Life without sex ? Brahmacharya and celibacy Explained

Back in 1985, Adrian Piper stopped having intercourse. A longtime yoga practitioner, Piper dedicated herself to the custom of brahmacharya (celibacy), which will be thought to be an important step along the pathway to enlightenment. Still resolutely committed 17 decades after, Piper calls this practice that the best spiritual gift she has ever been granted. … Read more

Brahmacharya | Right Use of Energy

What is Brahmacharya ? The fourth of the Yamas, Brahmacharya, is frequently interpreted as’celibacy’ or’chastity’, which does not always result in a remarkably common Yama…! Traditionally, the’Brahmacharya’ was supposed to promote individuals involved with the practice of yoga to preserve their sexual energy, instead of using this energy to additional advance across the Yogic path. … Read more

Brahmacharya : What is Brahmacharya and its Benefits

Meditation benefits

Whats is Brahmacharya ? “Brahmacharya pratishtayam viaryalabhaha” Brahmacharya = celibacy; Pratishtayam = established; Viarya = vigour; Iabhaha = gained.“On being established in celibacy vigour is gained.” Lets break Brahmacharya in words and see what is its literal meaning. Brahma means ‘Divine‘ and Charya means the ‘path‘. Which means if you are on the path of divine or you are following the path … Read more

Masturbation :- Harmfull effects and Causes


Masturbation is a bad habit and we all know that it is a bad habit. And also we all thinks how to stop masurbation. Many people thinks that they will never be able to free from this addiction. But this is completely not true. Nothing is greater than human belief, If you believe that you … Read more

How to Quit Porn Addiction – Leave A Vigorous Life

how to quit porn

 I know you are here as depressed, Worried, helpless, embarrassed but after Reading this article, You become Heartfully elevated, safe, dedicated & hopeful. It is guaranteed that you will not remain the same after reading This article may be of long duration but it will work as remedial medicines for disease less flawless long life … Read more