3 Lessons on Self Confidence to Learn from Bhagavad Gita

Self-confidence is the key for living a successful fulfilled, confident, and happy life.

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1. Find Your True Self

The impermanent has no reality; reality lies in the eternal. Those who have seen the boundary between these two have attained the end of all knowledge.

2. Be True to Your Purpose In Your Life

When you lose your sense of purpose, you’re disoriented, lost in a world that doesn’t be concern about whether you were alive or not. However, Krishna is the one who reminds Arjuna that completing his dharmic duties is the way to salvation.

3. Take Action

Doubt, fear, and stress are the result not from the action of a person, but of mental turbulence, obsessional over-thinking and analysis paralysis. If you don’t take action and are caught in the incessant “what if” cycle, you will find that nothing gets achieved, and you begin to doubt your self-confidence more.