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What is corporate Wellness?

Programs designed to promote employee health and well-being.   ->health screenings -> fitness classes -> weight-loss programs  etc.

Why do we need corporate wellness programs?

According to a survey stress levels of a normal citizen in the USA has  risen by 20%. But only 3 of them can reach out to help

Starting a corporate wellness programs?

--Define your goals and objectives. --Identify your target population --Create a realistic budget --Choose the right mix of activities --Promote participation.

Most popular corporate wellness program

– Healthy food choice – Exercise facilities – Smoking cessation program – Mental health support group – Brain Rewire(Easiest way)

Mental health benefits for employee

Can help employees to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy diet, get regular exercise, and quit smoking. They can also help  to reduce stress and anxiety.

Best Choice to make

We suggests one of the best method which helps to reduce the stress which is Our Avatar Brain Rewire.

“If health is the essence of your brand, it all starts with taking the health of your workforce very seriously.”