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Seminal Fluid Analysis revealed the figure of Mental patients

Mental Patients

Astonishing  facts of  Mental patients

It is astonishing to know the fact of mental health and the numeric figure of mental patients which has been pointed out by Advanced Scientists and Psychologists. Before that, It is essential to know about the types of mental patients found throughout the globe.

No.1  Mudh

Mudh is a Sanskrit Word and it is better to understand it’s meaning as per its original Language. The person is known to be as “Mudh” when he loses the power to think and understand. Mudh is one of a serious mental patient.

Mental Patients
No.2 Dirghasutri

The Mental patient affected with this disease works very slow whereas a normal healthy person can do four things with that given time as compared to the affected mental patients.

No.3 Forgetful

This type of mental patients forget things very quickly and they need to be reminded again and again for the same thing.

No.4 Short tempered

A short-tempered mental patient gets angry very quickly without any reason. This type of mental patients harms themselves the most than any other mental patients.

No.5 Insanity

Amazing Facts

Mental Patients

Although there are several types of mental diseases and Mental Patients as well, however, it is good to tell you the useful facts that can inspire you so that you can modify your life accordingly. Top Scientists, Psychologists, and  Psychiatrists have asserted that  80% of Mental Patients have only one origin i.e. Seminal Fluid Weakness.

What is Seminal Fluid Weakness?

Seminal Fluid Weakness is caused by excessive loss of Seminal fluid due to excessive unnatural Sex, Masturbation, and Nocturnal emission. It will be easy to get the point of Seminal Fluid Weakness if we know Chemistry of Semen. The concept of Semen Chemistry is enough to clear out all doubts regarding Seminal Fluid Weakness. Physiological Chemists Simon, Slowtzoff, and Meischer undertook Semen Analysis and clarified that Semen constitutes 90% of water and 10% of Solids.

Mental Patients

Semen Constituents are Brain foods

No.1 Proteins

Protein substances like Albumin, Nucleoproteins, Globulins, Mucin, Nuclein, Proteose, Protamin, Hemialal Bumose, Alkali Albumenate etc

No.2 Lipoids

It contains Phosphorised Fats and Lecithin.

No.3 Cholesterin

No.4 Minerals

Phosphorous, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sulpher, Chloride etc

Chemistry of Brain

We will be able to know the relation between  Seminal Fluid Weakness and  Mental Patients after knowing about Chemistry of Brain. If we divide  Brain & Nervous Tissue, One half contains Cholesterin and another half contains Lecithin and Phosphorous. According to Brain Scientist Petrowssky, Grey and White colored substance of Brain contains Water, Fixed Residuum, albumen and Keratin, Lecithin, Cholesterin & Fats, Minerals. It is astonishing to know, these all substances of Brain are also constituents of Semen.

The Person who is not suffering any  Seminal Fluid Weakness feeds his Brain with sufficient necessary Brain foods and his Brain functions very well. He can never be a Mental Patient.

Mental Patients
Semen Loss and Mental Patients

Due to excessive Sexual Activities, Semen gets thin and diluted. It’s because non-availability of  10% important above-mentioned solids. The affected person may suffer burning sensation while urinating, Excess Nocturnal emission, Pre-mature Ejaculation etc.  The brain does not get sufficient food due Seminal Fluid Weakness and it causes many negative symptoms such as  Heaviness on Head, Dizziness, Mental Fatigue, lack of Encouragement,  Zipping inside Ear etc

Sex Transmutation and Brahmacharya Benefits

Mental Patients

Students should learn Sex Transmutation and live continent life so that they can boost their Memory power. It is evident that Children look like Parents consequently attributes of Parents are transmuted to Children. All married couple or Bachelors planning to get married should keep on practicing Sex Transmutation and Brahmacharya so that they can be able to beget highly Intelligent, Ideal and Continent Children. Society or Country needs such type of Children. You may have listened to this famous proverb ” You bow so you reap”. It is foolishness to hope highly Intelligent, Ideal and Continent Children without living a continent life.

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