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SuperHuman benefits of Semen Retention | Manthanhub

This practice allows for sexual communication to be separated from ejaculation. It makes it possible to enjoy the full pleasure of orgasm, including primary ejaculation. The ancient practice of semen retention, which is believed to increase the spiritual and physical energy of males, is known as a tradition.

Many famous people have used the magic of semen retention to become unstoppable.


  1. Nikola Tesla
  2. Leonardo Da Vinci
  3. Dalai Lama
  4. Steve Jobs
  5. Mike Tyson
  6. Mohammad Ali
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How Semen Retention Boosts Spiritual Energy

Your spiritual energy will begin to flow when you stop eating meat for pleasure. You will stop objectifying women, and you will begin to respect them. Watching these videos can cause a negative effect on your brain and lower your dopamine levels. You will also feel calmer in all situations.

Why You Should Not Watch Those Kinds Of Videos

The Internet is expanding every day.

One hand, it has transformed our world by enabling people to communicate, get knowledge, save time and entertain.

It has also become a conduit for some the most primal emotions and urges we as humans. Many, especially the millennial generation, have become totally dependent on technology to satisfy these emotions.

The internet has fueled many desires, but synthetic love is the most popular, sought-after, and frequently abused. Unfortunately, vulgarity is currently the king of internet.

1:- It causes depression

Similar to sugar addiction, watching XX can release dopamine in our brains and give us the sensation of pleasure.

You will need to keep watching it more often to experience the same pleasure and happiness that you had when you first saw it. You’ll feel abandonment symptoms if you don’t watch as much as your brain is used too.

This is a major cause of depression.

2. It destroys your productivity

When you have these videos in your head, it’s easy for your work to become distracted.

An addiction to any activity will make it difficult for you to complete your work in a timely manner. Even if you return to work later, your productivity or power will be cut in half.

3:- Your body will start to hate you

Famous X-stars have a reason for looking the way they do. They are first chosen. Then they have to go through many makeup edits and surgeries to complete the look.

You may find yourself comparing yourself to the actors when you see them on video. In most cases, this won’t help you feel good about yourself.

4. It destroys your self confidence

You might be forced to question your ability in the bedroom, your relationship and your physical appearance.

This is one of the most serious side effects of x-tagged videos. They can reduce self-confidence.

benefits of semen retention | manthanhub

5. Affects your Goal

Most of us have goals and passions in life.

What happens if we are distracted from these goals?

They become blurred in our minds. They stop working on them. One of many bad habits that can hinder us from pursuing our passions and goals is X-tagged videos.

Ejaculating can make us feel awful and this can affect our work motivation. Someone who lacks self-motivation might find it difficult to complete even the simplest tasks.

Benefits Of Semen Retention

1:- Boosts Confidence

Your brain is always looking for shortcuts and will try to stay with them.

Many of us work hard every day to achieve our goals. If you want to live the life you dream of, you will need to have strong self-confidence.

Excessive masturbation can cause dopamine receptor damage. PubMed found that people with low levels of dopamine generally have low confidence.

Low levels of dopamine can also reduce motivation and willpower. Without enough motivation it is almost impossible to become confident.

Semen retention increases dopamine sensitivity, motivation, and ultimately confidence.

2:- Boosts energy

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Did you know Vitamin B12 is a substance? It’s silly, it’s obvious. But do you really know what Vitamin B12 does?

Vitamin B12 is found in our semen (in a very small amount). Vitamin B12 is essential for stamina. It also helps transform food into energy that your cells use.

It also keeps your blood cells and nerve cells healthy, which can help to prevent anemia from making you weak and tired.

Vitamin B12 is lost, which may explain why we feel so tired after jerking off.

Ejaculating reduces testosterone levels in a week and maintains sufficient Vitamin B12 in the body. People who don’t waste their own semen feel more active and fresh.

Pubmed says that Semen retention can increase your testosterone by up to 45% per week. However, after a few days it returns to normal.

A high testosterone level is associated with energy and fatigue.

3. Self-Control

The strongest urges are those of self-satisfaction. Researches have shown that the urges to masturbation or porn are stronger than any other addiction. If you can stop yourself from ejaculating each day, you will be more powerful.

