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Karma Yoga | Bhagavad Gita on Karma Yoga

What is Karma Yoga?

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As per Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita Karma yoga can be described as the practice of “selfless action performed for the benefit of others“. Karma yoga can be described as a way to attain moksha (spiritual liberation) through the practice of work.

Bhagavad Gita is regarded as one of the most enduring Vedic literature. The ideas and message of the text are considered to be clear, unambiguous, and are still practiced in the present day.

There are a variety of sections within the Bhagavad Gita however karma yoga is being studied not just due to the teachings and principles of Shri Krishna but also due to its practical significance and importance in the present day.

Karma word is derived from the Sanskrit element ‘kri’ that refers to doing something or to take action.

In a broad sense the electronic gadgets we have are used for shopping, making payments as well as entertainment. They are performing their work, but when they think about karma, if it’s acting with conscious awareness, then it is considered as Karma.

The electronic gadgets we use are designed for certain things, but that does not mean it’s Karma. It’s only considered”karma” when the action is been done with intention and awareness and will result in “karma fal” which is the resultant action that is fruitful and has any result.

The positive aspects of it that humans carry from one generation to the next or it is perceived as a positive or negative outcome of their actions.

There are many works of literature or beliefs in religions that no matter what we do in our single life, we must face the consequences in our next life.

In order for something to be karma, it is necessary to be the living agent and willful act and not a compulsion action and an entity that is self-aware and taking deliberate action. Human beings are self-aware being that acts as an agent in the task using their senses to take action. 

They can attain the Karma Fal (results that result from actions) in order to carry out the actions they are conscious of. It is only one action when it is performed with the proper motive and the intention that karma will guide to excellence or superiority.

Your karma is your mark or distinctiveness. It demonstrates that you are who you say you are. what your mind is doing? What kind of continuous concentration do you possess? 

This is the most important aspect of yours. This is the typical psychological basis of your success and is will determine what you’ll be in the near future. If someone wants to be an effective leader, they need to develop their minds in such so that the end result is so positive and efficient that the people begin following your lead.

Choices that are conscious = High Performer= Leadership prevails = Great destiny.

There are three kinds of karma.

Sanchita Karma: The main accumulation of men’s actions performed in Pakarmabirth, and the fruits of it aren’t yet been reaped. It was a time-traveling incarnation through the previous actions.

Agami karma:- is the action or actions of a individual in the next few days. The past actions will decide fate or luck in the present.

Prarabdha Karma:- The act carried out freely at the moment that will decide the future. This means that the seed has getting ready to bear fruit, and the outcomes of the action will decide the future.

Yoga is the state of mind in which one does not feel anger, joy, or sorrow. anticipation, or disappointment that is perceived by the mind regardless of any external perturbations. If one can acquire a calm mind, and be a Yogi. 

Yoga means to connect with the ultimate objectives i.e. salvation. If you can transform your daily actions into the method of bringing you closer to something that is very raising i.e. the ultimate goal or purpose of your own life and making the world a better place for everyone else. 

As an example, running a business isn’t just an excuse to meet the demands of business, but it is also a goal of social good to become an inspiration for others and increase the happiness of others and bring happiness to many people. 

If people begin working in this manner, their karma is transformed into yoga. This can lead people to spiritual development.

Karma yoga involves transforming your daily actions into a way of raising your awareness to reach your the goals you set in your own life, without harming anyone. 

Whatever one is doing or wishes to accomplish, it is possible to complete the work. All one has be able to do is offer the results to God. 

The key is to convert the cycle of karma into yoga, through the detachment to the will of the pursuit of personal profit( selfishness) however, do it with the greater good of the. 

It is made up of many complicated components like Paapa- Punya or Punar-janma Prarabdha, Manav yoni, Praniyoni, sasyayoni, etc.

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते र्ा फलेषु कदाचन। र्ा कर्मफलहेतुर्भमम्मा ते लेङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मधि ॥

This means that we are performing an act and making decisions is our responsibility. But the outcome and consequences aren’t!

