Biggest Porn Removal session Conducted by Manthanhub

Let's start your transformation Journey

Benefits of This Session :-

  1. It removes your old addictions from the brain. Addictions like Narcotics, Porn, Masturbation, Excessive Sex, and other harmful addictions
  2. Removes stress, depression, anxiety, overthinking, negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, fear, etc
  3. Removes negative energy from your body and makes you fresh and fine.
  4. Helps in boosting confidence and gives you the ability to listen to your inner voice.
  5. Your subconscious mind becomes more active
  6. Awaken your positive emotions.
  7. The functioning of the brain becomes more active due to the release of good hormones.
  8. Overall, it is the best program for better psychological health and recovery from a distressful mental state.
  9. Prepare you for Yognidra
  10. Protection from nightmares/bad dreams
  11. Fewer chances of wet dreams/nightfall/night pollution
  12. Helpful for spiritual sleep/healthy sleep
  13. Connection of consciousness with supreme consciousness through sleep
  14. Helps to release anxiety, worry, fear, and depression and increases peace of mind
  15. Good for mental & spiritual health
  16. Protection from negative energy during sleep
  17. Helps to wake up nearly morning as you wish
  18. Increases body relaxation and energy
  19. It increases your Sankalp Shakti or Spiritual Resolution power.
  20. Increases the inner spiritual strength like discharged battery into the charged battery.
  21. Increase focus & concentration
  22. Reducing distraction & increasing awareness
  23. Increase in Mind Power & determination
  24. No fear of the future & setting a bigger goal in life
  25. Heightened motivation throughout life
  26. Increase in optimistic qualities.
  27. Increase in spiritual qualities
  28. Increase in study motivation
  29. Decrease negative thoughts & attractions
  30. Increase memory power & peace of mind
  31. Bio-electric Energy present in your body will move upward making your imagination & thoughts pure & sublime
  32. Decrease personality defects & increase the spiritual quality
  33. Removal of negative energy & receiving of positive & cosmic energy
  34. Increase of spiritual level to a higher degree
  35. Awakening of Kundalini energy centres slowly, smoothly in a disciplined manner with a positive spiritual experience
  36. Decrease negative imagination, negative thoughts, lustful thoughts, overthinking, and unnecessary imagination
  37. Increase of positive aspiration, positive imagination, creative imagination, positive affirmation, and productive qualities
  38. The decrease in negative behaviour, harmful acts, harmful practices, and anything that gives bad results to your mind & body
  39. Helpful towards quitting bad habits like masturbation, porn addiction, sex addiction, worldly unnecessary attachments
  40. Development of spiritual character, social character, above human level character which bears higher understanding of nature and its rules
  41. You may experience many positive benefits that cannot be listed here, you may give your feedback to Manthanhub in this respect for general motivation
  42. Experiencing spiritual vibration & get helped by cosmic energy
  43. Removal of negative energy, thoughts & components from the mind
  44. Getting a method to know my true nature and bliss
  45. Weakening the Grip of every problem
  46. Getting answers to many untold, unanswered questions of life
  47. Embracing the true Effort
  48. Achieving positive sense & comprehension – I am blessed with every boon
  49. Enjoying the higher spiritual pleasure of life
  50. Realisation of true purpose of life

Event Date & Timing :- 11 June at 5:00 AM
Event Fee : - Only 99 Rs