Purification, illumination and perfection, the three great stages of the ascent

How to Stop Overthinking with Meditation

How to stop overthinking with meditation

As human creatures, we are truly adept at taking care of issues with not many factors. Essential assignments like doing clothing, setting up a dinner or heading to the store are instances of this. We are additionally truly adept at taking care of issues with endless factors. Complex music, multifaceted masterpieces, design or programming are … Read more

Things you Really Need For Success in Your life

How to get succes in life

Everybody wants their life to mean something to be pleased with accomplishments which speak a story of gift meets diligence matches good fortune/timing. Yet numerous people succeed while others watch from the sidelines, wishing they were within the spotlight. What separates the brilliant from the typical? If you asked this question a few of years … Read more

Meditation : Science Benefits and Spirituality

What is Spiritual Meditation ? Spiritual meditation is the mindful practice of connection to something that is greater than yourself, vaster than any human being, and deeper than the oneself. It may seem some type type of myth, but the path to that connection only goes through spiritual meditation. While there are many meditation techniques out … Read more

Amazing benefits of Sex energy transmutation

Sexual energy transmutation

Sex Energy transmutation or sexual transmutation is a divine process. It is not just only a belief, but it is a science. By using this energy you can overtake the majority of the people and you will get to experience a great personality. You can become a genius person. It can bring you a new … Read more