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How to get 360 health and wellness | 10 best ways to boost health and wellness

As the title suggests, this article is for people who are searching for ways to boost health and wellness. This is a total 360 health and wellness article. You will learn ways to live a healthy lifestyle and at the end of this article, we have a special gift for you. This Gift will help you to boost health and wellness in the way, you dream of. But Before that let us first understand the whole concept of a healthy lifestyle.

360 health and wellness

What is a Healthy Lifestyle :

You might have read many articles, and seen many videos about a healthy lifestyle, but what does that actually mean?

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just diet and exercise. Today we go over the components of leading a healthy lifestyle and how it’s essential to lead a balanced life.  In general, most would agree that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats a balanced healthy diet, thinks positively, feels relaxed, exercises regularly, has good relationships, and benefits from a good life balance.

Maybe I should start by trying to look at a few definitions for the word – lifestyle. A description in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says: ‘A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group’.

Definition Of A healthy lifestyle

The World Health Organization in 1946 defined health as ‘A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being not merely the absence of disease’.

Wikipedia defines a lifestyle as the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects an individual’s attitudes, values, or worldview. A healthy lifestyle is generally characterized as a “balanced life” in which one makes “wise choices”.

A final definition of lifestyle is The aggregation of decisions by individuals which affect their health, and over which they have control.

What is the definition of Healthy Living?

The World Health Organization (WHO), defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not simply just the absence of disease.  The actual definition of Healthy Living is the steps, actions, and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health.  Healthy Living is about taking responsibility for your decisions and making smart health choices for today and for the future. So healthy living would consist of:

Physically a person is said to fit if he is taking the right food which has nutrition in it. Input is very much important for any good output. If your diet is not made of nutrition then you can’t have a healthy lifestyle. After having nutrition-rich food another thing that is also important is Getting physically fit by doing proper exercise. Exercise for 30 min a day for 5 days a week.

Fitness is Essential for a healthy Lifestyle

This is important for making your body fit from the outside. Taking Adequate rest is also important after exercising. Meditation and proper stress management will be helpful for your physical fitness. Yes, it is important for mental health but you can’t neglect the benefit of meditation on your physical fitness.

You also need to give and receive, Forgiveness is not about forgiving others it is forgiving your own self from the past. Many people hold the pressure from the past with them for too long which costs them their own happiness. Also, Love and compassion are too much important for anyone in life. If you don’t love someone or you are not accepting anyone’s love you are leaving a healthy lifestyle way far. You Need to Laugh and Experience Happiness. You Need Joyful Relationships With Yourself and Others.

Other Important things that are also important for having a healthy lifestyle are having Self-Supportive Attitudes, Positive Thoughts and Viewpoints, and Positive Self-Image. If you start thinking negatively about yourself then who is going to save you from this world? Because This world is full of negativity, Your own positive self-talk can save you.

Other Wellness are :


  • Self-Supportive Attitudes
  • Positive Thoughts and Viewpoints
  • Positive Self-Image


  • Inner Calmness
  • Openness to Your Creativity
  • Trust in Your Inner Knowing


A healthy lifestyle is a valuable resource for reducing the incidence and impact of health problems, for recovery, for coping with life stressors, and for improving quality of life. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows our lifestyles play a huge part in how healthy we are. From what we eat and drink, to how much exercise we take, and whether we smoke or take drugs, all will affect our health, not only in terms of life expectancy but how long we can expect to live without experiencing chronic disease.

Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, joint disease, and mental illness are responsible for a vast number of deaths and disabilities. Currently, we rely almost exclusively on the provision of clinical care by highly trained health professionals as our major strategy to deal with these conditions. Many health problems can be prevented or at least their occurrence postponed by having a healthy lifestyle.

360 health and wellness

Let’s now Discuss total 360 health and wellness, What is the true meaning of this?

We have discussed a healthy lifestyle, What it means and what things come under that. But what is Wellness? 

