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Money Saving Tips

Money saving tips


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These 22 Money saving tips are so practical, simple and applicable that you will not only realize the necessity of these simple tips but you would surely take a firm decision to adopt money-saving tips in your life.

Money is not everything but there is nothing without money. Therefore money-saving is much more important than earning money. However, everybody just pays attention to earning money but not to saving money.  It is the truth and after all, you are agree with this. Why not adopt these 22 money-saving tips since it’s a good habit towards stable and management our life against money problems during acute necessity.  You will agree here that due to careless money comes and goes as well unnoticed and finally, we regret the same.

Hence here are the 22 money-saving tips one by one strongly recommend for you.

Money saving tips



If you can manage your work with old mobile, then there is no point in buying a new one. Remember that New Mobile becomes Old one day. Do not waste your money.


Do not make your home like a garbage bin buying unnecessary items. Your money & time will be wasted.


Do not take food which bears no nutrition value. First, your health is affected then Money and time will be wasted.


Purchase cloths as per your requirement.


Manage your work with second-hand material instead of buying a new one.


Your skin is adversely affected by the usage of cosmetics. This is Doctor’s advisory, So do not waste your money on this.


Save Electricity. Switch off Light-Fan-TV when you come out of your home.


Maintain a Dairy and record all your daily expenditure. At the end of the month, you will be able to ascertain how money gets wasted unnecessarily.


Before buying anything, Ask yourself…Is it necessary? Will it do without buying it?


Do not forget to bargain whenever you go for shopping.


Do not be a victim of addiction, this will spoil your life.


Some people compare themselves with neighbor’s marriage and borrow lots of money and expend it and later on keep on repaying it for the lifetime.


Best Tips To Save Money

Invest your money in your own source of income, Your income will be doubled from that.


Outside food is very costly nowadays and that is not hygienic. Three to four persons could easily have food at home on that specified amount.


Fulfill your necessity by utilizing money but control your desire. If possible try to reduce your necessity.


Always avail public transport.


Do all your work within your hand. Like washing cloth. shoe polishing, ironing, and sewing etc.


Create awareness & understanding in your family each other to save money.


Open an RD Account in Bank. You will be pressured to deposit money every month and also you will get interest from your money.


Do not waste your money in silly things by underestimating Rs.20 or Rs.50  because this value becomes huge while in bulk.


Search for sources of extra income. Search such type of Source in which you have interest and you can easily do.


Do not be westernized, it says more consume more enjoy rather lead life according to Indian Culture. It is the rule of ArthshastraSaving Money is earning money.

money saving tips

So, Which Tip Are You Going To Apply To Save Your Money

Afterall we want to ask you. which money saving tips you are going to adopt in your life out those 22 money saving tips and which money saving tips you are already adopting. Do not hesitate to share your story regarding  your money saving tips  and also watch this compelling video particularly created to motivate you How to Save Money 

Watch here : 22 Money Saving Tips

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