Purification, illumination and perfection, the three great stages of the ascent

Brahmacharya : What is Brahmacharya and its Benefits

Whats is Brahmacharya ? “Brahmacharya pratishtayam viaryalabhaha” Brahmacharya = celibacy; Pratishtayam = established; Viarya = vigour; Iabhaha = gained.“On being established in celibacy vigour is gained.” Lets break Brahmacharya in words and see what is its literal meaning. Brahma means ‘Divine‘ and Charya means the ‘path‘. Which…

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Masturbation :- Harmfull effects and Causes

Masturbation is a bad habit and we all know that it is a bad habit. And also we all thinks how to stop masurbation. Many people thinks that they will never be able to free from this addiction. But this…

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What is Karma- How does it work

What is Karma ? The karma in Sanskrit means to perform any action. It not only includes the action that we do physically but also the action that we do through our mind and speech.Some people also believes or say…

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