Actually, Wellness is having good health with a pursued goal of a healthy lifestyle. Many people have a healthy lifestyle in which they live on weekends on those days they meditate, have good food, and be happy. Truly they are healthy but not in long term, why? Because they do not have any goal of being healthy in the next 10 years or 20 years. Living a healthy lifestyle is good, It makes sense but habits that take you toward a Healthy lifestyle for life are called Wellness. 

Let’s dive into it. See a person of 5ft 10in height and 75 kg weight can be said healthy. He is eating good food, and hitting the gym 5 times a week is good but what about his plans for health after 5 years? 

Answers to all these questions are very simple and pointed toward one thing. Having the Idea of Pure meditation and mental wellness is very important for anyone who wants to live a life of 360 health and wellness. Having good physical health and Better Mental health with a combination of wisdom get you a life of wellness. 

Physical Health: Very simple rule for attaining better Physical Health is giving input relevant to the output you want. Explanation: If you eat junk food your body will process that and it will be seen outside of your body. But If you eat healthy food you will transform your body into one that is fit.

Also if you do not exercise you will be weak in your body. In this world full of rush you must have a strong body for living a full fledge lifestyle. I personally Recommend you exercise at least 30 to 45 min in a day.

Mental Health: On any social media platform you will see many Posts, Blogs, and information about physical fitness but very fewer people talk about mental fitness for a healthy lifestyle. Let me give you an idea about how much it is important. If you see around many people are mentally ill and the main reason why they do not talk much about it is 1 out of 7 people are mentally ill to some extent. See how much this is affecting people now. This number is increasing at a high rate. 

Many people are not affected by physical illnesses as how much is affected by mental illnesses. See how many types of illnesses are there in the world

  • Depression
  • Mental disorders
  • Autism
  • Mental health in emergencies
  • Adolescent mental health
  • The mental health of older adults
  • Mental health: strengthening our response
  • Schizophrenia
  • Suicide
  • Mental health and forced displacement

In our society, it seems to be very shameful to discuss mental illness, especially mental disorders. This increases the chance of generating more problems inside the brain.

Now let’s talk about the solution to this mental illness. 

Firstly start living a stress-free life. You don’t know how much life is left with you and because of any shit problem in your life you start killing your own soul by taking stress. Stress is nothing just having more pressure on your own than you are capable of. Stop stretching your limits that you don’t want to do. Stop pressurizing yourself for things that will not matter to you after some time.

Other ways I will discuss this in the next part of this article.

How you degrade your lifestyle

What we are doing currently to degrade our lifestyle is skipping important things for urgent things.

A Person, if he is hungry, will not buy fruits from the streets he will buy street food, burgers, and other junk and unhealthy food. This is a very simple example of a way how you degrade your lifestyle. 

Ways where you kill your Healthy Lifestyle:

