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What does Bhagavad Gita Says on Brahmacharya | Why Krishna Teaches us importance of Celibacy

Why is Brahmacharya important

Why is Brahmacharya important is a most demanding question of the time. The literal definition is brahmacharya is celibacy. ‘Brahma‘ means infinity, ‘charya‘ means moving in. Thus, the brahmacharya is moving in the infinite and knowing the vastness of your nature, believing that you’re not the body. Your presence is like a glowing light. It is as if you move around the world as if you were the universe, Infinitum. That’s when celibacy is a natural thing. Celibacy brings you infinite strength. Celibacy is a way to strengthen your body. Brahmacharya’s yoga way of life is much more than celibacy.

While in meditation, you realise you are more than just your body. It feels as light as a feather. The happier you feel and the more you’re connected to the infinite consciousness The less you feel pressure or the physical weight of your body.

This is Brahmacharya Yoga which is not getting lost in the world of senses but instead focusing on the Self that is your own nature. It’s returning to your real nature. That’s why Brahmacharya is important.

A person who is naive tends to be a slave to the whims of the senses. He is trying to satisfy himself by stimulating the senses. All that frantic activity goes to the head. If your head is hot your perception and vision are blurred.

Sexuality is an integral part of our lives, but the obsession with sexuality is a hindrance to spiritual growth. A person’s motivation is low, and he generates an unnatural and dull sound in the air that is not liked by anyone. The mind is weakened and there’s no vigour or passion in life.

The ancient rishis separated life into four distinct parts. In The beginning 20 years, the main focus was the acquisition of knowledge. Anyone who spent the initial 20 years of their life seeking knowledge is called a brahmachari. The essence of brahmacharya lies in the idea that you should not chase pleasure. Anyone who is driven by pleasure will never gain knowledge.

Bhagavad Gita on Why is Brahmacharya Important

It is important to point out the possibility that a house-holder could have sexual relations with the person who is his partner in the first phase of marriage, in order to bear children. Later in the course of his or her life, he or she will adopt the vow of celibacy in order to live a completely spiritual life.

Bhagavad Gita teaches the importance of Brahmacharya that an individual or woman must live an exemplary life of celibacy or Brahmacharya to reach the state of God-consciousness that is exalted.

The Gita verse states that one should be free of all desires and attachments.

यदक्षरं वेदविदो वदन्ति

विशन्ति यद्यतयो वीतरागा: |

यदिच्छन्तो ब्रह्मचर्यं चरन्ति

तत्ते पदं संग्रहेण प्रवक्ष्ये || 11||

Chapter : 8 Bhagavad Gita

Lord Sri Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 8: “I shall declare to you that Supreme state, which the knower’s of the Vedas describe as imperishable. — Desiring to enter that exalted state, the self-controlled ascetics freed from all passions and attachment, lead a pure life of celibacy (free from any sexual defilement in thoughts, words and deed).”

It is crucial that celibacy is taken in a voluntary manner to adhere to the discipline of spirituality. The forced celibacy could lead to sexual aversions.

“As long as one is situated in the material world, there must be pleasure and pain arising from the material body. As Krsna advises in Bhagavad-gita, tams titiksasva bharata. One has to learn how to tolerate the temporary pains and pleasures of this material world. One must also be detached from his family and practice celibacy. Sex with one’s wife according to the scriptural injunctions is also accepted as brahmacarya (celibacy), but illicit sex is opposed to religious principles, and it hampers advancement in spiritual consciousness.

Srimad Bhagavatam canto 5 chapter 5 verses 10-13

1. Don’t break your physical celibacy, even if your mental and visual celibacy is completely broken by slips. It is possible to do this through the use of willpower and self-talk. If you break even physical celibacy, what remains of your celibacy practices of the past is nothing from a spiritual or even an intellectual point of view when you’re aiming for 12 years practising celibacy continuously to develop good mental abilities. 

If you are able to save your physical celibacy, despite being exposed to unsuitable physical or visual stimuli it strengthens your determination to continue your long-term celibacy. The stages of growth are. The goal of preserving physical celibacy can be the very first stage – saving mental and visual celibacy is the subsequent stage. The first stage of perfect physical celibacy and a sincere effort to achieve mental and visual celibacy, certain you’ll achieve the goal of perfection in celibacy through words, thoughts and actions someday. However, if you are not successful in maintaining a healthy physical relationship daily, there’s no way to hope. Therefore, this is a piece of must-know advice for anyone interested in celibacy.

2. Control of physical and visual environmental conditions from the moment onward. Physical break during brahmacharya practices is caused by various physical and visible environmental triggers. How can one continue to practice brahmacharya from this point on without bringing about changes in the physical and visual environment? It is evident in the wisdom of all the spiritual masters that everybody, even those who have already become self-realized, is likely to fall out of Brahmacharya within the first 12 years of practice. You must apply a lot of concentration and physical environmental control. study the effective practices of other practitioners. 

