How to acheive resposible srength?

What is Responsible Strength?

Individuals capable of Responsibility Strength take  mental responsibility for what "they say, they will do". 

How to build a Relaxation Response?

We are  going to share with you some of the best practices that are popular  among people.

1.Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson

– 1. Close your eyes. – 2. Relax all your muscles. – 3. Focus on your breath. – 4. Focus on process. – 5. Focus Increases by practice

2.Nose Tip Meditation By Bhagwat Geeta

– 1.Sit in a steady position – 2. Make connection with your body and mind – 3. Sit in lotus asana. – 4. Focus towards at the tip of the nose .

3.Heart Chakra Meditation By Swami Vivekananda

– 1. Focus at the tip of your nose. -- 2. Control your “Man”. – 3. Place your both hands  at the center of your chest  – 4.Feel your heartbeats. – 5. Feel the blissful energy.

4.Power of Subconscious Mind

1. Think positive and just think great 2.Begin the day with an optimistic outlook 3. Effective sleep 4.Be certain

5. Brain rewiring

1. Watch spiritual content 2. Exercise 3. Listen spiritual music -4,Listen Brain rewire By Manthanhub