  1. Being Lazy: When You start being lazy you stop putting effort into your health. Many times we know about a better diet and nutritious food but because of laziness we don’t make that and this really affects the physical health of anyone.
  2. Being Careless: A careless person first becomes careless about himself and then for others. He does not think about his routine and schedule. Timing play important role in your health mentally and physically. 
  3. I’m Healthy I Don’t need a Healthy Lifestyle: Yes there are those who can eat, drink and live a lazy sedentary life who don’t put on weight or seem to suffer with their health. Not yet anyway. The best type of medicine in my mind is preventative, where one can stop illness from happening. And that’s the key to a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want anyone setting themselves up for a big fall later on in their life with potential health problems. If you feel generally healthy, now is the perfect time to focus on embracing healthy habits that will keep you feeling healthy. Remind yourself that prevention is always better than treatment; do not wait until you’re sick to live a healthy lifestyle – if you wait too long, you are taking a big risk, as many chronic conditions are very difficult to reverse.
  4. Lack of motivation: Lack of motivation is likely the main barrier to living a healthy lifestyle. The hardest part of getting in shape and reducing weight is finding (and maintaining) motivation. We frequently get going but quickly lose interest and stop. Every Monday, we all begin diets, only to abandon them by Friday. The secret to successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to maintain the proper mindset, but we are aware that this is not always simple. It can be tempting to stay in bed rather than go to the gym since that chocolate bar might be beckoning you to indulge. People frequently “fall off the wagon” or simply give up attempting to live a healthy lifestyle. They discover that their drive has decreased and that they are no longer committed to engaging in a healthy diet, exercise, or other activities. Being lazy and indulging in junk food is too alluring, especially if you haven’t fully realized the enormous advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle. You can discover the motivation if you give it some thought as to what these advantages are and how your life and health will advance. We would make things happen if we truly desired it.
  5. I don’t have time for a healthy lifestyle: You expect me to prepare and cook healthy meals after getting 8 hours of sleep, an hour of exercise, and another hour of meditation. Simply put, I’m short on time. Simply consider the alternative of being unhealthy as you remind yourself of your health objectives. Many of us believe that we simply do not have the time to concentrate on leading a healthy lifestyle despite the chaos of our everyday lives. However, you should never undervalue the value of your health. Remind yourself that if your health begins to decline, you will probably find it difficult to do the other tasks you have on your plate that are so crucial, such as caring for your family, succeeding at work, etc. You will be forced to care about your health if your body breaks down as a result of bad behaviors, and everything else in your life is likely to suffer. Therefore, it is essential to make time for good health.
  6. A healthy lifestyle costs too much: Healthy foods can cost up to three times as much as junk food, which many people discover to their literal detriment. Additionally expensive are gym memberships and fitness apparel. But let’s not forget that takeout food is pricey, booze isn’t cheap, and poor health may be extremely expensive in many other ways. Living an unhealthy lifestyle results in more illnesses and higher medical costs. A shorter lifespan and more time missed at work are additional consequences of poor health. I’ve discovered that stocking my freezer with lean meat, white meat, fish, and stacks of frozen veggies doesn’t cost me any more than stocking it with the junk stuff I consumed around Christmas. So whatever the cost, the cost of not having a healthy lifestyle will be the most expensive.

Ways to boost health and wellness

1. Take Proper Sleep:

Although it can seem simple sense, the majority of individuals don’t adhere to this fundamental principle when it comes to their general well-being. Our bodies require adequate sleep and rest in order to recover and refuel with energy. For daily physical and mental activities, this healing is crucial.

The hormones that are directly linked to our emotions and mood are controlled by getting enough sleep. Most frequently, when you experience emotional instability or irritability, the likelihood that your body is not getting enough sleep is high. Nearly 6 to 7 hours of sleep each day are required for an adult body. Therefore, be careful to get adequate rest.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet:

You won’t get the advantages you need from sleep on its own. To ensure that your body gets adequate nutrients, you need to consume a healthy, balanced diet. How healthy your inside system is is determined by the stuff you eat. Additionally, it aids in identifying your emotional well-being and any mental diseases like depression.

Your body will suffer major health issues if it is deficient in key nutrients. You also experience mental anguish and anxiety. You should consume enough fruits and vegetables, according to health and wellness experts. Additionally, consuming lentils and nuts helps to strengthen your heart. As much as you can, try to stay away from processed foods, sugar, and coffee.

3. Expose Your Body to Sunlight:

Seasonal Affective Disorder, sometimes referred to as SAD, is one of the issues caused by vitamin D insufficiency. Endorphins—also known as “happy hormones”—that are important for the brain’s productivity are released when you are exposed to sunshine.

Spend some time outside in the sunshine by taking a break from your daily schedule. However, apply sunscreen to avoid getting burned.

4. Deal with Stress:

Although it might be hard to avoid stress these days, there are ways to deal with it. It is crucial to have good coping mechanisms for stress. Try to stay away from stressful circumstances to achieve that. If your stress is out of control, make a list of the reasons why as well as any steps you may take to alter your behavior, mood, or even circumstance.

5. Exercise Daily:

Your body’s blood flow increases when you stay physically active and work out every day. You feel more energized, awake, and cognitively alert as a result of the improved blood flow and oxygenation.

If you work in an office, exercises and physical activities are more crucial. Exercise maintains our bodies in shape while also maintaining the health of our minds. For that, you don’t need to join an expensive gym. It is more than enough to take your pet for a short stroll or to go for a regular morning walk. The key is to establish it as a daily routine.