Self-control can be the hardest thing to master. You can do anything if you have control over yourself, I promise.

You can practice meditation, yoga and even read books to increase restraint. The best thing you can do to improve restraint is to not play with your …..

Nikola Tesla was a semen retention expert. He understood how vital our semen was for us.

4. Sharp Memory

Because of semen retention, you will be able to recall things you used to forget.

Semen retention has been proven to increase memory power for those who practice it.

This claim is not supported by scientific evidence. Many people notice that masturbating regularly can make it difficult to remember the smallest details.

5:- Strong hairs

Keratin is an essential nutrient that your hair and nails need. Our semen has keratin in a small quantity.

Keratin is a hair product that makes hair smoother and easier to maintain.

Hair loss, roughness, dryness and thin hair may be caused by a lack of keratin.

Hair loss can be caused by frequent masturbation or wasting semen. It is better to keep the semen than go bald.

Failing to fap enough can cause dry scalp and itchy skin. Some people even noticed lice growing in their heads after masturbating for more than a month.

If you believe it is a lie, just stop masturbating for a week. Your hair will be thicker and less itchy, I promise.

The Reboot Cure plan is available for those who are having difficulty quitting porn and masturbation. It’s not free, but it is worth every penny.

6:- Deep Voice

In just one week, your testosterone levels are boosted by semen retention. It also makes your voice stronger.

My voice is now loud and clear. I’ve even recorded my voice from day one to day thirty and noticed a change in my voice structure.

It will take about a week before you feel your voice becoming deeper. Girls love a deeper sound.

7:- Depression relief

It is one the most prevalent mental disorders in our society today. Masturbation can quickly change our behavior and make us feel guilty for having committed a crime. Some people masturbate and feel sad. Then again, because they are sad, they continue to masturbating.

8:- Semen Retention Boosts libido

No-Nut Level: God Mode Activated – 7Saturdays

A person’s sexual drive or desire to have sexual activity is called Libido. NoFap practitioners noticed an increase in their sexual desire. However, this is a genuine sexual desire and not a fake one.

But, a person who practices Nofap also can control their desires and use it for different tasks, such as exercise, sports, and other activities that require high concentration and energy.

The study involved men aged between 40 and 70. A high dose of testosterone was administered to the group and they noticed a significant increase in their libido.

Maybe it’s all about high testosterone.

9:- Semen Retention Makes you a Risk Taker

This is an additional benefit to practicing Semen Retention (or NoFap).

Although I understand that people need to think twice before making any risky decisions, there is still a chance of success even if you make a major decision.

Steve Jobs is an example. Apple was not his first venture. He dropped out of college, but he took the chance, and the rest of the world now knows him.

A study found that higher testosterone levels are associated with financial risk-taking behaviors.

10:- Better Sleep

A study on 65-year-old men revealed that low testosterone was associated with decreased sleep duration, lower quality sleep, more frequent waking up and disturbed sleeping patterns. A high level of testosterone free is essential for good sleep quality.

This is the odd part about it: more sleep equals more testosterone.

The body has 10% less testosterone if men sleep less than 5-6 hours a night.

Rest for more testosterone and better sleep.

11:- Semen Retention Boosts your Immune System

Our semen is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals, including Calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin C, Lactic acid and Magnesium.

These vital vitamins and minerals are essential for our immune system. They also act as antioxidants, which promote our immune system by fighting off free radicals.

12: Female Attraction

A male’s primary purpose is to have sex. Everything a man does is for sex.

Psychology says that sex is the most important thing in a person’s life. When we experience the same sensation as masturbation and porn, we feel fulfilled and feel like we don’t need to do any other because we have what we want.

Our brain will force us to do things that give us the same pleasures as sex when we stop ourselves from getting pleasure from unrealistic things. We do the first things that will help us get a girl. Then, we do things to help us achieve our goal of getting a partner.

13: Awakening the Root Chakra

The root chakra is also the first chakra. It is energy based on the earth element. It is associated with safety and grounding. It is located at the base chakra system and provides the foundation for your life’s expansion.

The base of the spine is where you will find the root chakra. The perineum is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is often represented by a cone of energy that starts at the base of your spine and goes down, then bends slightly up.

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