What is Meditation?

To increase attention and awareness or achieve emotional and mentally serene, people engage in meditation, by using strategies like focusing the mind on an idea.

Benefits of Meditation?

– Lowering your blood pressure – reducing useless stress – managing over anxiety – Controlling the pain


A Sanskrit word. “Dhi” means a receptacle or the mind, and “yana” means moving or moving. It is a mental process in the mind (dhi).

Meditation changes brain

Tune in to More Attention and Concentration......

A default-mode neural network is linked to mind wandering, also known as”the “monkey mind.”

Open your mind to new possibilities

Instead of becoming mired in self-importance, we shall be open to all or any opportunities that this freedom offer

Reduced stress

Effects of stress can be cancelled out just by the use of the right technique of effortless meditation.

A greater sense of  calm

Practices like good breathing, and staying positive and fit will ultimately lead to a greater state of mind