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Why to opt for Opti greens nutrition label?

Contains over 11 servings worth of vegetables and fruits.  This is a huge benefit as most people don’t eat nearly that many greens  or fruits.

What are Drinkable Greens ?

These products are made by freezing juiced ingredients like wheat, barley grass, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables.

Mix With Water & enjoy Anywhere....

Benefits ?

1.Healthy Blood Pressure   2.Supporting your immune system 3.Chronic disease prevention  4.Detoxification and Improved Digestion

Why to try Opti greens?

Not everyone will need to take this type of supplement

Only for athletes who are high-calorie and/or those who have difficulty eating vegetables and water

Best Time to consume?

One serving per day is the recommended amount

Aim for more Greens if you don't get a lot of different plants on a given day

How much portions of fruits and vegetables should eat?

5 servings of fruit and vegetables are recommended per day

As fiber, vitamins, and minerals work together with phytonutrients.

"I eat a variety of foods like vegetables and fruit for protein and iron."

--Sasha Cohen