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What is Semen Retention ?

Semen retention refers to the practice of avoiding ejaculation.

This can be done by abstaining from all sexual activity . You can also learn how to have an orgasm, but without ejaculating.

It may seem like a new trend, but the practice is almost as old as humanity.

There are many reasons people try it. Some may be spiritual, some emotional, and some physical.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of semen retention and how it works.

OR This practice allows for sexual communication to be separated from ejaculation. It makes it possible to enjoy the full pleasure of orgasm, including primary ejaculation. The ancient practice of semen retention, which is believed to increase the spiritual and physical energy of males, is known as a tradition.

From where did this idea originate?

Semen Retention: Origin, How to, Purported Benefits, Risks, and More

Although it might seem modern, the concept of men retention is not new. However, websites and forums make it much easier to openly discuss these topics.

It’s a concept that has been around for a while and is part of ancient practices.

There are many reasons people have for being interested in semen retention. Some believe that frequent ejaculation makes you weaker.

Some believe that semen retention can improve fertility, sexual pleasure, and physical health.

Many people believe that sperm retention can help redirect sexual energies to other areas or improve emotional health and spiritual development.

It’s for some the ultimate journey to self-control.

Does it mean the same as “NoFap”?

Although “NoFap”, is sometimes used in the same context of semen retention, it’s not the same thing.

NoFap refers to an organization’s name, and its associated community-based porn recuperation website.’s section “about” explains that is not a verb or principle nor a movement.

Its purpose is to provide information and support for people with compulsive sexual behaviour and improve relationships.

While it may be part of the discussion at times, NoFap is focused on breaking the dependence upon porn and not on semen retention.

Is it known by any other names?

Yes, it is also known as other names :

Some other names for semen retention are:

  • coitus reservatus
  • seminal conservation
  • sexual continence

What benefits are claimed?

Semen retention: Are there truly any benefits? What are the supposed  physical, psychological and spiritual benefits? Can it be harmful? - Quora

Many people point to a number of benefits that semen retention offers, including:


  • More confidence and self-control
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Motivational boost
  • Better memory, concentration, overall cognitive function, and overall memory.


  • Greater vitality
  • Muscle growth is increased
  • A thicker hair means a deeper voice
  • Improved sperm quality


  • Deeper relationships
  • A stronger life force
  • Happier overall

Does this support the research?

This is a complex topic with many facets. Research is not sufficient. However, not having enough research does not necessarily mean that all claims are false.

This means that further research and long-term studies will be required to make sure you are able to draw firm conclusions about claims.

These are some of the published studies.

  • Researchers conducted a systematic reviewTrusted Source in 2018 of studies regarding the duration of ejaculatory abstinence, and other semen characteristics. The researchers were surprised at the quality and limitations of existing studies. There is evidence that a shorter abstinence period is more effective than a longer one .
  • Researchers found that frequent masturbation reduced brain androgen receptors, which are responsible for your body making use of testosterone.
  • Researchers discovered a link between testosterone levels and ejaculation in a small 2003 researchTrusted Source. The seventh day of abstinence saw the highest testosterone levels among the 28 participants.
  • small 2001 studyTrusted source showed elevated testosterone levels among participants who had abstained for three weeks from masturbation.
  • Researchers from Trusted Source found that while sexual activity did not have an adverse effect on athletic performance in 2000, having intercourse less than two hours before a competition might.

What are the risks?

There is no evidence to suggest that semen retention poses a risk to your physical or mental health. You can feel great about it.

Benefits of Nofap and Semen retention

What is the best way to do it?

You can choose to abstain or learn how to have orgasm with no ejaculating.

It requires a lot of muscle control. Get in the habit of doing Kegel exercise. It is important to flex your pelvic muscles before you do ejaculation.

These exercises are offered by the Mayo Clinic

  • Find your pelvic floor muscles. You can stop urinating in the middlestream and tighten those muscles that prevent you from passing gas. You now have an idea of where these muscles are.
  • These exercises can be done lying down, standing, sitting, or walking.
  • Engage your pelvic floor muscles. Hold for three seconds and then release for three seconds.
  • Only contract your pelvic floor muscles. Relax your abdominal muscles, including those in your buttocks, legs, and abdomen. Breathe easily.
  • To increase muscle control, do this set of 10 at least three times per day.

You’ll need to keep your muscles in check whether you are doing oral, vaginal or anal sex. These are suggestions.

  • Relax your jaw, legs, and buttocks. Relax and prevent the buildup of energy in your pelvis.
  • Take deep, long breaths as you feel the urge to orgasm. To calm your body, try to remain still for a few minutes. Focus your attention on the person in front of you. states that you can now apply pressure to the area between your anus (perineum) and your scrotum. This can lead to retrograde. The process sends the ejaculate into your bladder and not out of the penis. The orgasm will not stop. warns that retrograde Ejaculation might not be the best way to “positive, flowing energy”. suggests that you should squeeze your pelvic floor muscles like you are doing Kegels when you reach the point of no returns. Then, close your eyes and stop stroking to get a dry orgasm. It might seem too soon or too late at first. This is because it takes practice and time.

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