Deep Sleep Music

Why Sleep is important?

To maintain good health and well-being throughout your life, sleep is essential.

Sleep supports growth and development in kids and teenagers.

Heart and circulatory system

When you fall asleep and enter non-REM sleep, your blood pressure and heart rate fall.

During sleep, your parasympathetic system controls your body

Effect on Hormone

Your body makes different hormones at different times of the day.

In the morning, your body releases hormones that promote alertness, such as cortisol, which helps you wake up

Metabolism and sleep

– Decreased ability to respond to insulin – Increased consumption of food, especially fatty, sweet, and salty food

Effect on Immune System

Sleep also affects different parts of your immune system, which become more active at different times of the day.

Problems with thinking and memory

Sleep is beneficial for memory consolidation and learning. Lack of  sleep, especially poor quality sleep.

What is deep sleep?

Deep sleep occurs when your body and mind gradually calm down. The  duration of the first stage of deep sleep ranges from 45 to 90 minutes.