6. Stay Away from Smoking and Alcohol:

No matter how much money you spend on your health or how hard you try, if you continue to drink and smoke, your efforts will be in vain.

To live a healthy life, give up drinking and smoking.

7. Be Social, as Much as You Can:

The two main causes of depression and other mental and physical diseases are isolation and a lack of communication. Try to set aside some time for friends and mingle with them, despite how hectic your family and job life are.

A guy needs social interaction to maintain his health. Having conversations with people reduces stress. If you’ve heard of laughing therapy, it serves the similar objective of lowering stress by having group laughter sessions. Everyone desires acceptance and connection, and these needs can only be met via social interaction.

8. Find and Practice New Hobbies:

Our hobbies keep us occupied and interested. You take positive efforts to enhance your emotional well-being when you are interested in and like performing certain things. It also relieves your brain of the stress of daily life and job. Developing new interests is a terrific way to improve mental health and mood.

9. Learn to Live in the Present:

The primary cause of mood swings, despair, and anxiety is when a person is still preoccupied with the past. Negative self-talk, such as “why people did this to me,” not only steals enjoyment but also prevents a person from taking advantage of the chances that the present moment tries to bring.

Try to avoid dwelling too much on the future and learn to live in the here and now.

It’s easy: just laugh and have fun!

Take nothing in life too seriously. People who endeavor to keep themselves happy, smile more, and maintain their happiness have a higher quality of life than people who constantly worry. Children laugh 200 times per day while adults only do so 15 times, claims a study.

10. Effortless and Easiest Meditation:

Yes, you may be amazed that is there any way of effortless meditation. But Yes, there is a way to meditate without putting effort into that. Listening to audio and understanding these instructions of meditation to get all benefits like stress release, better mental health, and clarity of thoughts. 

We all need the best life and healthy lifestyle that come when you have better and best mental health.

Meditation is the best way to achieve that and if not meditation then nothing can give you the fullness of a healthy lifestyle. All people who live 360 healthy and wealthy full life have meditation as a very important part of their schedule.

Best way to live a Healthy lifestyle

If you are reading our article frequently you must know that most problems can be solved by meditation and other natural practices. But People Ignore some time because these practices take time and do not have instant results. 

We have one special practice that can have faster results and be a better person than other natural ways of meditation. Why I am discussing it here? Because Meditation is a real connection of your soul to your body. When it is established you will definitely be careful about your body and soul.

Presenting you our star course Brain Rewire. This is best because you don’t have to put yourself in typical time-consuming processes to get rewired. This is an Audio program that consists of 15 audios. Each Audio is different and targets different parts of the brain and life. 

360 health and wellness is now more mind game than physical. Let’s be careful about our minds first and if we got the right minds definitely we will follow the right path for our wellness. That is our ultimate goal. 

Some Benefits of the Brain Rewire Course:

  1. Reprograms your subconscious mind to activate your health and wellness.
  2. It helps you remove all kinds of harmful addictions from your brain like drugs, masturbation, porn, excessive sexual addiction, etc.
  3. Removes mental stress, mental pressure, anxiety, overthinking, negative thinking, thoughts of suicide, fear, nervousness, etc.
  4. Removes negative energy of the body so that you feel the newness and fresh
  5. Builds self-confidence and gives you the ability to listen to the inner voice
  6. Both the conscious and subconscious mind becomes very active
  7. Awakens within you the positive emotion and the spiritual emotion


You now know all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. You can have 360 health and wealth after knowing the main reasons why you are not having a healthy lifestyle. Understand that you can’t live with wellness until you have a long-term goal of health. It is the same as you can be rich but you can’t be wealthy until you have planned for long-term cash flow. We have given 10 ways to live a healthy and wealthy life. You must check that out. Some ways are, to eat healthily, exercise daily, and live stress-free. The best way to manage a healthy lifestyle is meditation. When you are careful about yourself then you will do it Otherwise, you will find excuses. 

We have something that can hold you to meditate daily. As discussed in the previous paragraph that you should enrol for our amazing brain rewire course. The benefits of this audio program are insane. I have covered some in the previous part of the article. You must check this out for your 360 health and wellness.

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