Chanting ‘OM’

Chanting Om can help improve your immune system and self-healing ability. You can avoid many diseases by having a strong immune system. Sinus problems can be relieved by chanting Om. Chanting Om can help clear your sinuses. Cardiovascular benefits can also be derived from chanting Om. It helps reduce stress and relax your body.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is om, in Hinduism?

Om , also known as the “original vibration” of the universe in Hinduism or the vibration that all other vibrations originate from, is Om . It is the foundational sound for creation in Hindu scripture.

What is om?

om in Buddhism is “the syllable that preceded the universe and was from which the gods were made.” “Om” is often the first sound or word in many of Buddhism’s most important mantras.

Why do we chant “Om” 3 times?

Om can be chanted three times at the end and beginning of yoga classes. However, the reasons for this vary. Some believe that this is a sign of peace in all three dimensions (physically, mentally, and spiritual), while others claim that it is to concentrate on three Granthis which are knots in one’s body that can hinder one from reaching greater awareness. 

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