1. Deficiency of nutrients:

Nutrient deficiencies like protein, iron, omega fats can cause damage to your  hair and skin.


- Increase consumption of iron and nutrients

2. Abnormal Liver:

When the liver performs deficiently, the body discharges poisons through the skin


- Take balanced diet - Do exercises daily

3. Smoking:

Nicotine lessens the bloodstream to your skin, and that implies it doesn’t get sufficient oxygen and supplement


- Stop Smoking - Take nicotine tablets

4. Eating a lot of sugar:

Weighty sugar can accelerate the maturing system


- Eat healthy Food - Avoid Sugar intake

Did you Know?

Your nails grow about 3 - 4 millimeters per month.

Did you Knew?

Fingernails grow faster during summer

Did you Knew?

Toenails grow at roughly half the rate of fingernails.