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Depression Treatment for Youth from Excess Semen Loss

Depression Treatment  for Youth from Excess Semen Loss Depression Treatment for Youth is proportional to Sex Transmutation and Brahmacharya. The study reveals that a large proportion of Youth Population is suffering Depression due to...

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Nadisodhan Pranayama

NADISODHAN PRANAYAMA THE MEANING OF PRANAYAMA The meaning of pranayama is prana+ayama. Prana means the life force and ayama is its control. So Pranayama means controlling the breathing process (the life force).             In...

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Brahmacharya Benefits

Brahmacharya Benefits Brahmacharya Benefits There is nothing more beneficial, advantageous, healthy practice, Yoga or Meditation than the practice of Brahmacharya.   Brahmacharya benefits directly deal with physiological and Psychological well-being. Brahmacharya way of life and...