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Brahmacharya And Its Importance In Sanatana Dharma - Indic Today

It merits rehashing that a genuine abstinent has enormous energy, an unmistakable cerebrum, solid self-control, striking arrangement, retentive memory, and an amazing brain.

One of the understudies of Dhanvantari moved toward his educator subsequent to completing his full course of Ayurveda (the old Indian study of medication) and asked: “O Bhagavan, sympathetically let me know the mystery of wellbeing now.”

Dhanvantari answered: “This fundamental energy is verily the Atman. The mystery of wellbeing lies in conservation of this imperative power. He who squanders this crucial and valuable energy can’t have physical, mental, good, and otherworldly turn of events.”

What Is Celibacy (Brahmacharya?)

Benefits of Brahmachrya

Brahmacharya is supreme independence from sexual considerations and wants. It is the promise of abstinence. It is control of the relative multitude of faculties in idea, word, and deed.

Brahmacharya isn’t simple bachelorhood. There ought to be exacting restraint not only from sex yet in addition from auto-sensual indications, masturbation, gay demonstrations, and all unreasonable sexual practices. It’s anything but a lasting abstention from guilty pleasure in suggestive creative mind and curvaceous dream.

Don’t Waste the Vital Energy

The fundamental energy Veerya is an extraordinary fortune to you. It upholds your life and is the Prana (life-power) of Pranas, which sparkles in your shimmering eyes and shafts in your sparkling cheeks. It is the pith of blood.

From food, chyle is fabricated. Out of chyle comes blood. Out of blood comes tissue. Out of tissue comes fat. Out of fat comes marrow. Out of marrow comes semen. Semen is the last substance.

The Effect of Wasting Your Semen

The individuals who have lost a lot of their semen become effortlessly bothered. They lose their equilibrium of brain rapidly. Easily overlooked details upset them. The individuals who have not noticed the promise of abstinence become captives of outrage, lethargy, and dread. On the off chance that you don’t have your faculties leveled out, you will do silly things that even kids dare not do.

Note cautiously the evil eventual outcomes once the Veerya is lost. Prana gets insecure and upset. The body and psyche will not work enthusiastically. You experience physical and mental laziness just as depletion and shortcoming.

You need to take response to milk, natural products, and different food varieties to make great the deficiency of energy. Keep in mind, these articles can never fix the misfortune totally. Awful memory, untimely advanced age, ineptitude, different kinds of eye illnesses, and anxious sicknesses are inferable from the substantial loss of this imperative liquid.

Rules to conserve this Vital force (Bramacharya | Celibacy)

  1. Sexual longing has its root in one’s idea. Consequently, unlimited authority over through is essential. The best approach to accomplish it is this. Never let your brain stay great. Keep it loaded up with great and valuable thoughts. At the end of the day continue to think about whatever obligation you have close by. There need be no stress over it, however think out haw would you be able to turn into a specialist in your specialization and afterward set your considerations in motion. There ought to be no misuse of contemplations. Japa (reiteration of God’s name) is an extraordinary help when ideal musings frequent you. Think about God in the structure you have imagined Him except if you know Him as amorphous. While japa is going on, no different considerations ought to be permitted to enter one’s psyche. This is the best state. Yet, in the event that one can’t arrive at it and a wide range of excluded musings attack one’s psyche, one ought not get dampened. Namajapa ought to be proceeded loyally and in the certainty that extreme triumph will undoubtedly follow.
  2. Similarly as with our musings, so with our perusing and talking. These ought to be sound and clean. Suggestive writing ought to be kept away from. Inactive, frequency talk prompts obscene activity. Clearly one who don’t wish to take care of his creature interests will stay away from occupations which will in general incorporate them.
  3. Like the brain, the body should likewise be kept well and conveniently involved, with the goal that the exhaustion of the day may prompt invigorating dreamless rest. Beyond what many would consider possible, work ought to be in open. The individuals who for reasons unknown or the other, can’t embrace actual work, should make it a highlight take normal exercise. As I would see it, an energetic stroll in the open is the best type of activity. During the walk the mouth ought to be shut and breathing ought to be done through the nose. Sitting or strolling, the body should be held erect. To sit or stand in any case is a size of sluggishness and lethargy is simply the foe restriction. Yogic activities asanas-are additionally helpful. This much I can say from my own experience that one who keeps his hands and feet, eyes and ears, soundly involved doesn’t have a lot of trouble in controlling the creature hunger. Everybody can test this for himself.
  4. A Sanskrit text say that a man becomes what he eats. An indulgent person who practices no restriction in eating is a treatment to his creature interests. One who has not had the option to control his sense of taste, won’t ever have the option to control different faculties. On the off chance that this is valid, obviously one should take barely sufficient nourishment for the necessities of the body and no more. The eating regimen ought to be sound and even. The body was never intended to be treated as a reject receptacle holding the food varieties that the sense of taste requests. Food is intended to support the body. His body has been given to man as a methods for self-acknowledgment. Self-acknowledgment implies acknowledgment of God. An individual who has made this acknowledgment the object of their life, won’t ever turn into a balm to the creature enthusiasm.
  5. Man should look upon every woman as his mother, sister or daughter. No one ever entertains impure thoughts with regard to his mother, sister or daughter. Similarly, women should look upon every man as her father, brother or son.

Celibacy Is the Most Important Way to Maintain Manliness

Unadulterated air, unadulterated water, healthy food, actual exercise, and outside games like tennis all add to the upkeep of good wellbeing, strength, and an elevated expectation of force and essentialness.

There are, in fact, numerous approaches to acquire wellbeing and strength. In any case, abstinence is the most significant of all. It is the one in particular that keeps up obvious masculinity.

The act of chastity conveys no threat or hazard of illness. There are no bothersome outcomes, for example, the different kinds of ‘buildings’ that Western analysts accept to exist. These pyschologists have no commonsense information regarding the matter available. They have an off-base and poorly established creative mind that ungratified sex-energy accepts the types of a ‘complex, for example, contact fear.

All things being equal, the complex is because of different causes. It’s anything but a horrible perspective brought about by over the top desire, contempt, outrage, stress, and misery, all of which have their own sources.

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The Superhuman Lifestyle

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