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Manthanhub Avatar Course | Manthanhub Brain Rewire Course | Avatar Course Benefits

Manthanhub provides a great service for its readers and subscribers who are suffering from sex addiction and masturbation addiction. Manthanhub is providing a 10-day life-changing course for its readers and subscribers to overcome those problems and lead a happy and satisfying life.

What are Brain Rewire Courses about?

This course is for those who are very troubled by the addiction to porn and masturbation and it is difficult to remove them for even a week, during this course you have to strictly follow some rules and lifestyle for 10 days so that your body and subconscious mind get a lot. There will be positive changes. In this course, your imagination power will have to be used, due to which the sleeping power of your subconscious mind awakens, after the control of the mind increases and you start living in yourself.

Rules To follow while attending this course

There are 11 parts of the audio session including Introduction/Instruction. The 10-day course must be completed in 10 days. You will be able to hear the recordings from each day frequently throughout every day. Throughout the entire course, you must eat a sattvic and vegetarian diet. Except for major projects limit your interactions with people and avoid talking to them. In this class you will have daily tasks to think about, considering the task will be assisted by music that stimulates the brain. It is recommended to be listening to the brain rewire at least 2 hours of the morning to maximize its benefits of it. You can listen to a specific brain rewire multiple times one day prior to moving on to the next.

Benefits of Avatar Brain Rewire Course

  • It assists you in removing every kind of addiction from your mind, including masturbation, cocaine porn, and excessive sexual addiction, for example.
  • Get rid of mental tension, mental stress anxiety, panic, excessive thinking, negative thoughts suicidal thoughts anxiety, fear, nervousness etc.
  • Cleans the negative energy in the body to allow you to can feel fresh and new.
  • Develops self-confidence and the ability to hear your inner voice
  • Both the subconscious and conscious mind are very active.
  • Inspires you to feel positive emotions as well as spiritual emotions.
  • The release of good hormones is because the brain is activated.
  • The program is widely considered to be one of the top mental health programs that can help you get out of a depressing mental state
Experience of one of a participant

FAQs on Avatar Brain Rewire Course

Why this course is not free ?

It’s true that the wisdom of Brahmacharya is available for free by our great scholars and saints for many centuries, however, today’s younger generation has not been adhering to it. The current education system, lifestyle, and even the environment are to blame for this. The majority of people, despite knowing about Brahmacharya being completely free, are still addicted to masturbation and porn, therefore it is important to create positive values in people’s minds and lives by using some sort of special technique (brain rewiring method). This brain rewire audio was developed which is extremely effective. The two previous premium brain rewire sessions (Approx. one hour each) have proven to be extremely efficient. There is a significant distinction between any free or paid-for service. When someone purchases something using money, he should consider it a serious purchase and adhere to the rules. This is why it is easier for him to succeed later.

What to do if the course is missed or disturbed due to unavoidable reasons?

If you are disturbed for a few days because of a cause it is best to start at that same time. If there’s a long space between sessions, don’t try it. If your timing is good and you feel comfortable it is time to start over.

What if the mind again goes after those addictions after completing the course?

This is because of the old habits and the atmosphere, the mind may once more become chaotic, However, once you have completed this program, your mind will not be as weak as it was before, and the probability of mistakes will be reduced. Even if a mistake was made, retaking the course could cost the student again, because life is a process. This course will help you increase the spirituality level of your life, which is essential for living. Therefore, this course is likely to prove extremely beneficial in the long term.

Is there any warning for this course?

Remember that this program is totally exclusive. This isn’t a leisure or relaxation technique. If someone who is worthy will go to it and take it. Only such a person can reap the full benefits, just as someone who is thirsty is looking for water. If someone steals it or even starts to offer the item to other people, they are not able to benefit from this method because success requires a strong will and positive thinking. It is also a matter of effort to the max. These traits are a guaranteed solution to any issue, but they will not be found in someone who is a fraudster.

How Avatar Course Works – Watch the video



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