Maintain a Brahmacharya diary. Record your learnings from both negative and positive experiences with Brahmacharya within this diary using this form: “Story: blah, Blah. Lesson Blah, blah Blah, blah.” It will aid you greatly because you’ll know in what specific circumstances you can succeed or fail with brahmacharya and which techniques worked most effectively in the past to help you handle the ferocious cravings. If you experience the mind being stricken by intense bouts of lust, take a look at your journal of Brahmacharya to gain insight into how you were able to successfully deal with these intense lustful moments in the past. You can employ those strategies today to be able to deal with lust effectively. Also, never forget to read your Brahmacharya journal once a month (like every first day of the month) because the strong attack of the lust cycle is a monthly biological cycle.

Why is Brahmacharya Important: The Foundation of Life

Why is brahmacharya important because it is the fundamental element of spirituality. It is an ideal desire. It is crucial. Without a perfect brahmacharya, it is impossible to achieve significant spiritual growth.

Abstinence or continence is the cornerstone of the moksha’s pedestal. If the cornerstone isn’t solid, the structure can collapse when heavy rain falls. But even when you’re not firmly established in Brahmacharya and your mind is disturbed by negative thoughts and thoughts, you’ll fall. You will not reach the top of the yoga ladder or the highest nirvikalpa Samadhi.

There is no chance to attain Self-realization or knowledge of the Self if isn’t well-established in Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is the key that will let you into the world of eternal bliss. Brahmacharya is the most fundamental element of yoga. As a home that is constructed on an unsound foundation is bound to be destroyed, so too it is possible to fall in your meditation if did not lay the proper base, which is the attainment of a perfect brahmacharya. It is possible to practice meditation for 12 years, but you will not be successful in attaining samadhi if not eliminate the subtle lust or the desired seed which lingers in the depths of your soul.

Why is Brahmacharya important because it is the foundation for attaining kaya siddhi, physical perfection? The complete celibacy requirement must be adhered to. It is essential to observe this. When you practice yoga, the semen transforms into Ojas Shakti. Yoga yogis will possess a flawless body. There will be a touch of charm as well as grace to his moves. He will remain to the end of his life as long as he wishes. It is also known by the name of Iccha Mrityu or death at will.

Brahmacharya’s practice is the most crucial requirement for the spiritual aspirant regardless of what method is – Karma Yoga Upasana, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Vedanta. The practice of abstinence to the fullest extent is required of all aspirants. Only true Brahmacharis can develop Bhakti. Only true Brahmacharis are able to take up yoga. Only a true Brahmachari will attain Jnana. Without Brahmacharya, there is no spiritual advancement is possible.

Lust is a fatal assault on the spirituality of man. It’s impossible for you to walk the spiritual path leading to the union with God unless you manage lust and get solidified in Brahmacharya. So long as lust smells sweet in your nose it is impossible to indulge in the most sublime, divine thoughts that fill your head. The man for whom the notion of sex is deeply rooted cannot even think of knowing Vedanta and understanding Brahman even in 1 billion years. The truth cannot reside in the midst of passion.

Sexual indulgence is an important challenge to the spiritual path. It bars spiritual practices definitely. The sexual urge has to be controlled through entertaining beautiful ideas and thus regular meditation. The total sublimation of sexual energy. Only then is the aspirant totally secure. Complete elimination of sexual desire is the highest spiritual goal.

Sexual thoughts, sexual attraction and sexual desire are the three biggest obstacles on the way to God-realization. Although the sexual desire goes away, the sex urge persists for a considerable period of time, and it afflicts the aspirants. Sex attraction is extremely, strong. Sex attraction connects you to the world. Every cell of a man or female is charged by the sex aspect. The senses and the mind are flooded with sex juice. Man can’t stand seeing a woman, without chatting with her. He is content in being with a woman. Women also can’t go on in a room without looking at a male and without engaging with him. She enjoys being with a male. This is because she or he is unable to eliminate the attraction to sex. Sex attraction is not able to be eradicated by the power of God the Lord. Human efforts are not able to eliminate the full force of this mighty power of sexual attraction.

The eye organ is responsible for fantastic discord. Get rid of the beautiful eyes, the adultery of the eye. Try to look for God in every face. Repeatedly generate the flow of compassion, dispassion and inquiry. Then you’ll be established as Brahman or the eternal. Each time, you’ll be able to generate thoughts of God and expand your Japa and your meditation. Sexual thought will be destroyed.

What value is knowledge about the sciences and the arts? to what purpose is fame or titles, what use is the repetition of the Lord’s Name, or contemplation or inquiry into “Who is I?” If you are an adolescent with the desire to please? You can control this urge with the strict Tapasya of control over your senses. Before you can begin advanced meditation, you should first be at the very least a strictly physical celibate. You should then strive to achieve the highest level of mental purity.

In the crowd, there might be an obscure Shakespeare or a Kalidasa or an undiscovered Wordsworth and a Valmiki an undiscovered saint, St. Xavier, an Akhand brahmachari similar to Bhishma Pitamaha or perhaps one of the Hanuman as well as a Lakshman or one of the Viswamitra or one of the Vashishtha an outstanding scientist such as Professor. J.C. Bose or Raman, a yogi such as Jnana Or Gorakhnath or a philosopher like Shankara or Ramanuja and or a Bhakta as Tulsidas, Ramdas or Eknath.

Then, awaken your inner faculties, and potential energy sources of all kinds through brahmacharya. You can then attain God-consciousness swiftly and be free of the sufferings of this everyday life, along with the ills of death, birth, and grief.

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