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9 ways on how to overcome negativity

Negativity is pessimistic behavior that makes the person feel as low as possible. It makes the people so low and they can’t even feel confident while doing any task. It is a huge problem that’s why Manthanhub is here for giving you tips on how to overcome negativity.

Negativity kills all your energy and enthusiasm for doing any work. Even some people who are so optimistic and always energized get trapped in negativity and lose all their optimism and get into feelings of pain and guilt. The symptom of negativity is like you will always feel depressed, anxiety and you will always look worried. Do you have some symptoms? But now don’t worry because in this blog of Manthanhub you will get the solution of negativity. We will give you the solution on how to overcome negative thoughts.

Negativity can create a huge problem in the life of a person. It can put a bad impact on your social life and even your relationship and health too. That’s Why it is very important to get the solution of how to overcome negativity.

We will discuss here some ways by which you can get out of the trap of negativity and by following these tips you will never get confused on how to overcome negativity or how to get out of negative thoughts.

By following these tips anyone can get out of negative thoughts. You just have to follow these steps sincerely otherwise you will not get the result. Following these methods is not so difficult for anyone so that he would not be able to follow these steps. Actually, if you have some problem in adjusting to this lifestyle then it’s not a bigger task, here you have to use your brain. Compare how much your life is becoming ridiculous and worse due to these negative thoughts if you will not follow this lifestyle. For some time it seems unusual but after some time you will enjoy that lifestyle. It is so much important in our life to leave this toxic behavior and let our minds live a healthy and wise life.

So, let move towards some points from which you can overcome negativity:-

1. Meditation


Meditation is the best way to control your mind. Your mind is everything; you just have to control your mind. It is possible only through mediation. You can get rid of anxiety, hypertension, and mode of ignorance by doing Meditation. Therefore at least try to do Meditation regularly. It is not any great task; you just have to give a very less portion of your day to your mind and soul.

2. Always be grateful

Whatever you have in your life, always be happy about that. Think like that whatever is happening in my life is for my better future and will build my strong character. Try to focus on good things and watch them again and again because only that thing matters. Don’t waste your time pointing out those things that really don’t matter, and thinking about those things will create only problems in your life. 

3. Follow a healthy lifestyle and celibacy

           Understanding the basic concept of life is so much important. Let us understand it with an example that there is a manual attached with it for every machine, and then the user has to operate the machine according to the machine. Similarly, our body is also a complex machine, and God has given its manual in the form of scriptures to us. The great peoples and sages also tell us how to live this life, but today’s people are not following their words, and therefore they are suffering. Our scriptures and our Spiritual masters always tell us to live a Brahmacharya lifestyle, but people deny that they are suffering as a result. Manthanhub has made several courses on this topic that will lead you to a prosperous and happy life. 

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4. Make a fixed routine

In order to make yourself more productive and if you want to know how to overcome negativity you have to choose a healthy routine. Start by waking up early in the morning and in the morning give some time to your mind and body by doing Meditation or exercise. After that start your day and try to do some productive things in your free time. You can listen to Podcasts, read books, and do anything else based on your interest. The thing that matters most is that you are consuming something valuable. Try to be busy if you are getting negative thoughts in your free time. This can help you because you are replacing your negative thoughts with any work and that will increase your productivity.


5. Association

With whom you are spending most of your time. Try to filter out that your friends, your colleagues, your siblings or any else, are encouraging you or they are demotivating you. Sometimes some people get trapped in the zone of fake friends or fake people who are showing them a dream life that is not possible and hence you become unhappy with your current life. Use your mind and analyze your circle that either they are feeding me right things or wrong things. If you get that your friends are not so good as they seem to be then you have to change your friendship. Hang out with those people who encourage you, who can support you in your difficult times, who can make you laugh even in tough situations. Keep some people around you with whom you can share your problems.

6. No one is perfect

You have to accept that no one is perfect. Don’t chase perfectionism because if you are chasing that then you will always fight and ultimately you will lose. Analyze your capacity and don’t follow the public. Work according to your opinion because any other person will not let you out of your mental health. Choose the things of your interest and then work on that, this thing will give you more happiness than other things.

7. Don’t watch shit

Negativity also comes from the content that you are consuming over the internet, newspaper, television, and many other platforms. Analyze all that and filter out whether you are consuming the right content or not. Let me explain further, suppose there is a boy who is using social media all day then it will create a wrong effect on his mind. He is degrading his mental health first by putting all efforts towards the screen and also his mental health is degrading by watching the layman’s world. Social media is a place where people show their fake image towards society and always talk about what is positive in them. This brings a negative impact on the person who is watching their content because he is thinking that they are living a beautiful life and I am not. This can put mental pressure on you, so choose wisely.

8. Writing Practice

Writing practice is one of the underrated things that people don’t take care of. Through writing, you can release all your burdens of mind. If you are writing dairy on a regular basis and if you are writing down the things and activities that you have done throughout the day then it will really help you out.

Some people also call it writing meditation because here you are writing all your thoughts and problems and then solutions. So, it gives you a strength and solution for the problems that you are facing. So, it is highly recommended for everyone to write dairy every day. Even if you feel no problem in your life then also you can write dairy because it will boost your productivity. By writing a diary you are analyzing everything that you have done today and the mistakes that you have done today and hence it will increase your productivity.

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9. Focus on Strength

Why are you focusing on your weakness? Does it give you anything? Ask yourself this question. You will get nothing by thinking about these things. So, always focus on strength and grow towards that. This thing will help you a lot all throughout your life. Negativity comes from your own mind, you have to make your mind pure otherwise you have to pay for that. Your way of thinking, your work ethics matters most in your mind.

So, these were some points from Manthanhub that help you to get out of negative thoughts and negativity.

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