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What is Protein??

The building blocks of our life and every single cell in our body is made up of protein i.e. bones, teeth, hair, and skin

How it is produced?

Genes are responsible for the creation of proteins in our bodies. Genes  also contain essential information required to produce protein.

How it effects our body and mind?

--Energy For emergency --Building muscle --Increasing Bone Strength --Burning Fats in your body:

Importance of protein

– molecular transportation across the body  – assisting in cell growth and repair  – defending the body against germs and viruses

How much protein is enough?

Adults should consume at least 0.8 gm of protein per kg of  body weight each day, or a little over 7 g, for every 20 pounds of  weight.

Are protein really effective?

Yes, even while the majority of individuals obtain sufficient protein through their diets, some people

What foods are high in protein?

1. Almond 2. Cottage cheese 3. Greek yoghurt 4. Milk 5. Protein powder