If one does not have control over the outcomes, seeking the outcome is useless. Instead, the focus should be upon the Karma and the wishes which result in Paapa or Punya. 

The good deeds of the individual become religious and the bad ones are considered to be evils. Finally, these two turn into PRARABDHA(Destiny). Our future is not determined by God but rather it is decided through our actions that guide us to our destiny. 

It is imperative that one performs their duties consistently and eat Dharma without any reward. In extreme circumstances, the mind should be an unwavering state of mind. Through the practice of yoga of karma, you can achieve Moksha known as Karma Yoga. Lord is adamant that you should not consider yourself to be the sole cause of your actions. 

Karma Yoga

In general, when credit is given, and we are the first to receive it. However, in the event that it fails, we blame the other party for that decision just. Lord Krishna provides two tools to achieve this karma the yoga i.e., Vairagya and Abhyasa. 

In vairagya you can train your mind to be stable however once you have achieved it, you must keep the mind at a constant state. In this case, the Abhyasa plays an important role, and if you practice it over and over again until to achieve a calm mind.

Instances of Bhagavad Gita

The time came when Shri Krishna was driving a chariot horse of Arjuna during the Kurukshetra battle in the midst of a battle between Gaurav’s and Pandavas. The Arjuna was confused and demanded Krishna whether he was doing something wrong or whether he has to stop the fight. 

He also asked a variety of questions regarding death, the afterlife, karma and moksha, cosmic effect and. In this article, Krishna categorizes his argument and states that one has to perform one’s duties selflessly whether knowingly or not. 

You do not need to contemplate what might be the outcome or impact of the action prior to doing the action, but they must be able to complete their task without attachments or the intention to do so with a positive mindset. He also said that all works are by God and therefore, one does not have to be bonded with the task. He advised Arjuna that the person who is the leader will perform their task and the universe will follow their example. 

If they’re not doing the karma or absolves themselves of it, then they are performing an unrighteous act and not following the commands of God. Additionally, Shri Krishna explained the sacrifice by YAJNA. It means that you can do karma by performing sacrifice or yajna at God’s hands. Therefore, the act is dedicated to God. 

This way, one is not distracted by the outcome from the Action they’re taking. Krishna states that one should be able to fulfill their duties completely without thinking about the potential outcomes. In this way, one can attain salvation. Thus, the idea that is Karma yoga is wonderfully explained by Krishna to Arjuna who fights in battle is his obligation and he is required to fulfill his duties regardless of the outcome they obtain in the end.

So, we identified different aspects of karma yoga, including:

1. The duties are oriented

2. The separation from the outcome or lack of desire to the reward.

3. Do selfless work

4. Resilience and peace in the face of far-off situations and life things.

Stress and anger are the result of expectations. Karma theory states that one should concentrate on the work or the action rather than the end result of the action. This helps to transcend the personal ego.


The otherworldly life can’t essentially be like worshipping the God you trust or chasing the name of an ideology. You may even be worshipping your job, and the job is directed and mentor colleagues in a way that is sacrificed and assisting them in their work with extreme confidence and shrewdness. Kriya Yoga or Karma Yoga is a way to overcome any kind of supplication. Always put in the best effort. As a result, you will feel self-confidence, satisfaction and discover the vastness of opportunities within you. This is the most beautiful thing that a yoga practitioner can be.

In our everyday lives, we’ve encountered numerous situations that leave us feeling overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. Sometimes, we are unable to make the right choices or productive decisions because of anxiety and lack of knowledge.

Lord avatar Krishna offers us the most effective information and tools to rid ourselves of the mental object of our thoughts and take on the world with true confidence, courage, and inner strength.

The way to becoming acutely aware living in which you unleash your capabilities and find the foundation for meaning, purpose, and deep fulfillment begins with self-realization. 

Personal and professional life is dependent on self-knowledge, or self-realization. When we are able to open ourselves up to new dimensions and let our full potential emerge with the passage of the passing of time and conditions.

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