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Yoga : How Can you Transform your Body Mind and Soul

Yoga is one the oldest forms of art in the world. Most people think yogic practice is an exercise – and it is – but it’s also so much more. It’s a way to completely transform your body, mind and soul.

A few minutes of daily practice can help you relax and stretch your muscles. Practice regularly, yoga can be a powerful way to tackle daily stress and relieve anxiety. It can also transform your body by strengthening muscles and improving joint mobility.

Although yoga is often thought of as a way to improve your fitness, it is actually a whole life philosophy that was developed in India more than 5,000 years back. 

Yoga, which means “to unify”, refers to the union of mind, body and spirit through meditation, physical postures and breathing. 

These postures are also known as asana. These postures were created to enhance health and strengthen the body in preparation for meditation. Modern yogic practice may use the postures for any or all of these purposes.

What is Yoga ?

In the traditional, if we add the word “Yoga”, it means that the path is complete. While we say Hatha Yoga, we won’t say asana Yoga. They will say anything if you are from the United States!

How should you approach it if it is a complete journey by itself? You could approach it in one way if it were a simple exercise or practice. It could also be approached in a different way if it were an art form, or entertainment. 

These words are commonly used in today’s society. It is often called “recreational Yoga”, “health Yoga” or “art form”. They believe they are offering a service to Yoga when they refer to it that way. 

No. No. The root meaning of “Yoga” is “that which brings about reality.” Literally, it is “union.” Union refers to the reality where all manifestations of life are just surface bubbles created in the process.

A mango tree and a coconut tree are both growing from the same Earth right now. The human body, as well as many other creatures, have all sprung up from the same earth. It’s all one earth. 

Yoga is a way to experience the ultimate nature and beauty of existence.

Yoga refers to union not as an idea, a philosophy or as a concept that you imbibe. It may be a social idea that you can vouch for the commonness in the universe.

However, it doesn’t serve any other purpose. It doesn’t even have to come down to money. As you will see, you and I are one. If you think that everything is one, it can actually cause damage to the individual. 

People make all sorts of stupid things because they believe everyone is one. Then, someone teaches them a lesson, and they realize, “This is me, this is you.” It is impossible to be one. It will give rise to a life of great experience. Individuality is a concept. 

Universality is not an ideal, but a reality. Yoga is a way to bury all of your ideas.

Yoga Poses Which will Unite Your Mind, Body and Soul

Padmasana – Lotus Pose

Padmasana | Lotus Position | Manthanhub
Credit :- Artofliving

The lotus flower, a symbol of purity in the ancient Asian traditions, is often used to represent the “spontaneous generation” and divine birth. 

The lotus flower is on a journey, starting from its roots in the muddy water, and then rising up to become the beautiful flower that we all know it to be. It symbolizes the perfection of a human being.

She is not only with her body (or “roots”) in the world (like those of the lotus in mud of the lake), but her mind dwells in the Divine, like the lotus blossoming above the water’s surface. 

The lotus flowers symbolize total detachment when the lotus pose has been perfected. Droplets of water will not stick to the lotus petals if they are splashed onto them. The yogi, despite being “drenched” in water from the world, will not be attached to any object.

The Lotus Pose is the regular seated meditation posture yogis assume for meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises). Breathing is a vital aspect of the human body that can energize and purify it. Deep, slow breathing is a great way to energize and purify our bodies. Yoga practice helps us tune into our self, allowing us to discover our true nature and exquisite potential.

Viirabhadrasana – Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose (Veerabhadrasana or Virabhadrasana)

According to Yogic philosophy, self-ignorance is one of the greatest enemies. Infidelities or not being fully aware of your own self can lead to extreme suffering for you and others. 

The Warrior position allows you to embrace the idea of courage and bravery to confront your inner demons, ego and ignorance.

All three Warrior poses are characterized by extended legs that press into the ground, extended arms, and an engaged core. 

The Warrior pose helps you develop your physical strength and spiritual readiness to face the inner battles of the mind and heart.

Balasana-Child’s Pose

Child Pose

Although it may seem like a simple pose, there are many more aspects to this child’s pose. This pose requires you to kneel on the ground, with your legs folded underneath and your torso on the ground.

Your arms are either at your sides or extended forward, with your palms on the floor. This pose reflects and strengthens your connection with the childlike attitude that surrenders.

This exercise is designed to help you relax and not do anything. It’s especially helpful if your mind is tense, high-strung, or stressed. 

This position is about creating a calm and peaceful environment that allows the spirit to relax and take care of itself without external pressures. This posture emphasizes proper breathing, which strengthens the connection between body and mind.

It also helps to relax fully by allowing you to be calmer. This allows you to have some time alone for your mind, body, and heart to connect, which leads to a deep sense of wholeness.

Vrkshasana- Tree Pose

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

The Tree Pose, a popular yoga asana, is designed to balance the body. Balance is not achieved in a straight line, but rather in a manner that resembles a tree. 

While your foot remains firmly planted in the ground, your body can move in a gentle and almost imperceptible way. Balance and being rooted allow you to accept your body’s temporary, but firm, position in the world.

Shavasana – Corpse Pose

Corpse pose

Shavasana, also known as the “Corpse pose,” is the final part of most yoga sessions. It’s a relaxing position that you do while lying down on your back, with your eyes closed, and your arms extended along your body. To be able to relax and indulge in your inner self, this asana requires that your body be totally still.

The spiritual side of the posture encourages surrender. It is an act of recognizing that stillness and tranquility can bring peace and satisfaction. 

The yogic view of death is the culmination of one’s life. This makes it extremely important for everyone. This position mimics death and helps you prepare to face the inevitable. 

To prepare you, know that death is a state where one can relax completely. It’s like being in touch with your own self.

There are three types of relaxation: physical relaxation when the body is relaxed and muscles are still; mental relaxation when thoughts and emotions are absent and lastly spiritual relaxation when the mind melds with the inner spiritual Self.

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