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Brahmacharya Transmutation Story of King Bhartrihari

Brahmacharya Transmutation Story of Bhartrihari

Brahmacharya Transmutation Story of Bhartrihari is one of an Inspiring Brahmacharya Transmutation Story. Many people Practice but You have reached the Perfection level. Everyone gives birth but you have realized the true purpose of birth. Everyone gives birth but you have realized the true purpose of birth. This informative on Historical King Bhartrihari is a true example of how a person may reach to perfection level through focus and practice. You can learn some life-changing lesson from the  Brahmacharya Transmutation Story of Bhartrihari. You may not be required to copy the action of King Bhartrihari but draw some Lifestyle tips to maintain a balance between Sex life & Normal Life.

The practice of Brahmacharya Tips is Beneficial for all (Brahmacharya Transmutation Story)

People suffer bad health physically & mentally because they choose intercourse pleasure as a Goal. There is more bliss in life superior than Sex. If the person learns the Art of Living, he will not be a craze for Sex rather he would know the basis of Sexual Pleasure and build an Extraordinary Life. You may be suffering Mental & physical Distress due to Nightfall, Excess masturbation, or Sexual Activities. If you follow the Brahmacharya Tips as per the previous Articles, You can be successful everywhere irrespective of married or un-married Sex Transmutation is beneficial for all. Before giving light on the Sex Transmutation Story, let’s give you one example of Sex Transmutation in Manthanhub Community.

Example of Sex Transmutation

Brahmacharya Transmutation boosts your thought power and there is an amazing Change in Body. You can see the photo of one of our Team member, photo before & After Brahmacharya Transmutation. Basically, there are two types of people, one goes for Material Success and the second goes for Spiritual Advancement. The most severe obstruction on the path is Excess Sexual Thought. Youths contacted manthanhub and told that they are suffering Excess Semen Loss due to Excess Sexual Thought. We have given the proof in our previous articles. For this reason, youths are not able to achieve their ambition. They are advised to often go to a positive environment.

They needn’t go to Jungle. You need to understand the Science of Celibacy and follow Celibacy Tips so that you will be able to control yourself and Excess Sexual thought as well. You can lead a happy and successful life followed by moving towards your Aim without hesitation. Thus, You are advised to read & watch Sex Transmutation Story of successful people in our articles and Youtube Videos.

Sex Transmutation StoryThe relation between Science and Spirituality

Maybe your Aim is Spiritual or Material. This article is not only telling about Brahmacharya Transmutation Story but before that bringing some amazing information on the relation between Science and Spirituality and This is one of a major secret of life.  It is essential to know this secret and it is your right to know. We have told about a Historical King who opted the Yog path after renouncing the Erotic Path.  We are not intent you to be a Yogi or Sannyasi like the King Bhartrihari did But you need to control the fire of Excess Sex Desire so that it should not be a barrier to your Aim.

Quantum Mechanics

Austrian Irishish Physicist “Erwin Schrodinger” got Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Wave Function. He is known as the Father of Quantum Mechanics.  According to his Theory, every particle in this Universe is a Wavefunction including Stars, Planets Galaxies, Human, Animals etc. They all are some way equivalent and connected to a Central Particle.  The Creation and Destruction of such particles are a continuous process.  It is known as Unity and  Continuity of Wave Mechanics.

 When Erwin Schrodinger read “Veda & Upanishad” he astonished to find the truth of Wave Mechanics written thousand years ago in Upanishads.  The Unity & Continuity theory was said by Erwin is also illustrated by Vedanta.  The gist of Veda & Upanishad is called “Vedanta”  According to Vedanta the whole Universe is internally & Externally pervaded by Brahm.  The universe may seem very vast and surprising but it is the portion of “Brahm “.  Brahm” is in everytihng.

Sex Transmutation Story

You may not be getting this point but you will get it one day Because you would need to contemplate on this advance knowledge.  You may get the point of Vedanta or not, if you contemplate on the assumption of Vedanta even for a while You would experience a mental peace and the pressure of Sexual Desire lessens accordingly. Erwin Schrodinger wrote in his Book “Meine Weltansicht”. The life you live is not a small portion of this universe but it sees everything inside itself. You are not aware of this fact, you cannot witness it in a narrow vision. 

You need to understand a Upanishadic Formula to get the point. The formula is “Tat Twam Asi” means “You are that you spread from east to west, you are there, under and above all. You are pervading the whole Universe. According to this Theory, We should show Sympathy & Love for all. The Sympathy and Love for all purify you internally. You will find the Excess Sexual Desire is weakening. The Modern Scientists had also appreciated the amazing relation between Modern Science and Bharatiya Vedant. If you read the life of Scientists like Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, and Nikola Tesla.

