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20 Harmful effects of Masturbation

Masturbation Side Effects

Effects of Masturbation
side effects of masturbation

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effects of masturbation

This article has been written from the opinion of persons who have suffered severe physical and mental problems due to the bad effects of masturbation.

We are grateful to Psychologists Dr. Nichol and Dr. Syllvanus Stall for their Advice to the Generation. You should be aware of the harmful effects of Masturbation.

However some websites and Medical experts have suggested the benefits of Masturbation but it is not wise to believe in the incomplete and illogical conception rather believe in Experience, believe in Experiment, believe in the Chemistry of Semen, and the Chemistry of the Brain. You will be shocked to know the negative effects of masturbation to the brain here.

There are many harmful effects of Masturbation but here we have highlighted the major 20 harmful effects of Masturbation.

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Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation’s bad effects


The individual with the habit of Masturbation can never think about “Is there anything superior to Sex?”. He will never try for Self-awareness. When Someone Leaves Self Awareness He is Going toward Self Destruction.


The Pleasure due to Masturbation may last for a few seconds but the depression and lack of enthusiasm last for many days. This Action Causes a Permanent effect on the Mental Level.


The Person suffers a type of Physical and Mental tiredness soon after Masturbation because it involves too much Energy from your Body. This Energy Can Be Utilized in many Ways for Progress in Life.


Lower back pain due to loss of calcium as a result of the excess loss of seminal fluid. When masturbation becomes a habit one has to face this Issue for a Long Period of Time.


Loss of Memory because the Chemicals of Semen are Good brain foods. Semen is Important for the Power of the Brain when the Brain does not get enough food its power to memorize things Reduces.


Disturbance in your daily work because you are addicted to Masturbation and you want to masturbate due to excess sexual urge. Addiction pressurizes the mind to take action toward it, and this causes a Huge imbalance in Work life.

Side Effects of Masturbation

Effects of Masturbation
is masturbation harmful


Loss of Time, Sleep, and Energy. Sometimes you do not get sexual excitement, so you watch pornography during silent hours or sleeping time. You spend hours and hours of time watching more and more pornography It kills your time, sleep, and energy. these three things are way more essential for your existence.


Unstable mind and an unfocused mind. You are not able to stabilize your mind, you are not able to focus your mind due to excess sexual thoughts. You have masturbated several times but you are not able to satisfy yourself It kills your mental stability and focus.


You may suffer excess wet dreams during sleep. This can lead to heavy guilt to you.

No.10 –  Does Masturbation Cause Hairfall?

Hair loss is the outcome of excess masturbation. Yes, masturbation causes hair fall, Whenever a male is involved in excessive sexual activity the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) level increases inside the body, and it prevents hair growth, which also causes hair loss. 

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen. Androgen is a sex hormone that helps contribute to the development of what are the thoughts as “man” sex characteristics, such as body and hair. 


Too much Masturbation develops intoxication just like alcohol and tobacco. This is much more harmful than other toxins available on the market.


Excess Masturbation results in diseases like Premature Ejaculation. This disease cause Reduces Pleasure during Sex.


Excess Masturbation and Premature Ejaculation affect your sex life accordingly. Sex is now not very Exciting for the body and Mind when You are already done with a lot of Masturbation

Effects of Masturbation


Due to the loss of excess Vital Fluid Human body starts to age very fast. This is very bad at a Young age many People have problems like they are aged already. Glow on Face is not like it should be. People at Young ages are taking Medicines and treatments for anti-ageing.


You may lose sexual sensitivity due to excess Masturbation. Sexual Organs become more insensitive toward real Sex and many people enjoy masturbation more than sex.


Excessive Masturbation results decrease in Sperm count. Sperm Count is like a meter to your energy level. Reduced number to sperm count leads to a low chance of conceiving babies. This is leading to more natural issues in the marital life of couples.


Sexual Impotence and Urine Infection. Body Organs related to sex in humans get affected by this and more other problems are occurring in it.


Excess Masturbation leads to Suicidal thoughts It happens because of Mental imbalance and excess depression levels. a person becomes very weak because of this mentally, physically and spiritually which leads to a low chance of living a better life.


Feeling Insecure and Loneliness This is a very dangerous state of mind. You may feel that Nobody is there to guide you towards the true happiness of life You will find everybody is suggesting Sex and Masturbation But nobody is there to show you the path to real satisfaction and happiness.


It is the final one. Please pay attention. Always remember “Experience is true Knowledge itself” Always regard your Experience Never be misguided Maximum of you who are watching this video may be suffering some of the problems we have already narrated before you If you disregard your own experience, then It is the most harmful effect of Masturbation.

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