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Science Behind Third Eye | Third Eye Mediation

In today’s world, everywhere there is tension, stress, criticism, worry, failure, negativity, etc.

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Youth is very much affected. They are depressed, sad, unhappy, dejected.

To overcome these negative emotions, they resort to pleasure from porn, masturbation, orgasm, etc. Because the mind needs pleasure.

Everyone says “Don’t 🏃💨run behind pleasure🤠”.
Everyone says ” If you take pleasure😈, it will ruin your life”

Is pleasure bad?
Is seeking pleasure a bad thing??
Is the feeling of pleasure wrong???
How long I will remain unhappy, sorrowful?

In our last session, we scientifically showed how porn and masturbation addiction adversely affect our brain and organ function.

Modern Science has proved pleasure is two types:
Negative pleasure & Positive pleasure.

Negative pleasure gives you momentary pleasure but brings lots of negativity.

Positive pleasure is long-lasting and gives you the power of positivity, health, wealth, and success.

Do you know the science behind this secret??

A Two Day Session Conducted on 14 & 16 Dec

Manthanhub conducted a powerful “Third eye power – Pleasure above Sex” session which opened the insight into deep secrets of invisible human power and potential. Session I was “Science behind the third eye” where participants got rare information about the scientific basis of the third eye. They shared their wonderful experience of unique knowledge and wisdom. There was an unlocking of secrets behind the third eye and the relationship of concepts of science and spirituality.

Session 2 was “Third eye meditation”. It took the participants towards an inner journey far away from petty negative attractions and distractions of the outside world purifying the consciousness; a divine pleasure feeling, awesome, wonderful, deep silence, nature’s blessings, amazing, spiritual growth and divine energy, full transformation, third eye healed, energized were few comments and experiences shared by participants.

It is such a unique rare course of its kind that you might not find anywhere else that helps you to understand the real truth and free yourself from the trap of external environment deceptions.

On popular demand, we are releasing the full version of both sessions I & II on our course page at very nominal charges @149/- rupees


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