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How To Rewire An Anxious Brain In 7 Ways

Porn & Masturbation are killing youngsters

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We will talk about How To Rewire An Anxious Brain but before that let’s understand something. In this age of the internet and smartphones, youngsters are easily exposed to porn. In bad company, they fall into the bad habit of masturbation. Read the parents and teachers do not give them correct knowledge either due to lack of knowledge or because they feel it embarrassing to discuss this issue. In the older times of Gurukul, the child was kept away from this negative environment. But nowadays, there is open vulgarity. Erotic pictures and videos on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube make it very difficult for a youngster to escape this attraction. The young boy watches porn and masturbates and enjoys it. But this enjoyment later becomes a big problem. Semen is the vital fluid. Its loss causes many physical, mental and psychological problems. The experience of lakhs of youth shows it causes a weak body, loss of strength, weak eyes, dry skin, hair loss, bad smell, back pain, indigestion, tiredness and sexual problems of poor erection, premature ejaculation, frequent nightfalls and infertility. The sexual organ becomes weak, thin and underdeveloped. Not only the physical body, but the brain also becomes dull. One cannot think, rationalize and take decisions; he loses control easily, gets angry, can’t remember with poor memory, and has no focus. He cannot control his emotions, and his anxious brain and become sad and depressed easily. He does not care about others’ feelings and has social fear and anxiety. This has a very bad effect on his life. He becomes weak in his studies, cannot do his job properly and cannot live a successful family life. Life becomes like a hell. But even after all these problems, it is difficult for him to get over the habit of porn viewing and masturbation addiction

Why it is very difficult to handle an anxious brain?

It is because of many reasons that the person is not able to quit these bad habits and rewire an anxious brain:

  1. The environment around is very negative
  2. Influence from friends and bad company
  3. Due to too much stress, the mind wants pleasure
  4. The easy option for pleasure is through porn and masturbation
  5. Lack of real authentic knowledge in life
  6. Very few Gurus talk openly about this issue
  7. A young boy has difficulty understanding high-level spiritual knowledge
  8. Unavoidable use of smartphones and social media
  9.  Automatic popup notifications in mobiles and advertisements showing erotic pictures, scenes and stories
  10. Addiction to porn and masturbation is extreme due to high dopamine release
  11. This addiction becomes like an obsessive-compulsive act

Is there any solution?

The only solution is to change “yourself” as you cannot change the negative environment around you. Negativity and vulgarity are everywhere. You cannot escape unless your mind is powerful enough to resist the urge.

Why rewiring an anxious brain is necessary to bring this change?

How To Rewire An Anxious Brain

“It’s all in mind” it is said. If you can transform your mind into a pure elevated thought process, you can save yourself from this addiction while staying in the negative environment. This is because now your mind is so powerful and strong that outside attraction does not affect you. If you rewire your anxious brain, the brain no longer wants pleasure from porn and masturbation but starts taking pleasure from good things in life. This is done through the scientific techniques of positive affirmation and placebo effect. Brain rewire strengthens the neurons in your brain and makes your memory sharp, better concentration, and focus. It gives you new energy and physical resilience. Emotionally, you become strong and mature. You can study well, do your office job better and maintain healthy relationships with others. You remain happy and cheerful. You lead a happy fruitful family life. Your interest and love for God increase and you have more interest in doing spiritual practice, meditation and yoga, and pranayama. You are able to manage things effectively and your time is not wasted. You become active, and more efficient and complete the work in less time. You become motivated and have a higher goal in life. There are numerous other benefits to rewiring an anxious brain. So friends, don’t waste time and energy and get the best brain to rewire the course now.

They are easy to understand, in simple common language and prepare you for the big transformation. These are audio-visual programs which can be practised anywhere, most effective when done in the morning hours. Daily practice helps to transform impure ugly thoughts and feelings into pure elevated thoughts. You are able to exercise self-control and depending on your goal, can further pursue spiritual knowledge and path. 

Thousands of youths have found brain rewire courses easy, practical and quite handy in tough times. They have been able to transform their lives successfully. They practice brain rewiring daily in the morning, which charges them for the whole day, and then use brain rewire sessions like Urges control to control the urges whenever needed. It gives them instant relief.

Remember friends, PMO addiction is like poison. Unless you treat it with the medicine of brain rewiring, it shall continue to weaken your brain and other important organs. So, act now before it is too late

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