How To Stop Thinking About Sex and Sexual Pleasure?

how to stop thinking about sex
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Sex and sexual pleasure is the most important need of humans. Every living being on this planet has sex to maintain their dynasty. But sex harms when it goes over the limit. As of now, you may not have the right time to form a sexual relationship. But still, the thought of sex is disturbing your mind. And after a lot more try you are not able to stop thinking about sex, then this article is for you.

What does Lord Buddha say About Sex?

Lord Buddha says that craving can lead to suffering and in order to remove craving and suffering, you must follow the EIGHTFOLD PATH. It is not going to happen overnight. Buddha had to struggle for 6 years and slowly and persistently got rid of the craving for everything through meditation and Samadhi and controlling behavior (first 4 of Eightfold path).

What Does Lord Krishna Say- How To Stop Thinking About Sex?

Even Lord Krishna has given a series of steps in chapter 12 of Bhagwad Gita. It requires practice of compassion, friendship, non-ego, non attachment, non-anger, non-ownership of actions, non-jealousy and equanimity. Cultivating of all these qualities will require dedication and will keep you engaged. Lord Krishna says that cultivation of qualities will require both study as well as practice and understanding of the mind and our inner self which is a part of higher self.

Some of us get bogged down in little things in life and get agitated and angry. In order to overcome this, you must forget about the past and not worry about the future. The answer is; BE HEAR NOW.

Only through that realization, you can achieve these qualities and get rid of negativities. Once you remove your negativities, you can focus on non self.

In Buddhism, there is no permanent self. It changes every moment. So why to hold on to something which is not permanent.

Our existence is not permanent, from conception onward, our body changes every moment. So the best part is not to hold on to something which is not permanent. That is non self.

The way I observe humans conceptualize “becoming enlightened” is that they have this true self in there somewhere, hidden away, buried by ego and mind and desires and thoughts and what not. In order to get to this hidden true self, they have to excavate it from underneath all the stuff that’s piled on top of it. So they try to get rid of their ego, get rid of their mind, get rid of their desires, get rid of their thoughts, all in a hope that once they get rid off all that, true self will be all that’s left.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

“Becoming enlightened” is much like growing up. A child doesn’t have his adulthood hidden somewhere inside him. A child doesn’t get to adulthood by giving up the toys and the games and the bed time stories and everything else that makes a child a child.

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When a child is a child, adulthood doesn’t yet exist – and yet it does exist as a potentiality, as something for the child to grow into, to develop into. The adult the child will become comes into existence when the child grows into adulthood, and once the child grows into adulthood he no longer has to “give up” any of his childish needs and wants. Those are gone, they vanish all by themselves just like the child who now is an adult vanished.

The same is true when it comes to enlightenment: enlightenment comes into existence when a human grows into enlightenment. Before the human grows into enlightenment, enlightenment doesn’t exist, except as a potentiality. The “true self” doesn’t exist, except as a potentiality. It comes into existence when one becomes it. The true self comes into existence because one became it.

So how do you stop craving sensual pleasures and existence? You grow up.

How do you truly understand non-self? You become non-self.

How do you grow up and become non-self? You grow your awareness of yourself, and as a result of you growing your awareness of yourself you’ll become aware of being the awareness of yourself. That’s being non-self.

How do you grow your awareness of yourself? You pay attention to yourself, be aware of yourself, be mindful of yourself. All the time. In every second. Whenever a sensual desire emerges, be aware of that desire. Be aware of it completely, Be aware of where it comes from, be aware of how it feels, be aware of thoughts associated with it, be aware of reactions it provokes.

Be aware. If you are aware long enough, far enough, deep enough, you might eventually become the awareness that is aware. Maybe.

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