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Importance of Mahashivratri | Significance of Mahashivratri

Have you ever thought about why Shiva, the object of such wonderment and reverence so widespread in India? Could Shiva be a real person? Does divinity have the human body? Would it be restricted when divinity was inside the human body?
What happens if we inform you that your existence has an itch that is reminiscent of Lord Shiva? What if we told you that if you can identify this particular aspect of your life, you will achieve Shiva? Would you believe us when we said this? Shiva is nothing more than this deep state of tranquility, peace, and stability?
So, regardless of whether you believe it or not, it’s factual. Let’s look at Shiva as a symbol and the meaning and essence that is Mahashivratri.
Our traditions, culture, and festivals carry an even deeper meaning. Each of them is associated with a specific divine energy. The divine energy is identified with the name and shape to help us appreciate its advantages, characteristics, and blessings—one of these energies and the one that reigns supreme, Shiva.

The Night of Shiva : Mahashivratri

Maha Shivratri

The most revered festival of Shiva is celebrated during the fourteenth day of the full moon in the dark part of the month Phalguna, which is the moon’s lunar phase. It falls between February through March. The time happens to be Mahashivratri or the night of the grand celebration of Shiva.
People devoted to Shiva stay awake throughout the night during this auspicious evening of Shivratri. Many perform poojas, chant Vedic mantras or Rudram and practice sadhana and meditate. These worship rituals give us the feeling of peace inside us and a sense of unity in the universe.

Why Mahashivratri is celebrated?

Many stories are told associated with Shiva. Although each one is significant, Gurudev sheds light on the significance of Mahashivratri. Gurudev says that Shiva is not just a name for a person. However, it is the energy that the whole creation is based on. Energy is present throughout the universe and part of all living things. The energy is referred to as”the Shiva Tattva.

The meaning behind Mahashivratri

Ratri refers to that which provides peace and relaxation, and comfort. At night, all activities end. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. The atmosphere becomes peaceful while the human body falls into rest/sleep mode.

Ratri also refers to that which provides relief from three kinds of issues: physical problems and the mind. to the soul. adhyatmikadhibhoutik as well as Adidaivik. If you’re sleeping at night, you’re not worrying about water, food, or even clothing. All you want is to get to sleep to find relief from the stresses of the day.

So, three kinds of peace are required to achieve that deep sleep. The first one is material peace. If there’s a fight within you or any kind of disturbances, you won’t be able to sleep or rest. The second reason is that you require peace in your body, mind, and body. Thirdly, you require peace in your soul. Without one of the three, a deep rest is not enough. Therefore, the one that gives the three aspects of best physical, mental and spiritual is called ratrior night. Then Shivratri represents the evening of transcendental divine consciousness that provides comfort to all levels of consciousness. The night represents the combination between Shiva and Shakti and makes the surroundings more vibrant. This is why it is important to be awake during Mahashivratri.

The night is a time of deep peace and compassion. Every meditation practiced on this day will be a hundred times more efficient.

Also, it is astrologically connected to the sun: when the moon and the sun align in a specific way, this helps to raise the mind. Ancient seers claimed that these days were suitable for the practice of spirituality. According to Indian Astrology, there are specific dates and times in the year that are suitable for spiritual development and meditation. Mahashivratri is one such day.

Mahashivratri is the union of the spiritual and the material. It is believed that the Shiva Tattva (principle energy) is usually 10 inches above the ground. This day, this consciousness descends to touch Earth element. It is the perfect time for our souls to be reborn in our bodies. This is the reason why spiritual seekers have particular significance during Mahashivratri. When the subtle energy of Mahashivratri is unified with the earth, it aids in attaining an even deeper and richer experience in meditation.

Importance of Meditation on Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri is a day to commemorate this festival of Shiva tattva. Spiritual seekers and followers of Lord Shiva can meditate and revel with this Shiva energy. Shiva is the symbol of our soul, and tattva is a principal or the truth. It is the season when we can rest in the principle or truth in our inner soul. This means that we are searching for higher truths about life, which lie in us.
It is the time to do sadhana, a restful time for the mind, body, and ego. This deep relaxation will awaken a devotee to the highest level of understanding that is the wisdom of Shiva Tattva.
Meditation allows us to access something beyond the reach of the mind and the intellect. There’s a point in meditation where we are in a state of space: a state that is void and filled with love. The experience leads us to the 4th level of consciousness. It is known as Shiva.

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