You will realize that Any such attraction becomes powerless If any person tries to understand the advance knowledge.  These Scientists are the examples who had possessed Self Control. It is good to make a habit of reading books of Advance Knowledge which facilitates to develop an attribute of Self Control. This habit elevates from Sexual Desire.

The Theory of Uncertainty & Vedant

We want to tell another Scientific Principle. If you get the point of that Principle you can divert your mind from Sexual Desire and save yourself from Bad habits.  According to the Uncertainty Principle of Werner Heisenberg, we cannot measure the Position and Momentum of a matter at the same time. This Principle resembles with Vedanta.  

Vedanta Speaks about the false illusion of a Snake if you see a rope in the darkness. Similarly, if the person blindly runs behind Sexual Pleasure, He will find pleasure in Sex only. He cannot be able to see the truth behind Sexual Pleasure. All misunderstanding and illusion wash away when the person sees the truth of rope with the Help of “Knowledge Light”. The Third eye opens up with the help of Modern Science and Spiritual Science. The Third eye is your practical Experience & Realization. Every Desire irrespective of Sexual desire melts away just like Ice melts in sun rays.

Practice makes a Man perfectSex Transmutation Story

We have taken inspiration from the Brahmacharya transmutation story of Great Yogis. The King we are going to tell turned into a Yogi from most Erotic life. This Brahmacharya Transmutation story is very Innovative and Inspiring. This is not our intention to encourage Normal people to be a Yogi But by means of Practice, one can control oneself though he may be suffering from depression and down due to excess sexual Activities. He would be able to build up such a mentality which is not possible to achieve even after years of hard work and arbitrary method. With that Mindset, he can lead a successful, happy & respectful life.

Inspiring Brahmacharya Transmutation Story of King BhartrihariSex Transmutation Story

Let’s know how The King “Bhartrihari” did Brahmacharya Transmutation. Bhartrihari was the King of Ujjain City in Ancient Bharat. He was not much keen on Royal works but interested in Romance. He had more than 100 wives and the most beautiful & dearest to King was Queen  Pingala. One day, a Brahmin came to the palace and gave a fruit and told that if someone eats this divine fruit.

The person would obtain youth and longevity forever. The King gave it to Queen Pingala because he loved her so much. Queen Pingala gave this fruit to one of an Officer of Palace as she loves him so much. The Officer gave it to a Prostitute because he loves her so much. The prostitute gave it to King Bhartrihari because she loved him so much. When the King found the fruit back to his hand, he researched and knew the matter.

He felt very dispassionate and thought that “Nobody has nothing to do with anybody”.  He wrote in his “Neeti Shatak”. Shame on me because I love the queen Pingala but she loves somebody else. Shame on Pingala, Shame on Officer, Shame on the Prostitute.  They all are cheating themselves. The King handed over his Kingship to his younger Brother “Vikramaditya” and left the palace forever. In course of time, he found his Master. He became able to experience the knowledge of Vedanta a and finally became successful in Brahmacharya Transmutation.

Bhartrihari Artistic WritingsSex Transmutation Story

He wrote three “Shataks” such as Shringar Shatak, Neeti Shatak and Vairagya Shatak. He wrote his experience of  Romance & Sex in Shringar Shatak. His Neeti Shatak Contains 100 Slokas about Morality. Vairagya Shatak contains 100 Slokas and any person may try to find the way out of the illusion of Sex if he reads Vairagya Shatak. Though the person may not be able to get rid of sex impulse fully he may inspire himself enough to alter his Life Direction.  if anyone reads Vairagya Shatak.

Some meanings of selected slokas of Vairagya Shatak

Vairagya Shatak Slok No.12  We did not enjoy the lust but the lust enjoyed and spoiled us. The time did not pass but we passed away. The lust & desire never suffered old age But we suffered old age

Slok No.14  The face wrinkled, hair whitened, the whole body get loose But lust! your young age never ends.

Slok No.15  One day the “Sex or Lust” will surely leave us though we may enjoy it as much we like, means we would not be able to enjoy the pleasure of Sex. If the human voluntarily gives up this desire then there is no difference in this partition. The human will suffer acute pain if the Desire kicks him up But if he voluntarily shuns it, he would be happy & peaceful. You could be successful in Brahmacharya Transmutation imbibing the inspiration form the  Video. You can maintain balance in your life too.

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