Purification, illumination and perfection, the three great stages of the ascent

Superhuman Qualities Brain Rewire

This is a free online Hindi Brain Rewire to invoke intense spiritual emotion which will enable you to build up 15 powerful qualities. This is not a normal video for listening everywhere but you must be set free & fresh…

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Free Session Genius Brain Mantra Healing

Genius Brain Mantra Healing – Free Session Completed Successfully Only inner strength and introspection into knowing the real self can bring real transformation. Manthanhub has organized many “Transformation Sessions” in the last 6 months that changed the life of many…

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Musical Dance Healing For Lust & Porn Addiction

This is spiritual cosmic science. There is an entity called spiritual cosmic dance. You know of Sun and planets. The planets revolving around the Sun are actually dancing around the Sun. Thousands of Sun-like stars revolve around the nebula and…

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