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Free Brain Rewire Prayer – Woman Attraction Removal

We would like to share a very interesting real-life story of a young man with brain Rewire who saved himself from committing a sex crime with some magical power. It was a blessing in disguise for this young man but here is a very important tip for those who are suffering from women attraction addiction and want to save themselves.

This young managed 20 year is working as a grocer. A married lady in her twenties comes to his shop on the pretext of buying something and lured him with her whims and fancies. The boy gets attracted and accepts her offer to meet and have fun with her at her home late at night. He goes a couple of times and has sex with her. He had actually already heard about the importance of celibacy (brahmacharya lifestyle) before but he didn’t have enough strength to follow it firmly and failed again and again.

He, though, is a staunch Hanuman devotee. Hanuman is an embodiment of brahmacharya in Indian mythology. One day, the lady again invites him to her house. While he was getting ready to meet her on that fateful night, he remembered his Lord and prayed a prayer to guide and save him. But the lust emotions were powerful and he left to meet her. But on the way, he kept on reciting the prayer in his mind.

When he reached and called the married lady, the lady expressed her inability to meet her as she had developed a fever. The boy came back and much thanked God for saving him from losing his vital energy. He experienced that some superpower actually saved him from committing a sex crime. This story is a depiction of the power of prayer to protect from a negative lusty outside environment. Prayer generates high energy signals and vibrations in our minds and connects us to higher consciousness.

This is known as rewiring of the brain or Brain-rewire. We have already demonstrated in our series on scientific brahmacharya that it is the brain and not the sex organ per se who is the mastermind behind the sexual feelings and emotions. So, if we want to get rid of sexual thoughts and feelings, we must rewire our brain from sexual to spiritual vibration. Brain rewiring is the only permanent solution to women’s attraction problem.

Special types of prayers can help to rewire the brain fast and prevent us from falling to such attractions. Those persons who have rewired their brain through spiritual practices including spiritual prayer have narrated their success stories of freedom from women attraction problems. The brain is very powerful. If used in the wrong direction, it is destructive while it can be very productive if its energy is channelized in the right direction. Thus, we must rewire our brain through simple techniques like prayer which can be done anywhere and anytime.

It does not have any cost, is super-easy, and has an instant effect. We present here a very powerful prayer to get an instant solution to the women attraction problem. Experience is true knowledge.

So, you must try this super-effective yet simple technique whenever in times of need

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